Sukor a new journey start (intro)

Hey its my first FF in anything I hope u like it now I might sorry yes again a sukor FF ?
In this story is not completely based on the serial.


Chakor n Imli r sisters they live together with their parents Kasturi n Bhuvaan in a small City. They aren’t rich but full of love n joy. Kasturi is a loving mother n wife she is a housewife but has high ambitions for her both daughters. Bhuvan is a regular employ he works with his heart n soul he tries his best to fullfile all the wishes of his daughters who r the world for him. Chakor is gud n sports n imli is gud in maths.

Than we have Suraj n Vivaan cousins but respect n love each other like real brothers they have a sister whos name is Ragini. Suraj n Vivaan belongs to a rich family with different views of life.

The father of Suraj is a powepowerful man he wants to become the richest industrialist Kamal Narayan (kn) Suraj Mother is Tejaswimi (teju) she loves her son more than anything in the world but Suraj is seeking for the love of his father who is more interested in vivaan bcz he w always gud at school n Ragini she is his princess. Suraj is very loyal but is unseen by his father.

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  1. Philomina

    wow sukorian the intro is amazing waiting for ur first part
    i think suraj is jealous of vivan am i right ?

    pls post ur 1st parst as soon as possible

  2. So nice dear continue please.

  3. lovely intro waiting 4 part1 . update soon

  4. Sukorlover

    Interesting introduction

  5. Sukorian

    Thanks for ur support I wanted to do something different the next part is coming soon ?

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