Sukor a new journey start (Episode 9)

Hi yes finally they r coming closer but not for them.
Precap: Tina told the other members of the running group not to join Chakor. Seeing Chakor alone Suraj decided to join her. Suvaan invited Chimli to the freshner party .
Vivaan: Bro. I m speechless u dont like parties y u make a double date. Suraj was looking at Vivaan a bit confuse: Double Date? Oh no my bro. It’s a date but urs n imlis. I know u like her alot but u r scared I dont know y… So I took the opportunity n Imli wouldn’t have come without her sis. Chakor. ?✌. Vivaan was very happy. Thanks bro.
Chamli arrived home: Home we r back ?.
Kasturi: My girls go get fresh food is ready.
Imli: Di how will we convince maai n bapu? Hmm Chakor made a face: hmm.. u want to go? Imi: wht Di they will be waiting for us if we wont come they will feel bad ?. Chakor: okay let me handle this.
On the dining table Chakor talked abt hwr day n the freshman’s party.
Kasturi: No we can’t let u go. It will be very late.
Bhuvaan : ur mom is right we can’t let u go anything can happen.
Chakor: maai baapu u trust us? They nodded. U have giving us strength nothing can happen to us n we r not alone our friends will be there too. Maai we will be back on time n we will be reachable anytime?.
Bhasturi: Ok. But when we call u have to pick up n when will the party start?
Chamli: We will meet our friends at 10 pm.
Bhuvaan: okay. But u have to be back till 1am. Chamli agreed: Thank u?.
The boys were ready n were already at college waiting for the lady’s .
Vivaan: They r late maybe they wont come?. Suraj just said: just wait have some patient?. Vivaan very embarrassed.
Suraj was ab to say that something to vivaan when Tina came: Suraj u here? (Tina heared the invitation of Suraj to Chamli n decided to come to the party) U never go to parties. But before Suraj could answer her Chamli came: Hi guys!. Suvaan were happy to see them n Suraj thought *yaar, whenever Tina comes u both come on the right time*
Suaj just ignored Tina n said: lets go in! The tree nodded n went in. Vivaan was speechles Imli was wearing a black dress with lace sleeves. Suraj was on the back n tried to pull Chakor to him : Psst Chakor. Chkor looked at him n he waved come. She goes to him n asked: wht, y u call me here. Suraj stopped n hold her hand to stop her too. Chakor: hey whts wrong with u leave me !?. Suraj: Shhh keep quite just look n he pointed to vimli. Kabab main hadi bana jahti ho. (Do u wanted to be the 5th wheel?) Chakor looked to them n shaked her hear no. She was happy for her sis. Chakor: Can u release my hand now? Suraj just released her hand. Sorry.
Chakor smiled at him n said: Thx ?. Suraj:4 wht?
Chakor: I know u invited us to bring them together n u r very nice n careing for your bro. but u r not very talkative. I mean we r classmates better say we r seat partners n u just talk to me when it is needed but no friendly stuff only school stuff. But today u come to support me this was very kind now u r helpin our siblings to find their love thaaaaaank u?. She smiled at him n left.
Suraj didnt know how to react no one said that to him. He never shows his soft side no one besides his mom knows his sensitive side n love for his bro.
Tina come to Suraj: Suraj I need to talk to u. Suraj: There is no need! Tina: How long will stay angry on me? Suraj:Tina u havent changed I know u told the others not to join the running group of Chakor just bcause u cannot tolerate some equal to u. We r all in the same boat but u r selfish it doe matter for u wht the others feels i it benefits u. He just left after saying this. And Tina was standing there alone n angry.
Suraj enters the hall n was very happy seeing vimli dancing ?. *My plan worked* Then he saw Chakor….

Hope u will like this one too.

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  1. Sukor

    Awesome.I hope that in the next episode suraj and chakor will dance together.

  2. Very entertaining. Suraj can see through Tina and her tricks. Chakor is already starting to like Suraj. Curious to know what will happen next.

  3. wow another chap!!! thanhku thanhku for this amazing chap . Carry on writing lyk this . waiting for their couple dance

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Happy that chakor has starting liking suraj. Suraj is well aware of tina’s tricks. Waiting for next

  5. Thnku dear for this lovly ff.thnku soooooo much.

  6. Amazing update . Sry I couldn’t reply earlier. Love it. It’s getting interesting day by day

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