Sukor a new journey start (Episode 8)

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Precap: Suraj told him his problem with Tina. Vivaan feels insecure that imli might not have the same feeling for him. Chakor teased Imli with vivaan.
The college is over n as agreed on wed. Tina does the extra training with the runners group. She is still angry n told everyone not to listen to Chakor as she is a freshman she is only the co-captain n no one should give her accompany on her running day they should tell it everyone in the groups of course not to Suraj or Chakor.

On Fri. Chakor was waiting for the group if there would be one. Imli had her maths class so she was here too. And that means that Suraj was also there. Suraj used the time to meet his old friends he was talking to Shiku n the others when he saw some of the running group leaving. Suraj was surprised after all they agreed to train extra in small groups. ? What the hell is going on. He looked to his friends and apologies he has some work to do. Shiku didnt like it but like all he said go.

Imli n Vivaan were sitting next to each other but the teacher asked them to change to exchange the experience with the other students too. On the camp they all will be mixed in diffrent groups so they should learn from now on to work with all. Very disappointing for Vimli as they already feel insecure. Vivaan is a very nice men n a few girls in the group likes him like Anna she has fallen for him on the first day. Now it was her turn to sit next to him.

Suraj went to the sports fieldn saw the poor n lonely Chakor. *So no one came but y?* Suraj first waited but than he goes to he. Chakor was surprised to see him they dont talk much actually never. She was even more surprised when Suraj made the first step: Chakor whts going on? Y r u here all alone? Where r the others?. So many questions she didn’t know were to start: Suraj I really don’t know. I m waiting for the group but one come with a sad face. No one informed me that the the training is cancelled again sad face. Suraj felt bad for her but left as his friends were waiting. Chakor was there alone n was thinking if she should do the extra alone. Before she start her running she did some warm up. But not that alone ? Suraj was gone to change his clothers he can’t run with jeans, boots n Leather jacket ?.
Suraj: Ok. Lets start. Chakor scream as Suraj frightened her from the back. Suraj was amused n had a mischief smile on his face. Chakor: Suraj u scared me n now ur laughing at me. Suraj: oh miss I can leave n u do ur rounds alone he was moving back but she turned n said: No! He turned to her n was waiting. Again with a mischief smile. Chakor: Thanks for ur support ?.

They trained together n Tina was there but she wanted to see something else.

Tina was there too but her intensions were of course diffrent she wanted to see chakor alone shattered to amuse herself but instead her plan failed she was jealous seeing Sural alone with Chakor on training.

Th Class of vimli was over they came out n was surprised seeing sukor together talking ?. They went to them n asked: whts going on? Chakor said she was alone n Suraj gave her accompany n they both did the training together.

Vivaan: Bro. Thats great of u. Imli: Thank u otherwise my Di would be alone. Suraj smiled to them bashfully.

Chakor saw it n said: Now we should leave ave a nice weekend. Suvaan loedeach other: Today is Friday dont u go out for parties today is the freshman’s party u have to come! Before Chamli could say something Suraj took the opportunity: we will be waiting for u lets say 10 o’clock? Done. Lets go. Suraj gave Vivaan a sign to leave asap.

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  3. Nice, I enjoyed it so much. Tina’s plan got Sukor closer, eagerly waiting for the double date.

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    Awesome. Happy that tina’s plan brought sukor closer

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