Sukor a new journey start (Episode 7)

Hello here is the 2nd story for today. Was difficult hope u like it.
Precap: The runnibg leaders decided that each of them will train on a day with ther members who have time. Suraj on Mon. Tina on Wen. N Chakor on Fri. Shiku was introduced as his best friend to vimkor. They ron the wa home.
Vivaan finally asked Suraj abt his weird behaviour with Tina n y he failed the semester.

Suraj said:okay I w?ill tell u but first answer my question. What would you du if u love someone? Vivaan feels like he was caught *oh no does he knows I’m starting to love imli?* Suraj waited for his answer n snaped with his finger: Hey were r u lost? Tell won’t u respect the person n his/her decision even it would mean to accept a rejection?
Vvaan nodded n said: Yes of course I would do accept the decision but wht does had to do with ur Poblem.

Suraj: yaar, u know I m not gud at school even not copying. I hate liars n cheaters. I had in most of the subjects c grades n without cheating on sports always an A?. So I met Tina in sports club she was as I was n we became friends I dont know when n how but suddenly she changed her behaviour she tried to come close to me but I refused. I wasnt interested n she is not the girl Im looking for so I make it clear. She said she is okay with that n said forget what happened, friends? I really thought we were friends so on the last project I had to submit I asked her for help u know she isn’t only gud at sports but slso in the other subjects. I did my practice infront of her n my presentation was on an usb-stick unfortunately I forgot it there n she didnt returned it to me.

Vivaan was confused he asked: but bro this doesnt mean she took it.
Suraj: Ya u r right but the coach saw it n he was on my side but Mrs. Mary didn’t believe me or him that I had a presentation otherwise I would had copy of it. Shit. I wish I had. (sorry there is more but I have to keep the suspense) Suraj was very angry but vivaan knows how to cheer him up.
Vivaan: Bro. Stop on the next street.
Suraj: y? Vivaan just made a face do it !
He stopped the car n they were unfront of bhel puri wala. Suraj face change from confusion to happiness.
Suraj to Vivaan: Nice who u know?

Vivaan: I know alot ?. They ate n drive home.
Vivaan came to Suraj room.
Vivaan: may I ask you one think? Suraj nodded. A very embarrassed Vivaan asked: Did u ever fall in love with someone? Suraj smiled at him n said: I knew it u fall in love with Imli right with a bright smile on his face. Vivaan totally red faced could answer n just left the room.
Back in his room he thought *bro knows does it mean she knows too? But if y she doesn’t confess? Maybe it is the same way like Tina loved bro one side love* He went to sleep with a bad feeling.

On the other side Imli hasnt said a single word after they came home. She was very quite n Chakor does not like it when it is too quite so she asked it directly: U love vivaan so were jealous when I took him to the side with a mischief smile?. Caught u.
Imli throw a pillow on Chakor n changed from right to left not to see chakor. She was looking outside the window to the moon n was thinking of Vivaan.

I hope u like this one too n i u dont plz tell me do i can make changes.

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  1. As usual nyc episode yaar…

  2. Its really cool dear… And keep going

  3. Nice episode. Like your Vivaan so much and love his bonding with Suraj. Hope you can update it soon.

  4. lovely one …that was funny when vivaan thought he was caught . I like their bro n sis bonding b/w suvaan n chamli . waiting for next part

    1. Sukorian

      thx for the names ?

  5. Lovely update. Even I like the siblings bonding btwn suraj n vivan , chakor n imli. Thnxs fr the 2 updates n same day

  6. Amazing dear.its realy awsm.n ya u can make changes bt please sukor n vimli pair mai koi change mtt krna please n thnx for this lovly treat.

  7. Sukorlover

    Amazing update, you can do changes as per your wish.

  8. Sukorian

    Thx for all ur support no major changes new twist ?

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