Sukor a new journey start (Episode 6)

Phi thx for ur support I’ll not skip to camp. Here is the precap. Vimli r in the math class n have started to feel „love“ for each other. Sukor n Tina r in the sports club. They r all going to a camp in 3 weeks. Suraj is the captain of the boys running group and of the girls running group it’s Tina n Chakor.
It’s Morning n Tina was sitting on the dining table with a very bad mood her father came to here n asked wht happened? She gave him a brief description of yesterday. Her Father: Tina know u can’t j make a sad face if she is gud u have to be better than her. Tell me wht u need n I will bring it to u at any cost. Tina’s mood changed n she headed to the college.
They were all in the classroom all stand-up to greet the teacher but indtead Tna came in n was looking for Suraj. Everyone sit down n Tina asked where Suraj is.
Suraj: Wht Tina? I m here !
Tina with a big smile: I need to talk to you abt the running team. Suraj thought *I dont want to talk to u abt anything. Shit* He changed his behaviour when he stand-up he saw chakor *idea* he took chakors hand n was going to Tina n both Tina n Chakor looked confused.
Suraj: If it’s abt the running group dont forget u r sharing ur position with her so whatever you want me say u have to inform her too ??. Chakor feeled honoured n had a cute smile on her face ? but Tina was obviously disappointed before she could say something the teacher came n said she has to wait go to ur class n u both back on ur seats. They nodded.
The bell rings the break start. Chakor wanted to talk to suraj but he rushed out. Vivaan n imli saw it n asked her to find him ?.
They first looked at canteen they found Tina who was waiting for Suraj… n chakor. She accompany them to find Suraj uraj n said may be he is with his old classmates. She gussedright there he was.
Tina shouted: Suraj we were looking for u did u forget I had to talk to u abt the running group!? Suraj was embarrassed but nodded after seeing ger company .
Suraj: Guys let me introduce you to my bro. Vivaan. They greeted.
Suraj best friend Shiku asked: who r they? Looking at Chakor n Imli. Suraj explained that they r classmates n vimli attend the same extraclass n chakor is the new co-leader of the girls running group with Tina.
Tina: We need to talk now. Suraj: okay fine lets talk ove there. Chakor was still standing there but Suraj saw it n again he took her hand to follow them. It want unseen by Tina she was very jealous on Chakor. She made a promise to herself *I will make ur life hell Chakor*
Suraj: Now tell wht?
Tina: I thought we need more practice how about the following days. Mon./Wen. /Fri.
Chakor: I know need practice but the is the week we already do practice on Tue. N Thu. With the coach. Our body need to rest otherwise we will harm us. Tina looked at her with evil eyes.
Suraj: Ya She right we can put one more day of practice but not the whole week. Actually we do not need. Whoever wants to do extra practice can join me on Mon. Tina u will be there on Wed. n Chakor u will be there on Fri. What u say. Chakr think * wow gud idea but I wat to knowwht had happened between them* She smiled n nodded N said I agree. Suraj: Tina u? What should say even she agreed with a fake smile.
The college was over but before they left Chakor stopped Suraj n Vivaan n said I want to talk to you. Pointing on Vivaan.
Vivaan goes to her n asked wht is? Please find out wht had happened with him n Tina she nearly begged to him. Vivaan reply I try. And they left.
Imli was confused n asked her y shectalked to vivaan. Chakor give have her a nasty smile n asked her: y r u jealous? Imli become red. N didn’t talked the rest of the wy home.
Bow it ws on Vivaan to find out wht had happened between them.
Vivaan: Bro u never told me how failed n whenever I see u with Tina I dont know but she seems to be the reason. Suraj didn’t say anything but we asked insist hio tell him.
Finally Suraj agrees:
I will pose Today one more?

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