Sukor a new journey start (Episode 5)

Hi, this one was tough I hope u lik it.

Precap: wht happened do far. After the break the returned to their class Chakor just put the water n snack infront of Suraj without words he took it. Imli n Vivaan r now on the way to the extra class of maths. Suraj disappeared n Chakor is in her sports training.
Chakor was distracted by Tina even she is in the sports group. Chakor didn’t saw n run into him n they fall. Everyone was looking to them. Chakor lied on him n they had an eyelook abt 15 sec. before she realised everyone was starring at them. Well she didnt know that but when she realised it she looked into Suraj she was lying on him. Awkward moment.

Chakor: You here?!
Suraj: Instead of saying sorry u shout on me that. Y I’m here? Oh Miss for ur information I’m the leader of the boys running group. (yepp Suraj is a sporty like Chakor?). Chakor is embarrassed bevor she could reply the coach came.
Coach: I would like to welcome all of u. We have some new students with great athletics skills. Before we start I would like to take ur speed time maybe we will find a new leader for the boys n girls group. As u all know Suraj is the fastest n is right now the boy keader n Tina is the girls leader. We wont waste much time I want u be in 4 groups each group should have 5 runners.

Te coach took the time as always Suraj was the No. 1 of the boys he was declared to be the captain on the girs side there was a tie between Chakor n Tina.
Tina: Sir I would like to repeat the run I m sure I will beat her this time. Chakor was looking irritated by her words.
Coach: No, u both will be doing the leadership in cooperation with Suraj. Suraj heared his name n turned.

Suraj: Sir u said something? The coach repeated n Suraj was a bit disturbed. He doesn’t wanted to be with Tina n he can’t stand Chakor. She irritates him in an unusual way. Th coach was happy by the new n old talents. Coach: listen I want u all to understand that no only ur sportstalent is important u have to get gud marks too. He was looking at suraj for a sec. Than he continues: We will going for a camp so I want u be prepared n take this please fill this form otherwise u wont be allowed to came. The coach handover the form to all students. Coach: The camp is not only for us other students from the extra classes will join us.
Suraj n Chakor were both very happy thinking of vimli☺

On the other hand Tina was obviously disappointed that chakor is fast like her. But Chakor didnt bother it she was happy she could show her talent n she knows to become he best she needs to practic very hart.

The college was over n they drive home. On the way Vivaan told Suraj abt the maths course n couldnt stop talking abt imli how nice, intelligent n beautiful she is… Suraj was in his thoughts *So seems like my bro is fallng in love*
At the same time Chakor n Imli drove home n at home their were welcomed by their parents they had dinner together n talked abt the day while Chakor was talking alot there was a quite imli she was listening but she has driften away with her thoughts she was dreaming of vivaan sddenly Chakor mentioned the camp n asked Imli if she would be there too?

Chakor with a strange face looking at imli: hey Imlu were r u lost? Imli looked at her n said: nothing ?. Chakor: okay…. *i will find ot out* well ru also in the camp?
Imli: oh ya it is in 3 weeks u r there too. Both sis were happy ?.
Meanwhile Suraj n Vivaan arrived at home n had dinner with the family everyone asked vivaan abt his first day of college but no one asked surahmj how his day went. Suraj n vivaan went to their rooms n teju goes to meet suraj with a glas of milk n a loving smile she asked him at his day. Suraj told her everything n was lying on her lap with his head n felt asleep. The way teju cares for suraj makes vivaan jealous his mother doesnt even care for him he was happy to get the attention of KN n ragini. Both bro loves each other butr also jealous.

Chakor took the opportunity n asked imli in the bed room: Imlu were u lost tell me…??
Imli with a shock face: No were Di.
Chakor: oh ya… than y r so red? Tell me?
Imli: I can’t hide anything from u. u always caught me.
Chakor: of course, I know u better than myself (very proudly said).
Imli: u know the our classmate Vivaan? He is also in the maths course n I dont know but ….. Like vivaan imli taöked abt the same. Like suraj chakor thought the same.☺

Tia was at her place n very angry she lost suraj n chakor is now her partner…

I hope u like it please give me some advice should I write a few days more of college or should I skip to the camp?

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  1. Amazing . It’s better if u dnt skip the camp part , it cn make u more interesting I guess.

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  3. Hi dear its awesm n do whtever u want bcz i like ur ffs n will always thnx for it.

  4. Nyc sukorian……its really superb….waiting for d next epi….

  5. Sukorlover

    Awesome update, don’t skip tocamp. Loved the pace of story

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