Sukor a new journey start (Episode 4)

Hi first of all thx for ur comments 😊
Here I have a precap on ur request: Suraj, Vivaan, Imli n chakor meet for the first time at college. They r n the same class. Suraj has to repeat the semester unfortunately his teacher is the same as last year… Suraj is angry on Chakor n is sitting on a bench.

Tina was sitting next to Suraj she holds his hand (Tina is a former classmate n is secretly in love with Suraj)
Tina: Suraj wht happen y r u looking so angry?. Still holding his hand. Suraj took a look on her n took his hand back.
Suraj: Tina u here? Were r ur friends? Looking left r right. Whatever happened ist non of ur business. Vivaan was standing on the background he didn’t know who she was so he stayed there meanwhile Chakor n Imli came to Vivaan. Imli smiled at him n gave him water n a snack he smiled back n nodded for thx.
Chakor: Is she Suraj gf? Again Imli looked at here with big eyes.
Viann: I don’t ist m first day of college n bro. 2nd year but he failed n ohhh no now I told it u he will kill me. Shit😦.
Chakor: Ohh so failed haha😆. Imli took her aside n said: Di dont laugh u dont y n wht happened n dont say anything to him otherwise Vivaan will have a problem. Chakor: okok.
Tina: Suraj r u still angry with me?

Suraj: Tina u ruined my project n I failed remember one thing Suraj Rajvanshi never forgives or forget those who did wrong. One more thing I hate lairs n u did this mor than I can count. He left without seeing the otherrs who were still standing there.
Back in the classroom. Suraj was sitting on his place his arms folded on the desk n his face on his arms. All three Chavimli😉 cme in n headed toward there places. Chakor rolled her eyes n thought wht to do bcz she was oneof the reasons he was upset. But instead of saying she put water n snack infront of him n was looking to the teacher. He just looked at her n took it without saying anything. After thethe lesson Chakor went to her sport hour she us a great runner, Imli went to her extra maths class she was joined by Vivaan. Suraj was out of view.
Vivaan: So u r also a maths freak hmm?
Imli: ya, I love maths ist so easy when u understand it, right?
Vivaan: yes, n now it will make more fun. Imli looked ar him surprisingly n asked him: How? Vivaan with a smile he said: bcz u will be there 😊.

On the other side Chakor was on the sports field n was running her rounds. She looked to tge left n saw Tina even she is n the sports group she was distracted by thinking that she didn’t saw him n run into him n fall with. Everyone looked to them…


  1. Aanya

    Its amazing dear.soooo much intrsting.egrly waiting for next can’t hold my self.thnx for it.

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