Sukor a new journey start (Episode 3)

The first day in college n meet?
Chakor n imli just arrived n went into the college at the same time suraj n vivaan parked the car n headed toward the college.
Chakor: Imlu I m so happy let‘s check the class. Imli smiled n nodded.
Suraj: Come on bro I will show u the college. Vivaan was excited n entered the college with Suraj.
Imli turned toward the entrance n vivaan was stunned by her beauty. Meanwhile Chakor n Suraj headed to their class. Both stopped.
Chakor: Imlu were r u?
Suraj: Vivaan were r u lost? Come the class is to start!
Chakor n Suraj had a small eyelock with a confusion n question „who is this?“ ?

The bell rings n all run to their classes. Coincidentally Chakor n Suraj attend the same class n come together as expected they run into each other n a „fight“ started. Chakor: U…. Cant u see?
Suraj: wht?! cant u walk n watch ? Imli n Vivaan just come on the right time.
Imli: Di forget it the class is waiting
Vivaan: Bro let’s go in just leave it. Vivaan n Imli shared again a small eyelock n smiled.
Teacher: please students take ur seat. I have put ur names on the tables please find ur name n sit u can’t change the seats with other classmates.
Suraj: Oh no… Vivaan: wht bro?
Suraj: She is the same teacher who make me fail?. She hates me.
Imli: Chakor di here ur name is infront of my seat. Chakor came with a smile n sitted on her place.
Vvaan: Bro we cant stand here like status please lets find our names n seat after that we can think wht to do. Suraj nodded.
After a while of searchng Suraj found his name his seat was next to chakors ? n vivaan found his name next to imlis?.
Chakor n Suraj looked at each other before they could talk the teacher said: Take your books n read the first 3 chapters. Mr Suraj Rajvanshi I hope u wont disappoint me or again. Suraj became red of anger but vivaan hold his shoulder n makes him calm. Vivaan: Bro please control. Suraj: Haan (yes).

They all started to read till the bell rings. They all walked out to the canteen Suraj went to his old mates to greet them soon he came back to Vivaan who was talking to Imli n Chakor.
Imli: So this is ur older bro.
Vivaan: Yes, this is Suraj, Suraj this is imli m her older sis. Chakor.
Suraj, Chakor n Imli greeted each other. Nice to meet u!
But Chakor is Chakor she get to the point in sec. Wht is the problem? Y the teacher said this to u? Imli with big eyes: Di sshh.
Suraj looked at chakor with alot of anger n vivaan was just starring with open mouth ?. Suraj: Non of ur business! n left the canteen.
Chakor: oh man he is such a kharoos.
Vivaan: Please Chakor y u asked him he had told it u but when he thinks it is the right time. He already had a bad start at home n after seeing the teacher his mood changed even more. Imli was starring at vivaan n thought: he is so careing didn’t get angry on Di. Di y cannt she keep quite. Vivaan left the place to find Suraj.
Imli: Di u r too much. Now they r gone bty isn’t Suraj ur seat partner. Chakor face changed she was tensed thinking: Oh god hope I wont be trapped with him. The teacher doesn’t like him n I m sure I will be his partner in group work… Imli: Di wht? Chakor said: Nothing. Lets eat something I’m hungry.
Imli: But Di bcz of u they left without having food I feel bad. Lets go find them.
Chakor: ok. But at least lets take a snack n water for the four of us. They get snacks n water n were looking for Suraj n Vivaan. Suraj was sitting on bench but Vivaan wasnt with him. His old classmate Tina was with him holding his hand.

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  1. NYC I like their nokjhoks waiting for them turn to friends n plz add precap na

  2. Gd n. Plz add the precap if u can.

  3. Sukorian

    Hi, Thnx I have submitted another FF of this again without precap but the next will have precaps?.

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Loved suraj & cakor’s nok jhok. Waiting for next

  5. Thnx sukorian u made my day with ur ff sory for late comenting.ur ff is awsm.m egerly waiting for next.thnku so much dear.

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