Sukor a new journey start episode 24

Hi thx again for the suppoir n i m sorry if i hurt anyone by not replying on a comment I always try hopefully i didn’t miss anyone. Well happy u liked it so far.

Suraj n Chakor r back. Unfortunately they los their leadership of the running group bt the both aren’t much hurt they have something better n they can get the leadership back somehow.

Suraj tried a lot to speak with Chakor but there was always someone around her. Even she was dying to see n talk to him the day went off but Suraj couldn’t sleep like Chakor.
Suraj looked around very quitely he doesn’t wanted to wake Vivaan otherwise he would start again to tease him. Suraj hasn’t told Vivaan what happened last night he doesn’t know if Chakor did told it Imli or does she wants to say to anyone. Suraj stepped out of the tend on tiptoe n runned into Chakor both said:ouch n scared a bit then both put the finger on the lips n said: sshh with a big smile.
Chakor took Suraj hand n walked a bit away from the others so no one could see or hear them. Suraj: y u take me here? Chakor: U were coming to me, right? Suraj:…ya.. She hugged him n said: Even I came to meet u ?. Suraj: hmm u want a gud night kiss he was coming toward her but this time Chakor turned her face. Suraj: No, no kiss ok. He was a little bit upset but still happy seeing her. Chakor: Imli told she n Vivaan teased u bcz u wanted to talk with me? Suraj: aare yaar, it’s ok let them now it’s or turn to make them confess then we will tease like I did before. That time I was alone now I have u on my side, right? She smiled: But Suraj u wanted to talk to me abt what? Suraj: I tod u to stay quite let me talk but u didn’t listed to me. Chakor: Suraj how could I let u take the whole blame on yourself we both did a mistake n we both got punished. Suraj: hmm ya u r right. How… how is ur ankle does it still hurt? I’m sorry I told u that I will be there n nothing will happen to u.. Chakor: u were there it doesn’t hurt anymore u know u carried me the whole way back u did alot. Suraj made a face not convinced but accepted: Ok Chakor now lets make a plan who should we make them confess? Chakor: hmm idea they told me that there will be a game night tomorrow we have to separate them. Suraj: hään? y r u saying this? Chakor: to make them jealous ^^ Suraj: oh ok. Done but I dont him in a team with anna or tina I will get crazy. Chakor: Suraj calm down but rethink its a gud idea if he will be in a team with one of them it will make imli jealous n Vivaan could see the truth behind the mask of them. Do u know Imli told they tried t break her trust saying the campfire u arranged was only for. Suraj *It was for her n Vivaan I should tell her* But Imli made ut clear it was for everyone n more important was that u gave me ur jacket. He smiled. He wanted to come then stopped *no kiss* n started smiling like an idiot ?. Chakor: bty u told Vivaan abt last night. He said no n u? Did u told something to Imli? Even she said no. Chakor: usually i tell her everything but I dont want to share this right now she came closer the moon was shining bright he was stunned by her beauty but if u want we can tell them. Suraj was gone Chakor waved with her hand: Suraj? Suraj: ah ya no. I mean u r right usually i dont hide things from him but it’s something special neither do I want to share it. She hugged him n before she left she stand on her toes n kised him on his chin. Both were back on their tends n slept well.

On the next morning Suraj started to train with other mates the coach came: Suraj would u please come for a min.? Coach: There is a new u I can see n feel the change I’m very happy. But the punishment is still remains n don’t worry if u passed the next test like u did with the baby project „actually I m not suppose to tell u but u n chakor got a B grad“ Congrats. Suraj was very happy so he has to pass tge next test great: But Sir wht abt Chakor. Coach: wht u think? U both got the same punishment so the same way to get back ur position. Suraj smiled n left for training n said: thx Sir.

On the lunch time the 4 were sitting together n Suraj told them n gud news abt the grad n the way to get back. Vivaan: I told u we will find a way well the way find us. Right inli said. Chakor took the opportunity n winked to Suraj: Well Im pretty sure u both weren’t u good us we were right Suraj. Suraj agreed. Vimli: Impossible we are n were better hen u both i bet we got an A grad, right imli. Yes absolutely after all we didn’t fight like u n we had a name not like how long u took?? Chakor: it doesn’t matter how long we took to choose a name at least we had one not like u the first best which came in ur mind. Imli stood up n left Vivaan: Imlu wait…. N h went after her. Suraj n Chakor shaked hands: well done mrs Chakor. Thk u mr Suraj. They both looked at each other wait just he said Imlu? Suraj asked. Chakor nodded: I think we might have created a problem. Suraj: sh*t now she might think they r not a gud couple or something else? Chakor: We have to change our plan it’s not jealousy anymore…Suraj: wht I m confused. Chakor: We have to bring them in the same team to make them understand how gud they work together n suitable they r.

I will try to write another update soon.

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  1. Nice episode, it’s sweet how they can not sleep without talking to each other. Loved their meeting, looking forward to see how they’ll unite Vimli.

  2. Hy dear don’t wory about coments.jst moving on with ur lvly ff.ur ffs are becm more n more intresting day y day i lov to read it.ab aapke ffs meri aadt bn gai hai.

  3. Asusual amazing one yaar…keep going on dr…

  4. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Lets see how they will make vimli confess their feelings

  5. Nice yr.just loved it.your ff is really amazing. and keep writing.

  6. plz update new episodes..i luv ur ff

  7. Amazing n as usual. Loved it. It’s getting interesting day by day. Looking forward hw sukor mk vimli to confess ? Keep updating

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