Sukor a new journey start episode 23

Hello dears th next chapzer Vimli

Precap: Sukor spend a night in the Jungle both had an unspoken confession n an innocent kiss.

Chakor woke up first she looked at him n his innocent face. *hmm he is so sensitive n fragile. He is careing for everyone who he loves no one cares abt his feelings. Suraj I promise you I will be there for u always* Suraj woke up n smiled he was sunken in her eyes *Chakor u give me hope that even I deserve love n hope. U give me the feeling of to be wanted* Chakor: Gud morning ? Suraj replied: Gud morning I wish every of my morning starts with a smile of u. She shies n wantens to stand but the jacket was still on both n zipped so she fall over him he hold her tight: Dont worry I wont leave u. Chakor hugged him n open the jacket. They decided to make vimli confess there love to but dobt know how Suraj tried alot but know they r two.

They took thier belongs n went back the way Suraj marked hand in hand. Chakors eyes were sticked on Suraj she didn’t looked down n fall over a tree root n hurt her ankle. Suraj: Chakor r u okay. She shooked her head n holding her ankle. Suraj: Sorry. Wait dont move. He took her in his arms n carried her the way back to the camp.

The Coach: It’s morning they should have arrived yet. Imli: Sir… she was abt to something but she started running toward the path Suraj left yesterday. Di! Suraj! Almost every student come to see them. Chakor still in Suraj arms. Chakor: Imlu ?!. Both started crying Suraj put her down gently. The Coach came: Chakor n Suraj I want to speak to u both 5 min. understand both nodded. Vivaan came n hugged his bro. R ok. Suraj: ya, Imli be careful ur sis hurt her ankle help her. Imli smiled n took carefully to the tend she bandaged the ankle n Suraj drinked water before they went to teachers.

Both went to teachers together. Suraj looked at her n said: Dint say anything let me speak. It’s better if one of us get the punishment instead of us both. Chakor wanted to reply but the tachers came.
Teachers: Chakor r u fine? She nodded. Wht happened? Suraj wanted to say but… Chakor was faster: I lost the way I tried to find the way back but I just got deeper in jungle. Y u left without informing anyone or at least Suraj whoas with u collecting woods? I’m sorry I didnt thought that I will get lost. The Coach: Chakor this was very irresponsible of u everything could had happen to u n Suraj. He looked at Suraj with anger: U broke the rules u disregrded my orders to wait for me u left all alone. U never think to the end. I have to punish u both Chakor ur not anymore the Co-leader n Suraj u too lost ur position. Both: What! The Coach: u may leave now. But both wanted to say but the coach went away.

Both came back to Vimli: What happen? What did they say? They told him everything. All four were shattered. Imli: I think u both should take rest who knows how u slept last night. U need rest. Sukor *it was the best night of my life* Vivaan: Imli is right we will find a solution to get u ur position back ?.

The other students were learning or training but Chakor n Suraj could only thing of them they weren’t sad abt the punishment it had to come. Chakor still had his jacket *Hmm im trying but I can’t sleep feel incomplete without u* Suraj had the same feeling *ab to tumhari yaad itni saatha rahi hai ke need hi nahi arahi (Ur memories don’t let me sleep) Both smiled n thought abt last night n felt asleep.

In the Afternoon they got ready n helped he others. Suraj wanted to talk to her but all the girls were with her n asking abt her health etc. Vivaan came to Suraj he saw that his bro. Eyes were stucked on Chakor: Rmm Bro should I call her the lat night wasn’t long enough. ?What? Vivaan it’s nothing I just wanted to ask her abt her ankle. Imli came: aacha (really) bty Again Suraj freaked: What? U both loved to kill me? coming from the behind n scare me? Makes fun hmm u happy…. They both start laughing. *Haaso Haaso jeetna haas sako haaslo par kuch dino main tum dono ko na ruhlaya to main bhi Suraj Rashvanshi nahi (laugh as much u can but in a few days it’s me who will laugh on u both)*

To tease makes fun… Short update

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