Sukor a new journey start episode 22

So hope u liked the last update n the innocent love of two love birds.

Precap: Suraj n Chakor r still in the jungle they made a fire. Chakor had worn Suraj jacket n Suraj was freezing.

Chakor came close to Suraj very close. She sat on his lap n put the jacket over him n zipped it. His arms were holding her n he was the happiest person in that very moment she felt the same. It was dark but the fire gave them light he thught to kiss but was afraid of rejection or to be persist. She loves the way he cares for her n his present makes her stronger whenever she is alone he shows up n makes her live brighter. He come for to see if she move back but she didn’t and he accepted as a yes n he kissed her.

The kiss was only lips n was long n short at the same time. Chakor put her head on Suraj shoulder his arms were still on her waist his back leaned on the Rock.

Chakor: Thx u. He got a gud n8 kiss on his cheeks. He smiled n gave her one on her forehead. Suraj: Gud n8 no try to sleep I will stay awake n ya no animal come to eat wt let that happen. Chakor smiled n rested on his shoulder n said: gud n8.

After a few min. she sleeps peacefully on his shoulder her hair felt over her face n Suraj put the hair back behind her ear. *I dont want anything but u I will be urs 4ever, Chakor* starring on her he felt asleep too.

Next moring Chakor woke up first sh starred at him *Suraj I want u please never leave me* Suraj moved n woke up n smiled: Chakor this is the best morning I had n my life. She smiled shyly. Suraj: ur very beautiful Chakor ?. Chakor: Suraj u r at flirting but thx u r also good looking ? both laught.
Sukor get up. Okay Chakor lets go they r all waiting n worrying about u. Imli is alone but I’m sure Vivaan cared or her. She stopped him: I have a question Suraj does Vivaan likes Imli? She hasn’t confessed yet but I’m sure she likes him. Suraj: Like u like me^^? Chakor: Wow u never leave a chance wasted hmm. Suraj: U didn’t answer my question. Chakor: Jis sawal ka jawab tum jante ho uska kiya jawab doon ?(Y should I answer a question were u already know the answer).Suraj hold her hand n said:

Even he hasn’t confess but he tried on the dance night but the incident with Shiku ~Suraj anger was back~ some named Anna asked foe a dnce with Vivaan n he couldn’t talk abt his feelings to ur sis imli. He told him he tried to make them confess on campfire but there he realised how much he liked her n even Vivaan found it out n teased him. Chakor told the same that imli asked her many questions on that night n the all knows that he loves his jacket n never lent it someone.
Suraj: Looks like our siblings need to confess now we both can help. Chakor: yes. Suraj n Chakor walked n talked the whole way back hand in hand ?.

Dont worry jungle scene over but now they will play the cupid for Vimli

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