Sukor a new journey start episode 21

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The Jungle Night:

Precap: Suraj found Chakor they r still in the deep jungle. The battery went down.

Suraj Oh no. The battery is down. Chakor: What ur Torch. Chakor clinched on Suraj. Im very scared n now there is no light whs now. Suraj: Chakor calm down I will make a fire okay? Chakor: No, Suraj the fire might attract the animal. Again a rustle. Suraj: Chakor we can’t stay here in the dark n cold night we need fire to keep us warm n with the fire we can fight / burn those „animal“. Chakor nodded n Suraj loses his hand from Chakor: No, Suraj u said wont leave me. Suraj: I’m not leaving u I’m just looking for wood to burn go u should look too but don’t get lost again ?.
Sukor were collecting the woodsticks. Suraj: Chakor come here I think we have enough. Chakor came. Suraj: hmm wait my Mobile phone I have a flashlight. Chakor: What u have ur mobile y didn’t u mentioned it before. Suraj: Chakor please Im not saying it will last the whole way back but for now we can use it to make the fire. It is not the right time to fight keep ur anger for the animal my wild cat ?.
Suraj gave Chakor his mobile. Please make some light so I can make the fire. Chakor made the light n Suraj put the sticks in a circle…Chakor: wht happened? Suraj: I have put them in this circle but I have no lighter. Chakor: Suraj u gave me hope n in the same time u shatter them. Suraj: y r u taking it all so seriously. Lighter nahi but Dimaag to hai. (not to have a lighter doesn’t mean not to have a brain) Just think there are more ways to make fire like… to rub stick to stick or stones! Chakor look for stones we will clash them n the sparkle of the stones might help to make the fire. Chakor with a big smile: yaar gud idea I will look. Chakor was looking around she found 2 small stones n gave them to Suraj: Will they help? Suraj: Perfect. I will try.

Suraj tried n hitted the stones wwhat a it more power needed hunted himself. Suraj: ouch! Chakor: Suraj let me see. She blow some air with her lips on his wound. Suraj u have to be more careful otherwise with the animal will com n eat u instead of me both started laughing. Suraj: Thx give me another chance. He tried again this time slower n it took a bit more time but it worked they had fire.
Suraj n Chakor were sitting around the fire but Suraj felt cold this time even with the fire.

Chakor: Suraj dont u want some water or a food.He had given her his bag he shook his head. No thx. He was rubbing his hands. Chakor stood up n went to Suraj.
Chakor was standing next to him. Suraj looked up to her: What happen y r u standing here like a status? Chakor sitted down next tohim. She unzip the jacket. Suraj with big eyes: wht r u doing? Chakor: sshh. She close to him very close on his lap ?. She hugged him n closed the jacket.
Both were jut sitting n looking into each other. It was the moment were both have realised their feeling toward each other… Suraj: Chakor I…. I…*just a friend* she stopped him n put her finger on hidäs lip. Chakor: I wanted to tell u more… he looked confused. Today morning I wanted to tell u ur my friend but the dearest most special friend I ever had in my life. Suraj u always give me a warm feeling u support me n care for me. U r there whenever I need u. I….I… Suraj understood her feelings. He hold her in his arms n looked deeply in her eyes. Suraj: Chakor me too. She smiled shyly he looked at hern was thinking *I wish to kiss u* Chakor *I feel I found my right place in ur arms there is one thing which could complete this.. a kiss*
She looked up n he was smiling n come near slowly to see if she turned or stay she stayed n he kissed her on the lips…

Finally they r together not like in the serial.
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