Sukor a new journey start episode 19

Here comes the next as I mentioned no separation.

So far on the new journey:Itst the first day on camp all were putted in different groups. Anti (Anna/Tina I was considering to use Tina as it match too) plan doesnt work to break the trust n friendship. Sukor n Vivaan went to collect woodsticks. Vivaan left them n the both were talking n trying to speak abt their feelings which went worse. They both separate. Suraj came back alone. Later he finds out that Chakor hasnt returned yet.

Coach: Suraj stop u can’t go alone. We r already missing a student wait for me I will come too. Let me take my torch. But Suraj didn’t wait he just left n looked to Imli: I will bring her back n thx for the jacket. Vivaan take care of her ?.


Suraj was going the way he came n rethought *where should I start looking for her… yeah right the place where we get separated* Suraj goes there n started looking around woth his torch. *hmm I was there m she was behind me. Hmm ah this looks like footsteps I will go this but I have to make some marks to find the way back wht should I do* He looked around there was nothing he could use *hmm wait lets check the bag maybe I will find something * He opened n most stuff he had was for sports but there was chalk he could use. He took is n marked a tree with a X. Suraj marked the way he still followed the footsteps which were visible he shouted Chakor several times. * Shit ist getting colder n darker hope she is fine*


Chakor somewhere in the Jungle searching the way back to the camp. *Oh no. It feels like I’m circuiting* She thought *y hasn’t anyone come to look for me…oh Imlu must be worrying about me. Hope someone is there to care for her* She was tired there was a big Stone *oh I can’t move I will rest a bit on the stone* She sitted on the stone thought *Y I had to leave Suraj he knows back or maybe even he got lost bcz if he returned than he must asked for me n tean he would know that I’m missing… oh god please help Suraj*

Back to Suraj:

*How deep she went into the Jungle?* Again Suraj shouted Chakor but replay *Oh god pleases help Chakor. II hope nothing happened to u otherwise I could never forgive myself *

Suraj went deeper. Chakor was freezing n sitting on the stone when she heard a noise but it was not human it was an animal. She was scared n the bush started to rustle she got more scared *If I stay here that animal will eat me O have to run* So she did, she jumped from the stone n runned (sorry its so obvious) She run into Suraj n screamed so loud tat Suraj had to hold his ears. He put his hand Chakors mouth: sshhhh Chakor it’s me Suraj, blending her with his torch. Chakor: Suraj! With relief she hugged him.

Short but its the start

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  1. Nice episode, it was lovely how they were worried for each other. So they had their first hug. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  2. cute one

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Very cute

  4. Ya nyc episode…keep going…waiting for d nxt episode

  5. No prob.with short dear bt its amazing thnku so much.only bcz of u my day start with sukor n also end with sukor.thnk u so much dear.

  6. Awesome… thank you for putting in lots of effort to give us 2 to 3 updates daily….eagerly waiting for the next update….? keep going!!

    1. Sukorian

      I recently submitted one more thx for ur support and comments.

  7. Love it ?

  8. Amazing it

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