Sukor a new journey start episode 18

Please keep encouraging me ?. I could write a novel on Sukor.

Precap: Suraj prepared a campfire for „all“ especially for Vimli to bring them closer. But he lost his heart too on Chakor.
The brothers were teasing each other n went to sleep.

Tina n Anna were planning separate them. Suraj is the love interest of Tina n Vivaan of Anna. Tina: I tried to keep Chakor away from Suraj but all my plans worked against me. I dont know what I could do. Anna: hmm. Maybe we should first separate the sisters bcz as I can see they stand for each other. If we separate them it will be easier to get the boys bcz the girls will be distracted by there problem. What u think could it work? Tina smiled with evil spirit: We can try it. But how? Anna: just wait n see.

The next morning starts with all students putted in teams to prepare the food n the other organisation. Bad for Vimli ? good for Sukor ☺.

Imli was in a different team she had to bring water. Sukor n Vivaan were in the same team to bring woodsticks for the fire. Tina n Anna were with Imli. Tina looked at Anna. *Nice plan* Anna: Imli wait. We r coming for ur help. Imli smiled n stopped a bit naive. Anna: N how u feel? I heard last night u caught a cold r u ok? Imli: ya I’m better now thx. But how do u know? Tina: Suraj told her. Imli: Wht y? Anna: u know Imli the campfire yesterday night he just did it for u. imli was irritated: No, he did it for all. Tina: Ask Vivaan or ur Sis Chakor she never lies. Imli: Are Nahi (uff no) he did it for all n I think he did it for Di. She smiled n wanted to leave but before that she looked backed n smiled: I think Suraj n Chakor likes each other n thats way Suraj gave HER his Jacket.
(Its up on ur imagination how Tinas face looks like?) Tina: Ur plan didn’t work.

Sukor was looking around for more sticks so they wont have to go again in night. Vivaan get back with sticks they found.
Chakor: Suraj ….A… hmm. Suraj irritatingly: what? Chakor: Thank you for your jacket ?. Suraj: that’s all? He made a face. Chakor: Ahmm… Suraj stop, please. He did n turned: Say wht. Chakor came closer: Woh (well) u were very strange first we met n now u became a such a dear friend. Suraj *FRIEND* he: u too. Chakor*I did not finished oh only FRIEND* But looked at different directions n went away
Suraj came back with more sticks.

Vivaan: Bro. Were is Chakor? Suraj: hmm she didn’t return?
Tina said: She did right. Anna nodded. Vivaan look they show to Imli she was standing there with her bach she was talking to Chakor. (Well they thought so).

The first day went over only for preparing n organisation for the next days. Imli came to Suvaan: Guys u saw Di. Both looked at her: Wht u mean? Last we saw her with u talking up there. They pointed at the spot were she was standing earlier. Imli: No I wasn’t talking to Di. Last I saw her she was with u finding sticks for the fire. Vivaan: I left bro n Chakor.
The teacher came n hear it: We have to find her. Suraj how could you left her alone there is only a jungle. All were cursing n abusing Suraj for leaving her alone.

Suraj: SHUT UP. Blaming me wont bring her back. I’m going to search for her. He took his bag with water n food. Imli: Suraj even I‘m coming with u. Vivaan: me too. Suraj: No, I’m better alone n find her asap I will comeback with her. He was abt to leave when Imli gave him a hug n said: Please bring her back n gave him his own Jacket back with a smile. Vivaan was first confused but then he understood the Jacket Suraj gave Chakor last night n she is alone n possibly freezing. Vivaan *good Imli now I can tease him even more*
The next update will come soon?

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  1. Lovely one . waiting for next . plz don’t create any misunderstanding …. For me Tina’s face – burning coal . Sorry bt I can’t understand AnTi’s plan plz explain it again . That if suraj did that camp fire for imli then how it would affect ChaMli’s bonding

    1. Sukorian

      Well she would try to mislead Imli toward Suraj n make her rethink abt her feelings to vivaan. They wanted to creat a riff between Chakor n imli. Imli could really think abt it no one else was freezing n she could tell it Chakor. The campfire which brought them closer could separate them. Imli could have misunderstand it n would stay away from Suraj bcz she has feeling for Vivaan n this could also bring a gap on the bonding of the sis n Suvaan..

      I was thinking was something like hope it make sense? Sorry if not..

    2. Sukorian

      And yeah burning like coal ?

      1. Now I got the point . thnx for explaining me

  2. Nice update. Vimli are so sweet here. Glad Anna’s plan and hoping Tina’s plan brings Sukor closer. Please update soon.

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome, I think anna & tina’s plan will bring sukor closer.

  4. Nyc episode sukorian…waiting for d next part…nd plzz dnt create misunderstanding b/w any pair suvaan, chamli,sukor nd vimli….atleast here we will enjoy na without misunderstandings….nd nyc idea sukorian tat u r write novel abt our sukor na nyc of luck…keep going lyk dis…

  5. Sukorian

    Dont worry no separation here

  6. Waiting for jungle romance….nic work yaar

  7. Great work.i always comment later. Sry fr tht . Bt I do read ur ff. it’s awesome.

    1. Sukorian

      Thx n no pwitj late comment at least u do ?

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