Sukor a new journey start episode 17

I hope u r not getting bored…
Precap: They arrived to the camp n Suraj help some other mates with tend pne of them was Anna she likes Vivaan which is good for Tina. Imli is freezing n Suraj told them to wear warm clothes n came after 5- 10 min.

Vivaan: Bro. Whts in ur mind. I mean y u told them to come? Suraj looked at him: aare yaar, trust me go collect some stones of equal size I will arrange the rest. Vivaan did ashe was said to.
Chakor made Imli wear a warm pullover she gave hers too. Chakor: How u feel now? Imli: Better but Di wht abt u? u gave me ur pullover. Chakor took a scarf n hrow it over herself n said with a smile: I’m fine?. Imli smiles back: ok. L go they r waiting. Chaor: No. U r not feeling well lets stay here. Imli thought: No. Di even I’m fine. Both came out of their tend n was happily surprised.

Suraj has arranged a campfire?: Wow everyone was excited. Vivaan: hmm so thats wht u wanted to do. Suraj: Even I’m smart in my way?. Chamli directly went to Suvaan n were chatting. Tina n Anna weren’t there they were planning how to break the friendship of Suvaan n Chamli.
Vimli were very closely talking to each other Sukor couldn’t find a topic to talk about. Finally Chakor said: Thx u make us feel very comfortable ☺ while she said that her voice crack a bit she was feeling the coldness. It wasnt unnotice by Suraj he took his jacket n gave it her, without a word, she just looked n smiled at him. Well they found a kind of bounding. The teachers came n told them to get sleep as they have to wake up early in the morning.

They all went back to there tends.

Imli: Di. who’s jacket is this. Chakor: heen? She justs that she still wears his jacket n looked at Imli: Suraj Jacket. She didn’t/couldn’t say more. Imli was asking her some questions but Chakor was gone thinking of Suraj.

In Suvaan tend as something similar Suraj teased Vivaan: Oh my bro. When will you confess? Do u know I made this whole thing with the campfire for u n imli ?. Vivaan: u never leave an opportunity to tease me, hmm?. Suraj: Nah, never with a mischief smile. But even Vivaan notices some changes n asked: So Bro. U reareally did this all for me n Imli. He nodded. Vivaan: Really with a sarcasm voice. Suraj: ya y u r asking ? Vivaan: simple. My bro. Who loves his jacket more than anything has given it today to a girl whom he knows just a couple of weks n me ur bro. U nver lent me one of those precious Jackets…. Suraj turned red.

Again a short update

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  2. Its awesome yaar…keep going..
    I loved the way both brothers teasing each other and sukors bonding

  3. Awesome…..eagerly waiting for the next update…..

  4. No dear,how can smbdy get bore with this lovly ff.n no prob.with short ff dear.jst continue n update soon.

  5. Yaa sukorian, our aanya is ryt no one can get bored such a lovely ff…nd no issues with dis short ff…waiting for d next episode…update soon…

  6. that’s great …I’m enjoying this story a lot … n no problem if it was short ur posting daily na ….post soon

  7. Great episode! so Chakor has started thinking of Suraj. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  8. Awesome epi . Love the way bonding grow btwn four of them

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