Sukor a new journey start episode 16

The Camp Trip

Precap: The buses were leaving without Chakor but Suraj saw her n she got the bus. In the middle of the trip the busses stopped n they did a lunch break. Suvaan forgot their food n Chamli had much food so they share.
Sukor n Vimli had finished their food n headed to the busses. Suraj said: Chakor make it quick ? otherwise I have to sit next to Tina I can’t. Chakor: Hmm so u want me to sit next to u only bcz u dont want to sit with Tina? Suraj: Wht y r u saying it like this. U know y n dont u want to sit next to me. Chakor roller eyes: No. I dont. Suraj: Fine. I thought we will sit together n will talk. But u dont want n I dont want to sit next to Tina so I will sit on ur seat n u on my ?. Suraj did as he said. N Chakor had to sit next to Tina both were very disappointed n Suraj was laughing.

They arrived to the camp n had to pitch the tend. Vivaan was clueless: Bro. ??? Suraj looked at him n gave him a book he said: read it I will picht the tend. Vivaan smiled. Suraj finished the work. They looked around if someone need help. Chamli needed help but Suraj didnt care. Anna came to Vivaan n asked for help. Vivaan told her that Suraj pitch the tend not he but he will surely help. Vivaan: Bro. Could u please help? Suraj came n helped Anna. Tina saw this n felt again jealous. After Suraj finished he looked to Chakor n saw that the tend wasnt set. He thought n made a step forward to Chakor n asked: Imli Do u need help? Im was abt to say something but Chakor interrupted: No thnx. We dont need ur help. Suraj left the place.

Anna was looking at Vivaan but Tina came n took her aside Tina: Look I dont know who u r but stay away from Suraj!. Anna: Suraj??? No I’m not interested in Suraj I want Vivaan but he is always with that dumb Imli. Tina: Imli isnt she the sis of Chakor? Anna: yes, she is. Tina: Maybe we both can get wht we want. Friends? Anna n Tina shook hands.
Imli: Di. y didnt u let Suraj help us? Chakor: We dont need his help. Imli: But Di its getting late n I’m freezing. Chakor looked up to her Fine. I will ask Suraj. Chakor went to Suraj tend she said: knock knock. Suraj irritatingly said: yes come in. She came in: Suraj would u please help? Suraj:oh really u need my help. Didnt u said to Imli that u dont need my help. Chakor made a face: Suraj please with big eyes. Suraj: Okay ok. Lets go. Vivaan come.

The three of them go to Imli who was really freezing. Suraj: Hey look yaar. Before Chakor react Vivaan runs to Imli n holds her he sa a blanket n putit over her. Suraj n Chakor looked at each other Suraj took the word: rhhng. (cough) I will pitch the tens in min. Vivaan nitice that h still had Imli in his arm he moved m Chakor took her. Suraj finished. He said wear something warm n come out in 5 – 10 mi. Chakor: Suraj she is freezing n its late. Suraj: Trust me u wont regret.

Hope u like it so far.

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