Sukor a new journey start episode 15

Hello here is the next chapter ^^ „Camp“
Precap: The project with the toy baby is over. Sukor have started to feel something for each other.
It’s Monday morning Chamli were ready to leave.
Kasturi/ Bhuvaan: Have fun, be careful eat on right time n if u need something call. N dont forget never get separate stay together ☺.
Kasturi give them food for the road trip: I gave u extra if u want to share with friends.
Teju: Suraj u packed all ur necessary things?
Suraj: ya mummy everything go check on Vivaan. She left n knocked on Vivaans door. Vivann r u ready Suraj is waiting n beta u packed everything?
Vivaan: yes, I packed everything but Teju Ma I can’t find my fav. Book. Teju made a face. Vivaan this one. Vivaan smiled: yeah thx u. Teju: Lets go have breakfast.
Suvaan had breakfast n was abt to leave when Ragini came to say goodbye n hugged them. Ragini: Bhai‘s have fun ?.
They arrived tat college. Imli was sitting in the bus she was waiting for Chakor. Vivaan came n saw the empty seat nt to imli he didn’t thought long n sited next to imli she smiled at him n totally forgot Chakor.

Chakor went back to the changing room she forgot er running shoes. The bus was ready to leave Suraj was looking around n Tina sitted next to him. She smiled at him n mentioned that there is no empty seat n the seat next to him was free. Suraj change his view out to the window. The teacher asked: Are all there? He announced the names n all were replied even Chakors Name. Suraj was still looking outside the window. The Bus started to move n Chakor came from the sport gym she looked horrified n was running toward the bus but the bus was moving faster.
She was upset n wanted to start crying but suddenly the bus stopped n Suraj came out. Chakor run toward him: Suraj u were leaving without me? Suraj looked at her n said: ur name was announced n someone replies on it I was looking outside the window n saw u we weren’t leaving without u. Suraj took her hand n they move forward. Tina saw this she was innerly burning. Coach: Chakor we r extremely sorry good that Suraj saw u n stopped the bus. Now go find a seat.

Chakor n Suraj were looking for a seat next to each other but unfortunately there was no…?.
Suraj back seated next to Tina but his eyes were sticked on Chakor. There were two busses one full of the athletes n one bus with the other students vimli was on the other bus. Anna was looking at Vivaan she doesn’t like the way Vivaan n Imli were interacting together.
They had a break for food the road trip was long n they decided to find a nice place to have lunch. Suvaan were looking around:Bro. Were i the food Vivaan asked. Suraj looked at him: yaar Mummy gave u the food. Vivaan: haan but oh. Sorry Ragini came hugged us n I left the food at home. Suraj looked at him…
Chakor told Imli everything wht had happened. They find a place under a huge tree both sisters were sitting on a blanket.
Suraj: Im hungry n here is nothing hmm. Imli saw Suraj: Di look Suraj I will call them n say thx. Suraj she waved n he saw it: Vivaan look Imli is calling. Lets go. Imlu thanked Suraj n told Vivaan y. Vivaan: Bro. Wht tha. Suraj: my tummy….

They all start laughing. Vivaan: I didn’t mean the sound of ur hunger I mean the incident with Chakor. Suraj: I dont know I have a suspicion but I have no proves. Again Suraj tummy talked. Chakor made them sit n said: Our maai gave us more than we could eat here have food ?. They ate togethr after having food Suraj said lets go back n Chakor we will find a seat next to each other. Chakor: But there were no. Suraj: look they r still eating if we will leave now we will be the first n u can sit next to me n the stupid Tina can sit on ur place ?.

Its just the start.

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  1. Woww sukorian superb yaar…….can’t control myself….eagerly waiting for d next part…post it soon yaar….

  2. fabulous one bt why this Tina is such a khujli yar . OK update d next one soon

    1. Sukorian

      I just dont liked her. N i need a villan ?

  3. Amazing update, can’t wait for the next episode. Hungry Suraj was funny. Will Anna be evil like Tina?

  4. Yaar it’s so nic…I read all ur ff today… It’s really awesome… My madness for sukor really increased…I am seeing it as visuals before my eyes….continue ur work waiting for next part….sukorian u r great??????

    1. Sukorian

      Thx u very much all of u?

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