Sukor a new journey start episode 14

Hi first of all thx for ur comments and support. After the Short update here a longer one.
Precap: Simple Sukor started thinking of each other ?.

On the next day they met in college. This time Suvaan was there first. All students looked like they had a hard night no one seems to had fun.
Chakor didn’t know but she saw Suraj n her heart started to beat faster? Even Suraj couldn’t look away his eyes were stucked on her both were smiling. Suraj wanted to say… but the Teacher came in (bad timing)
The teacher was looking around n had abig smile on her face. You Students thought this would be easy but as I can see u all had a tough night. Like I said the toys have a memory chip whatever happens will be recorded. Now go to ur partners n share ur feelings I know all of u have made a deal One day here n one day there. Wht experience u made, problems u had etc. U can do it here in the class or u can find a place in the college, here is ur sheet to fill I want it back after class finished. All Students left the class the teacer was there n Sukor. Teacher: Even u both r allowed to leave the class. Both had an intensively eyelock both realised that the teacher talked to them.

Chakor stuttering: ye..e…s Madam. She was red n le the room followed by Suraj. Chakor looked around *there is no place left. I want to be alone with him* Suraj had the same thought. But he has a place were he loved to go. Suraj turned to Chakor: U trust me? Chakor looked at him with a fear n here eyes then she remembered wht he has done for so far She smiled n said: yes. I do?. He took her hand n they left the campus not far away there is a small café Suraj looked at his watch: We have 2 hrs. I think we can do this? Chakor nodded. They started talking about yesterday the highs n lows both were smiling n sharing. They ordered coffee they were so much in there conversation that they almost forget the time. Chakor looked this time on her watch: Oh no. We have to go. Suraj payed n they left. They reached on time.
After the class they headed to there sports class. Suraj: u know wht our child would be a great sportstalent? She smiled finally he thought something on his own. Even he was smiling on her. Seeing ths new friendship Tina was burning. *I told her to stay away*.
Sir: Suraj , Chakor n the others I appreciate it u take ur task serious but now u r here on ur sport class I have to ask u to find a babysitter all started laughing even those with baby toy. Sukor went to Vimli n asked very politely totake care of Muskaan Of course they did.

After the extra class was over Suraj took Muskaan n Imli Munna. And the Problem started again. In tithis s 1 week all students got attached to there fake baby n started to care for it. It was very hard to give the baby back on fri.
Chakor was alone but Suraj came *Again no one is here for training, Tina?*. Suraj: Chakor lets start. She looked away well she had tears in her eyes she wants to hide from him. But he saw it n put his hand to her shoulder didn’t know wht to say. Suraj: Chakor wht happened? She turned n started crying on his shoulder. Chakor in a crying voice: I miss her. Suraj: Oh. Me too. But it wasn’t real so forget it. Lets start training it will distract u. She shook her head. *Stupid Suraj I will miss him. We never spend so much time together n now u will forget me* Chakor left the training. Suraj *where is she going? Stupid girl I came here to spend time with her n she left*
Chakor was at home n started packing for the camp Imli came in: Di u left Suraj alone. He came for u! Chakor looked at her: wht? Imli with big eyes: I can’t believe this. U both r totally into each other. Vivaan n I have seen u. y u were crying n y u left him alone?
Chakor very angry: Shut up. There is nothing like this. He is stupid.
Even Vivaan tried to convince his bro. But his anger wasnt lesser than Chakors. She left me thee alone that stupid girl.

Next update will be the start of the camp.

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