Sukor a new journey start episode 13

So here the next update.
Precap: Suraj open his self to Chakor. He talked abt his feelings. Tina warned Chakor to stay away from Suraj. Sukor r in a group like vimli they have to take care of a toy baby
Chakor was rhinkung how the boys have managed to take care oh the „baby“. Hmm she was trying to sleep but she was thinking of Suraj n what he said. He doesn’t believe in love n relationship but opened his self to her she smiled thinking/remembering it. But then she remembered Tina n her words to stay away from him. She tried to orget ger n fell asleep.
On the other side Suraj was also trying to sleep n had a bad feeling how will I survive? I can‘t take care of child even not a fake one… He remembered the day n was thinking of Chakor y I told her everything now she knows all abt me n I don’t know anything about her. Wht kind of girl is she I feel so free, happy n fearless. He smetjought abt Friday . Wht was she wearing. Ya the blue dress (see the link). He just noticed how beautiful she as looking n ? Shiku came in his mind *I wont spare Him. How could he?*
Suraj was trying to forget n remember the touch of Chakors hand n fell asleep.

A short update?

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  1. a tiny viny epi bt nyc one . They both. r thinking about eo . post d next one soon

  2. Too short yaar…bt nyc they r thinking abt eachother soo nyc…waiting for d Nxt part….

  3. A short one bt thnx for writing daily and being consistent

  4. Sukorlover

    It was short but loved how sukor were thinking of each other.

  5. Nice episode, thank you for entertaining us.

  6. A short epi bt amazing. It’s getting interesting day by day. I read it one ago frm 8th epi. Nw u r making us addicted to it. It’s simply awesome. Update next part as soon as u cn

  7. Soooo sory dear for late comanting n this one is also awsm.n aap jungle track kb start krogi.n the toy baby topic is such unique topic.continue please.

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