Sukor a new journey start episode 13

So here the next update.
Precap: Suraj open his self to Chakor. He talked abt his feelings. Tina warned Chakor to stay away from Suraj. Sukor r in a group like vimli they have to take care of a toy baby
Chakor was rhinkung how the boys have managed to take care oh the „baby“. Hmm she was trying to sleep but she was thinking of Suraj n what he said. He doesn’t believe in love n relationship but opened his self to her she smiled thinking/remembering it. But then she remembered Tina n her words to stay away from him. She tried to orget ger n fell asleep.
On the other side Suraj was also trying to sleep n had a bad feeling how will I survive? I can‘t take care of child even not a fake one… He remembered the day n was thinking of Chakor y I told her everything now she knows all abt me n I don’t know anything about her. Wht kind of girl is she I feel so free, happy n fearless. He smetjought abt Friday . Wht was she wearing. Ya the blue dress (see the link). He just noticed how beautiful she as looking n 😠 Shiku came in his mind *I wont spare Him. How could he?*
Suraj was trying to forget n remember the touch of Chakors hand n fell asleep.

A short update😆


  1. Dil d

    A short epi bt amazing. It’s getting interesting day by day. I read it one ago frm 8th epi. Nw u r making us addicted to it. It’s simply awesome. Update next part as soon as u cn

  2. Aanya

    Soooo sory dear for late comanting n this one is also awsm.n aap jungle track kb start krogi.n the toy baby topic is such unique topic.continue please.

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