Sukor a new journey start episode 12

Hi I m very happy that u liked the FF do far ?. So here the start of an unique friendship.
Precap: The home economic teacher gave the students a task to care of a toy baby. Tall students r working in groups Vimi n Sukor r together.

Sukor shaked hands. Suraj: okay as agreed u choose the s*x n will choose the name. Chakor thought n said: A girl ? now u choose the name. Suraj was thinking but he wasn’t able to choose his confusion increased. Suraj: Chakor I dont know i thought it will be easier if we hav the s*x but no. Chakor looked at him n took his hand. Suraj I’m sure u can do that just close ur eyes n think look even I told u a desire of mine that I want a girl u really never thought abt ur future.

Suraj lost the track he wanted to leave but Chakor holds his hand. Suraj look at her n said: I told u I dont believe in love n relationship. He told her the incident with Tina n the past he don’t trust love. Than he started to talk abt his family how his father drifted away from him n his mother is the only person in his life who loves him darely. He told her that sometimes he jealous of Vivaan he git attention he is seeking for but than he thinks Vivaan doesn’t have anyone else his mom selfish. He told her everything he looked at her n said: I m so sorry for Friday night it should have never happened I can’t believe that Shiku did this it seems like that all the friends I use to know were fake.

Chakor: Suraj it wasn’t ur fault. Now close ur eyes n tell me wht u see? He did so. Still holding the toy baby in his one hand n Chakirs hand on the other hand. To his surprise it was exactly wht he saw a loving couple n a prove of love. He tonks wht Chakor said a girl who makes him smile. He opened his eyes n said Muskaan ☺ (really wanted to take Paakhi but I change). Chakor looked to him n agreed both left the classroom n went to the canteen. Vimli was sitting there n Sukor came the both saw the relief in Suraj face n asked: U found a name? Sukor: Yes. Muskaan.?

The time passed away n Suraj had the extra training Tina came there for support but she could believe her eyes Suraj was sitting with „Muskaan“ She came to him n said: Whos baby is this? Suraj irritatingly sai: wht baby this is a toy ist chaor n my project. N bty wht r u doing here u r on wen. I this moment Chakor came: Suraj im here give me Muskaan Imli n I r going home. So a agreed I will have her tonight. Suraj gave her the baby n started with his training with the others.

Tina stopped Chakor: Listen I don’t know y but he cares for u. but let me tell u one thing he belings to me stay away. Chakor was confused she wanted to reply but Vimli came n took her aside. Chakor was angry but Vivaan told ger to relax n forget wht she said ist meaningless. Chakor agreed n asked: r u gonna stay n wait for Suraj. Vivaan: yes with Munna ?. We r waiting together for Chachu.

Chamli left with Muskaan. Imli asked: Di wht happened? U n Suraj were sharing a few moments before. Sorry that stupid Tina dont listen to her! Chakor: I dont care wht she said Suraj n I just have project n there is not more. Iml: But u have become friends or n? Chakor: I don’t know? u know he totally ignored me choosing a partner. Imli: Oh so this was the reason y u were looking so angry on him.

Vivaan was waiting for Suraj while he was waiting Anna came: Hi Vivaan how r u n how is ur project going on? Vivaan: Hi Anna gud thx yaa urs? They were talking n Suraj come he changed his clothes. Suraj n Anna got introduced by Vivaan. They left.
Suj: Vivaan is this the same girl who dnced with u before u could express ur feelings to Imli. Vivaan: Yes, thats she. Y? Suraj didnt answer but the toy did it started crying.
Both Couples had the same problem Suvaan with munna n Chamli with Muskaan all 4 were overstrained. Imli: Wht happen its not stopping crying.

Kasturi/Teju came: u know even it is a toy it can feel hunger or loneliness u feed it u play with?
Suvaan gave Munna the fake milk n Chamli played with Muskaan.

Suraj: Is it sleeping? Vivaan: ya, psst. So happy Teju Ma came to help. Oh Mr. Even I helped I hope u will help tomorrow too. Bith smiled n Suraj left the room.
Chakor put the baby next to her n tried to sleep Imli: Di. its so difficult will u help me tomorrow? Chakor smiled: Imlu I will always be there for u.
Chakor thought *if we had so much problem then how the boys did it?* imli r u still awake? Imli: ya wht? Chakor rethought: nothing gud night.

I dnt know how long a FF can be so I wil keep writing 2 – 3 updates daily.

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  1. again a great epi . waiting for next

  2. Great episode, this one is emotional. I like your story, Vivaan is so sweet and Suraj is wise and caring but in need of someone to care for him. Love Suvaan and Chamli bonds. Thank you so much you’re spoiling us. Please keep updating as often as you can.

  3. Nyc episode yaar …emotional too….

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. It was emotional as well

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