Sukor a new journey start episode 11

Hi n sorry if I disappointed anyone one of u but I wasn’t ready for the Dance. Suraj had a bad past with Tina the story just started it would be to early. Besides he is more concern for his bro. Love life. And don’t forget there is still the camp.

Precap: Suvaan n Chamli were in the hall. Vimli were dancing n Chakor was beset of Shiku (Suraj ex best friend now, again sorry if u don’t like this but I just hate Shiku he is selfish) Suraj come for chakors help. They left the party.
Chakor said she is fine but honestly she was scared n happy that Suraj came for her n stands against his bf.
The weekend past n the 2nd week of college started.
Chamli was already present: Di please dont feel uncomfortable I know they r still talking about the incident.
Chakor: It’s nothing like that. I don’t care about them let them talk.With a smiling face she looked at the door n Suvaan entered. Before she could say the teacher came in.
Teacher: I have a project for all of u please find a partner. Suraj was looking behind him to ask Vivaan but he already was with imli ?. Suraj turned to Chakor she was looking angry? Suraj a bit confused: U have partner? Chakor shaked her head. Okay Suraj said.
Teacher: everyone has a partner, please I forgot male n female no same? Every student said yes. Good the project is she got back to her desk n had a Baby toy for everyone after all it is home economic class. Suraj face was changing from speechles to confusion *wht the fcuk, I will fail again*
Vimi: Oh wow we have to care of a baby. Bro. U must have done it last year so u have experience. Suraj shaked his head: No this is new…?.
Imli: Suraj who is ur partner? He looked to Chakor she was still angry n didn’t realised she is watched by them. Di wht happened ? Imli asked. Chakor looked to imli *wht happened he ignores me I can’t read him or understand him?.* Chakor with a fake smile: nothing.
Are u there? Suraj asked: didn’t u see our task? Chakor looked with big eyes? whats this? We have to care for a baby….?.
Suraj: Again I will fail. (this is the first time he mentioned it). Imli: Suraj dont worry Di is/was a great babysitter she knows how to take care?. Chakor embarrassed: Imlu.
Teacher: please come forward with ur partner this toy has a memory chip it records everything ur task is to keep the baby alive n happy. All pairs come one after one.
Suraj *at least vivaan n imli can stay together* ya they both thought the same. Chakor was holding their Baby should we give it a name?
Teacher: Chakor of course ist ur child u have to care for it as it would be areal person. Suraj turned to her looking angry. Chakor *unbelievable now he is angry on ne he ignored me* Hmm ? Suraj irritated.
Vimli said we have a name „Munna“ ? Sukor turned: wht u call it Munna!?.
Sukor was looking to each other: how sould we call it? Chakor: First of all we need to the s*x of the child is it girl or boy. After hearing this Suraj was almost passed out. Suraj said: u…… cheeeck. Chakor started laughing at him: Oh Mr. This is just a toy not a real baby it doesn’t have a s*x we have to choose it. Suraj: arrg. Than choose it wht do u want a boy or girl. Now Chakor was embarrassed. Suraj was amused: wah laughing at me but ur not better. Chakor ??.
Teacher: You have to write a daily dairy n have to spend the time together n the baby will stay with each parent.
Suraj: U can keep it first. Chakor: wht no! Vimli was looking at them *this wont work we have to do something* Vivaan: Imli I will keep munna today. U will keep him tomorrow n u know it will very difficult t have children at one place. Imli understood what Vivaan was trying. Imli: Di. u care tonight n tomorrow its Suraj turn n no distributing by the baby’s ?. Chakor agreed. But I wont choose a name or s*x. Vimli: u both have to work together this is ur first task. Bell rings n everyone left the classroom besides Sukor.
Sukor was still sitting there n looking at the baby. Suraj: okay lets say give i a nme with double meaning like Kiran? Could male n female. Chakor: Smart but if someone asked n u said girl n I say boy we will be caught. Suraj: okay fine. He took the toy n was looking at it. Chakor was looking at him how calm he was. Then Suraj asked a very simple question: Did u ever tought to be a mother? If yes, didn’t u had a dream of a son or daughter? I mean didn’t u thought abt names? Looking to Chakor. Chakor: wht abt u? didn’t u had. Suraj: No. I dont believe in love n relationship they are meaningless for me. Chakor was shocked Suraj just opened him to her. Chakor: Suraj someday u will tell me I want ask u y? But yeah every girl dreams of it to have a lovinghusband n children. I will give the s*x n u the name okay she rich her hand to him n he took it.
Hope ist still interesting for you ?.

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  1. U r right sukorian its to much intrsting n funy lov it.sory to say wht please can u post one more?

  2. N ya no need to say soory.gys i also think that no need of cpl dance on this moment.ples sukorian caryon as u want.i jst wona read ur ff. N dear sory if i coudn’t be comment erlir bcz my M. S.test r going on.

    1. Sukorian

      Best of luck for your exams??

  3. Nyc sukorian….nd no need to say sorry yaar…nd am also waiting for d next part….thn aanya best of luck for ur exams dr 🙂 🙂 ….

  4. Read all d 11 parts in one go..loved d story…Sukor’s love story is developing slowly and steadily and that’s a good thing.Waiting for d next part

  5. Funny funny very funny episode . sukorian don’t be sorry if not today u will give us couple dance in some other epi so its OK . n same here I also hate that shiku . now I’m too much eager to read the next part . n ha post as much as u want bt don’t end it soon

  6. Its superb episodes yaar… You upload 2and 3storiea daily. Its so cool and I’m very interested in your stories.. Sukors friendship is just started and I’m eagerly waiting for your more updates..
    Please update it as long…because its too interesting..

  7. What a wonderful episode! it was funny and sweet at the same time, looking forward to see how their friendship develop. Last episode was great without a dance, it can wait until they start falling for each other.

  8. Sukorlover

    Awesome. It was very hilarious update. Loving sukor’s frienship

  9. Great update. Loved it. Funny as well.

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