Sukor a new journey start episode 10

I couldn’t stop myself hete the next update ?
Dont worry I have a life ? but I am on holiday so I have plenty of time to write more ?

Precap: Suvaan n Chamli r on the freshner party even Tina is there. Suraj made it cear to Tina that she is selfish. Vimli r dancing together.
Suraj saw is bro. With imli they were dancing n looking very happy. He was happy too seeing his brothers happiness. Then he saw Chakor he could feel it somehow she was uncomfortable he couldn’t say y but she looked scared. He thought maybe she doesn’t like to be alone he was going toward her when he saw that she was pressed by Shiku. Suraj stopped he didn’t understand wht was going on.
Shiku: Hey Chakor lets dance. He was insisting her. She tried to push him away but he was stronger. Chakor: I told u I dont want leave me. But Shiku holds her hand tightly n said I get always what I want. Suraj who has a sis. Saw a fear in Chakors eyes n he finally understood that Shiku was trying to force her. He couldn’t believe his friend would do something cheap lik this. He moved to Chakor side n phushed Shiku away.

Shiku: Suraj what the hell u pushed me for her!
Suraj: I would have pushed u for every girl u r trying to force. How dare ? I never thought u will fall so low.
Every Student was looking to them. Imli runs to Chakor n even Vivaan came to Suraj side.
Shiku: I wasn‘t forcing her just asking for a dance.
Sraj: really? It looked for me that she said No! Y u were holding her hand?
Shiku: Misunderstanding. But Suraj u pushed me for her I thought we were friends but sem like u have new. He calls his other friends n left the party.
Suraj looked around n said: here is nothing to see carry on. All students get back to wht they did before.
Suraj: I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I invited you n he is sorry was my friend I introduce you to him. I don‘t know y he did this. Chakor looked at him but didn’t say a word she saw the anger in his eyes if she would say something his anger might increase.
Imli took the word: Di I think we should leave. Chakor nodded.
Imli: Thank u helping my Di, Suraj.

Chakor: Thank you ? ist not ur fault u come to support me again. They were leaving but vivaan stopped them: Wait it’s very late we will drop u? Looking at Suraj.
Chamli: It’s ok. We r here with our Scooter.
Vivaan: okay nut we will drop u to ur scooter, right?
Suraj: yes, I have a bad feeling. To leave u alone.
Imli: Ok. Lets go.
Imli was holding Chakors hand. Chakor looked back n still saw the anger in Suraj eyes. Vivaan tried to convince him that everything is fine now but suraj couldn’t stop thinking of it. They were at the parking area n saw Chamli sitting on the scooter.
Vivaan: Now they r gone n save.
Suraj: yeah, I’m sorry ur dance did u confess ur love to imli?
Vivaan really red face just turned to the car n was ready to go home. Suraj: That means no. He shook his head n said: nefore I could say i Anna from my extra class cane n aked for dance n imli was ok. With that…
Imli holded Chakor tight: Di r u ok?
Chakor: Yes. I am.


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  1. it was also amazing . I was waiting for a couple dance bt u ………

  2. Woww really superb sukorian….even am also thought there will b a couple dance….bt dis is also really interesting…..eagerly waiting for d next part yaar….

  3. Sukor

    I was waiting for the couple dance but it was still amazing.

  4. Its really cool dear..waiting for more of your stories…

  5. Sukorlover

    Amazing update.It is getting interesting

  6. Awesome ff thnx a lot for giving us our daily dose of sukor♥

  7. Hy dear ur ffs become more n more intresting day y day.please can u post one more?

    1. Sukorian

      Hi thx u yes i did ?

  8. Amazing update! Loved angry Suraj.

  9. Awesome. Love the way u portraying characters .

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