Sukor a new journey start (Episode 1)

It is the first day of college for Imli n Chakor they both have received a scholarship bcz of their abilities as mentioned Chakor for Sports n imli for maths.
The alarm rings at 6.30 am.
Imli: Di do something ahaaa
Chakor is not in the room she is already awake n is taking breakfast with her mom she made her aloo ke parathe yummy..?
Kasturi: Thank god the alarm rings Imlu get ready it’s ur first day of college ur Di is ready.

Chakor: Mai it’s ok we have time take it easy.
Kasturi: No u spoiled her
Chakor made a face ? she is my little imlu.
Imli gets ready n took breakfast too . Bhuvaan came n give them good wishes for their first day. On his mind my girls are grown up now.
Before they left Bhuvaan stopped n said: My girls I dont have much but this is for u both. He handed a scooterkey to Chakor so both dont have to take the bus or lift heants his daughters to be independent.
Kasturi came n said best of luck.

Chakor n imli: Thank u maai baapu. U r the best.
They leave for college.

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  1. Philomina

    amazing yaar waiting for ur next part pls post little long.

  2. Tooooogood starting amazing dear.thnx for ff.

  3. Sukorlover


  4. really nyc bt too short make it lengthier

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