Sukor a new journey continue (episode 9)

Hi everyone im happy u like the Previous update ?. I already mentioned it but im not happy abt the serial is taking place ?.

Recap: All were having thoughts abt the past n future. There is some1 new…

Its the night before the wedding n the door bell of Rajvanshi Mansion rings. Ranjana was happy she knew who would came at this late afterall she invited her to ruin the 7 of Sukor. Bijli the Maid opened the door there was she Tuning, tall n very beautiful. Bijli: yes whor u n whom do u want to meet? Everyone was awake n come down to the hall. KN: Bijli who is on the door at this time. Sir she didn’t answer me. KN was moving toward the door but Ranjana get there first Bijli go aside oh Sneha you r here what a pleasant surprise my dear… Ragini: Sneha?! Oh gosh come in Ragini took her by hand n pull her into the House. Sneha is the Daughter of an old Family friend they moved to UK n were living their unfortunately her parents past away n she is all alone they didn’t had contact for years but oc fourse they invited her to the wedding no one expected her but Ranjana did as she called her here. KN: Are Sneha im so sorry beta after I hearing abt the death of ur parents we did to contact u but u were gone to ur aunts place: Sneha: I know uncle everything is fine I got the invitation for the wedding actually I got it really late n I just took the first flight to come I hope u dont mind? Teju: No , we dont. We r very happy that u r here to join our happiness. Afterall u r an old friend of the grooms.
Vivaan comes to hug her: Sneha im so happy u came on right time. Vivaan u changed alot n ya I heared ur wife is so beautiful n smart u casanova. Sneha u r to much. Hmm She walked toward Suraj wont u welcome me like the others? He hugged her Sneha its been years now n damn u look gorgeous. Sneha a bit red thx ya I changed a little bit. Ragini: Sneha a bit is understated. Ranjana kids plz its very late now lets go to bed n Sneha if u wa cn stay here? Sneha: Oh thats nice Ranjana aunty but i booked a hotel room. KN: No Sneha beta u wont stay in a hotel. Bijli make the guest room ready for Sneha. Bijli nodded n went to the guest room. Suraj pleases help Sneha with the luggage. Yes dad come Sneha Suraj said while caring her luggage. They went to the guest room Bijli: Suraj babu the room is ready. Thank u Bijli. Suraj put the luggage on the side of the room he just wanted to left have a gud night Sneha. She turned n hold his hand Suraj please dont go.

Chakor was alone sitting in the living room Kasturi came to her. Chakoriya what happen u r awake ist very late. Maai I have a bad feeling something big is gonna happen. Chakoriya Tomorrow is ur wedding what could be bigger than this? Maai I dont know what it is but I hope its nothing. Chakoriya u r nervous hmm I know how to make u happy. She went to the kitchen n made hot chocolate with cream yummy ??. Chakor n Kasturi were sitting, drinking n chatting together Chakor put her head on Kasturis lap n felt asleep.

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  1. Awesome update! I don’t like sneha at all, she’s after suraj. Why did she stop suraj? Eagerly waiting for the next update.
    The serial is really sad now, hopefully in a week or so vimli drama will take a backseat and they focus on sukor.

    1. Sukorian

      Hi thx I just submitted an update

  2. Annabeth

    Reading ur ff after a long tym waiting eagerly to noe wts gonna happen nxt

    1. Sukorian

      I really really hope u like it

  3. Sneha gonna cuz a rift between sukor

    1. Sukorian

      hmm ? u have to wait abit

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome,sneha is going to create troubke for sure. Hoping sukor marriage is not affected by her

    1. Sukorian

      Thk u. Dehkte hain

  5. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr…loved it…who d hell is sneha??don’t know wat was in tat sneha nd ranjana’s heart…watever it is dnt separate both sukor nd vimli pairs dr….waiting for d nxt part…

    1. Sukorian

      Im not mad mujhe Serial main bardaash nahi ho raha hai I wont ☺

  6. Hi sukorian.wt aap sneha k aajane se sukor seprtion to nhi krogena? Asusual awsm update.waiting for next.mene isse phele wala bhi pdd liya.late cment k liye sory.

    1. Sukorian

      Hi aanya, honestly sometimes when i write the ff i think of ur positive nature so just read the next ff.

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