Sukor a new journey continue (episode 7)

Hi everyone im happy u enjoyed the last update. I hope to bring another smile on ur faces?.
Recap: The mehndi function ^^ Chamli s hands were with mehndi. Suraj feed Chakor. KN announced that Vimli will be doing the manager job n Sukor will be the head Director of Rajvanshi ltd.
Ranjana asked Imli to show her hands so everypne could see the color of mehndi on her hand. Ragini: Wow Imli bhabi ur Mehndi color is so beautiful Vivaan bhai loves u a lot vivaan shyly looked down. Teju goes down next to Chakor she took her hand *No matter of the color of my mehndi I know Suraj how much u love me* Look teju said n Chakor looked at her hands the mehndi color was darker than imlis mehndi Chagan was standing between Suvaan Wah Suraj bhai u really love Chakor he said. Bty dont forget ur names r written on my cousins hands n u have to find it. Vivaan: Now? The adults start laughing no on ur wedding night. Suvaan n Chamli were blushed. Teju bas kuchi hi dino ki baat hai (its just a matter of couple of days). We will start with the dance now Ragini said:
Dholki/Sangeet (Music night):

They start playing the music Suraj felt awkward he is not the best dancer n was feeling uncomfortable Ranjana took the opportunity n said: Kyoun na hum dance completion karain jo saabse aacha nachega woh hi asli love couple hoga (lets have a dance completion th couple which wins is the real winner). Vivaan thats a great idea Imli n I will definitely win this dance game. Suraj sorry Chakor im not a gud dancer I dont think we have chance to win? Imli gets ready she looks to Chakor *Di I know u cant dance so this game is Vivaan n my play* Chakor hold Suraj hand n said Suraj i dont need to win i just need u. Ragini ok lets start all on position first they played jhoom baara bar Sukor were helples both were horrible but vimli did gud then they played dhol bahje n Sukor came on floor with a better feeling they weren’t trying to win they were lost in each other after this song they played hua hai aaj peli baar n both couples rocked it but Ranjana wanted vimli win she took a coin n let it roll to Sukors way. But before anything could happen Suraj lifted Chakor up on his armes he spin her around. Vimli were stunned looking at them. Change applaus please wah Suraj bhai u win this game too seeing u both troubling in first n then slowly finding the rythme great ??.

The function was over n all guest were Leaving. In 2 days is the wedding n u will become my wife n before u leave I want to give u something. Chakor really what is it? Close ur eyes ?. Okay i will close my eyes she did n Suraj took a present he opened her armes n put the gift on her hands she wanted to open the eyes but Chakor but his hand on her eyes No Chakor not yet. Sorry sorry sorry. He removed his hands n kissed her forehead, her cheeks the nose n the lips but she puther hand on her lips n said abhi nahi 2 din ke baat (not yet in 2 days). She stood up n thx him for the gift n left saying bye I love �.Love u 2.

They were at home Chakor was still awake n thinking of Suraj only 2 days well now just one day left what is Suraj doing now is he missing me too? Zinzin her mobile Suraj message „I can’t sleep thinking of u“ „u like the gift?“ Oh Suraj gift I didn’t open it she stood up n wanted to swich on the light but imli was sleeping n she didn’t wanted to wake her she took a torch n the gift she open it n she was stunned her eyes filled up with tears it was the most beautiful wedding dress she ever saw n could Imagine Suraj had choosen the right dress it was dark red with lts of gold designs

( Zinzin her mobile „sorry if i Disturbed u“ Sje answered him „Suraj Thank u“ „N ya I miss u too n no u dont disturbe me never“ me

Hope u like it
Precap: Wedding / Chagini

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  1. Sukor

    Lovely dear. Update soon

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  2. Shreya.

    Woww Dr…asusual amazing….loved it…waiting for d next part dr…

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      thx Im happy u liked it

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    Awesome,waiting for next

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  4. Very amazing really enjoyed it cant wait for the next one wonder how the marrige will turn out

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      thx u right now Im still thinking for ideas for the wedding… im not sure abt the theme n the result i have something in mind but u know its not that easy

  5. Sory for late cment.u know apka or tippu ka same same chl raha hai weding scen bt i like both.race lgao kon jldi post krega koi bhi kre maja mera hurrreee!m hapy.

    1. Sukorian

      its ok aanya I know u r hurt take care of ur self. Tippu is busy with her stidy n im busy with work. Dehkte hain kis ka update phele aata hai ? like i said im trying but its not easy ?.

  6. Awesome. sukor dance was so romantic, the wedding dress is beautiful. Can’t wait for the next update.

  7. Amazing as usual. It’s true tht both u n tippu has same track bt both of u hv different uniqueness in each story. Loved them. Sry fr late reply

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