Sukor a new journey continue (episode 6)

Hi everyone sorry for the late Update but the current track makes me upset I had no ideas?. But I put all my concentration together to write this I hope u will like it.
Recap: Vimli misunderstanding are gone. Ragini failed. Sukor had a lovely day on the beach. Imli got a dress for the mehndi function n Suraj promise to buy the wedding dress for Chakor.
Bhuvaan Laal family

Bhuvaan: my girls do u have wish for ur wedding?Wht do u want?
Chamli: Nothing just ur love n blessings.
Bhusturi: always with u both.

The weeks went over n the Henna night came
The door bell rings n Kasturi opened the door a Courier come with a parcel for Chakor. Kasturi sign it n the courier left. Chakoriya! Here is a parcel for u!. Coming maai who sent this? Chakoriya ist addresses to u y would I open it ist ur privacy. Uff maai give it me she came n looked for a letter n found it. ?For my beautiful fiance I hope u like it?. Ist from Suraj it must be the wedding dress she opened the parcel it was a lehnga White with silver sprinkels {see the link}


Kasturi: Nahi chakoriya yeh shaadi a dress nahi hai yeh to mehndi ke liye hai (No Chakor ist not for the wedding ist fr mehndi) Chakor was very happy n looked at her mom: u knew it he would give me a dress for tonight? Kasturi changed her view: No I didn’t. They both started laughing. Suraj called me a few days ago n asked me if we have a mehndi dress I explained him u couldn’t decide so he said perfect I Have found a dress he was looking for a wedding dress but found ur mehndi dresss. Maai Im so happy ?. They get ready for the function it was held at Rajvanshi Mansion.

In the evening:
Ragini came to Vivaan bhai get ready thdmust be Coming. Vivaan was ready n sitting on his bed. (in the past few weeks Ragini saw the love in Vimli n in Sukor she changed her mind n become friends with Chamli now ist on Ranjana) Princess im ready just lets see if big bro is ready u know how much time he takes sometimes. They both laughed n went to Suraj room knock knock can we come in? Suraj was dressed in a matching colour {again see the link}


Teju was there too n said Vivaan u look gud. Bari Maa today im so happy n Suraj bro u r looking too gud haan. With a lot of self confidence n cheeky smile as usual ?.
In the meantime a lot of people arrived n were greeted by KN (yes he is a gud person here respected by others n respect others) Mr Richand & Tina also attend the mehndi function. The families arrived n were making some arrangments Chamlis cousin Chagan was asking the others if they need some help but everything was going fine.

Thegirls were sitting around the brides Teju: Ragini please shaadi ke mehndi leou (Ragini please bring the wedding henna) She came with a tray full of rose petals n henna both sisters got the mehndi the mens were talking etc. Ragini: Im the next after all im the only Sister in law they have. Ranjana: right *i dont know wht kind of magic they ave done to my kids* all girls n ladyshad mehndi designs on their hands. Teju: lets see after it dry what colour ur mehndi has. Chakor: kyoun?(y?) Teju: Kehte hain jis ki mehndi ka rang ghaira hoo uska paati usko bhoot pyaar karta hai (its sais the darker the colour of ur henna is the deeper is lpve of ur husbund for u) Ragini: oh wow lets see who loves whom more Suraj bhai or Vivaan bhai. Imli: My colour will be darker than Di’s bcz Vivaan loves me more ?. Ranjana: yes, Imli my son is always no. 1 n even his love is First Class u r very lucky no one will see such a dark color in this moment the Boys came n hear it Vivaan had a big smile on his face, Suraj was just looking deeply in Chakors eyes both were lost. Chagan bump into Ragini by mistake: Ouch u idiot she shout. Chagan: Im so sorry. U just got up couldn’t react on time. Suraj: Ragini what kind of behavior is this u can’t call some1 Idiot it was ur mistake. Chagan: No, Jiju its ok.

Forget I already did. Ragini: Sorry bhai she looked at Suraj n he sign her to Apologize to Chagan n she did: Im sorry. Suraj was a bit angry Chakor looked at him n sign him to calm down nothing happened he nodded with a small smile.

KN came to the hall n made an announcement: Suraj n Vivaan r going to marry next week I would like to introduce u all to my Daughter in law’s this Chakor my son Suraj fiance Sukor were happy n smiling a bit shyly. This is my younger Daughter in law Imli Vivaans fiance. I love both my sons while Vivaan is not my own son but he is the son my late brother he never disappoint me he was always on top great marks. Im happy to announce that Vivaan will become the new manager of Rajvanshj ltd. Now to my son Suraj he is a bit lazy he was always gud at sports but since he met his beautifulnccc gorgeous fiance he totally change he become a great student n that was the time I realized that my son can become suiteable successor so today I love to announce that my son Suraj will be the head Director of Rajvanshi ltd. Not a with his better half together they will bring Rajvanshi ltd. Higher than it is a big applaus come from the Crowd. Chakor stood up: KN ji thank u for this opportunity but I think Suraj doesn’t need my help actually he is the one who give me the courage to run more. Suraj: Papa she is just telling like this I always needed her ist gud decision we will work together ?. Thats my son.

Ranjana was angry *Suraj got the poisition I was expecting for Vivaan* KN ji u gave Chakor the opportunity to work with her partner but Imli whats with her? Imli made top score like Vivaan both a top. Who am I to stop Imli to work with Vivaan KN said. Of Course Imli can work with Vivaan sorry beta I didn’t mention. Imli: KN ji I knew u won’t forbid it I will surely help ?.

Food time:

The food was served n Suraj knows very well that Chakor is hungry but her hands were full of mehndi n no one was there he took a plate in filled with food n went to Chakor she was like dreaming abt foo she didn’t realized that Suraj was sitting next to her h hand infront of her filled with food. Chakor? Khana nahi hai? (Dont u want to eat?) She looked at him: Khana to khana hai par kaise? she showed her hands (I want to eat but how?) Haan yeh to hai is problem ka Solution hum saath main hi nikalenge n he showed to his hand which was directly under her mouth. She didnt looked for long she open her mouth n Suraj feed her. Wah a old Family friend n KN were lookkng at them what a jodi (couple) god bless the so careing n loving. KN was very proud all were praising Sukor made for each other.

The Mehndi dried out n was breaking from the hands. Ranjana: Imli now show us ur hands how deep is the color? Chakor*I dont need a deep dark color I know Suraj that u love me alot* Suraj *Chakor no matter how the color comes out I love u more than my life* Imli shows her hand n indeed it was a drak color but Teju went to Chakor n asked her to show her hands too. Chakor no matter of the color I know my son loves u alot she was smiling at him n he ws smiling at her the Mehndi color of Chakor was much darker than imlis.
Im sorry thats all for now but I will try to write one more in weekend.

Wedding preparation. Suraj wedding dress.
Ranjanas evil plan…?

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  1. Thnx a lot sukorian .u jst made my day frm this. I knw current track makes most f us upset bt this epi mks it balance n forgt all the tension . It was amazing . Loved each part of this. Eagerly waiting fr nxt part

    1. Sukorian

      U most welcome i reduce the vimli track in my ff as much as possible i the end I was very happy. ?

  2. Shreya.

    Amazing part dr…finally ragini changed?….Yaa u r ryt d current track of udaan makes most of us upset…bt tdy ur ff makes me happy..thank u Soo much dr…really loved it…nd eagerly waiting for d next part dr…

    1. Sukorian

      ya she changed n chagan appear ?. Thx for ur encouragement

  3. Hi sukorian asusual fantastic dear.lov u aapke links yeh to open nhi ho rahe.

  4. I just loved it????????? u make me happy thanks Dear for the update… Waiting for your next update

    1. Sukorian

      thx u I will try as I said current track makes me upset. But all ur Comments makes me so happy ?

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      hi Sruthisreeya I hope the links i put on the answer of aanya should work I tried

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  7. Awesome, reading it made me smile. I agree it compensates for the stress of the current track. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thx im happy to bring a smile on ur face ?

  8. Wow very good really enjoyed this amazing work

    1. Sukorian

      thk u i hope the next update will enjoy u too.

  9. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

  10. first of all so sorry dr for being unavailable here to cmnt on ur precious story n d chappy was really superb . So Ragini has changed start chagan n ragini ‘s love story soon so I can ship ChaGini n dr I m nt able to open suraj dress’s link n Chakor’s dress link was really pretty

    1. Sukorian

      sorry for my late reply u tried the link on the comment box too. ya i will try to put Chagini in. thx gor ur comment.

  11. Annabeth

    Sorry sukorian for not commenting on d previous ffs all were awesome loved it totally ?

    1. Sukorian

      Thx u ?I can understand the daily rush even I couldn’t comment on some ffs but on weekends we find the time ?

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