Sukor a new journey continue (episode 5)

Hi everyone as I promised here next update. For ur kid information my first edition of this update is delete ? stupid Smartphone.
Recap: Teju, Suvaan n Ragini went to Bhuvaan Laal’s house. Chakor made Chai pakoore. Then Suvaan, Chamli n Ragini went out for shopping.
Suraj said to Vivaan call me when we should pick u up? Vivaan okay Bhai. Have fun. U too. Ragini looked around where should we start? They enter the mall. Imli was still upset *Vivaan ne kabhi bhi mera zikar nahi kiya aur Suraj ne Di ke bare main phele se apni Maa ko bata diya (Vivaan never mentioned me n Suraj told his mom abt Di in first place)*. Ragini: kahan se start karenge? Kyoun na hum Shaadi ki shopping karen? (where should we start? Wht abt wedding shopping?) Vivaan: thats a great idea wht u say Imli? Vivaan again asking Imli if she likes the idea to do some wedding shopping? Imli said ya clumsy.
Chakor looked at Suraj *Kahan le jara hai (where is he taking me?)* Suraj felt it n said to her ziyada soocho mat warna saar dart karega (dont think much otherwise it will hurt u). Chakor don’t u trust me? Suraj I do but at least tell me where r u taking me? Y? u said u trust me so Chakor let me surprise u?. Theek hai Suraj par agar mujhe pasand nahi aya toh? (ok Suraj but wht if I don’t like it?) Chakor I know u very well n I’m 100% sure u will like it?.
Ragini *Imli is so abstracted it seems like my plan is working* Vivaan bhai look this dress isn’t it beautiful? Ya it is then he looked around a white dress with rose petals he saw it n looked to Imli he took her hand n goes to the dress Imli look this is made for u. She looked at it she wanted to say something but Vivaan stopped her I know u r upset right but I couldn’t talk to my mom abt u she never give interest in my personal life all importance she put in my studies bcz she wanted me to be better than Suraj bro. But ya I talked to Suraj abt my feelings n I tried to convince my mother bu she disagree to it. Suraj bhai is older than me he said he will handle it I didn’t knhe talked to Teju Ma n she asked ur hand for me. Imli I’m sorry if u r hurt but it wasn’t my intention. Imli hold his hand tighter No Vivaan u r right. I understand it that it was difficult for u n I’m happy u have someone like Suraj n Teju Maa to care for ur happiness. Aur haan I like this dress very much.

Chakor be ready we r almost there. Chakor was looking around. Suraj !! She was smiling all over her face. Suraj thx u!! they were on the beach. Suraj took a beach blanket, basket with food n drinks. He took her hand n was searching for a gud place. Suraj look there chakor show him a place which was near the water but still enough space to sit n relax. Chakor u know wht?. Nahi kiya? (no wht?) They all thought that I haven’t planned anything for today but last night when my mom told us were r going to visit u I wanted to ask u but after reading ur messages I thought it would be better to surprise u. I hope u like it? Suraj im so happy thk u very much I love the beach but u never took me hear before nor I told it u so how u know it? Chakor u remember a few weeks ago I wanted to go out for date with u but u said u have other plans u were going out with Imli n Kasturi Maa to the beach I thought it was bcz of ur maai but than a day later I asked again at college n Imli said u were going to the mall with ur maai but u said yes u have time for me n we went for coffee n ice cream. Hmm so u do remember things. Ya Chakor I know ur favourite color is red, ur fav. Flavour of chocolate is pure chocolate fav. Food Loki ke parathe. Aur u… she stopped him puttig her finger on his lips she come closer to him n whispered in his ear Suraj I love u. Mujhe nahi maloom tha ke tumne mere baare main itna jan liya. (Suraj i didn’t knew it that u know so much abt me) He smiled n gave her a kiss on her forehead.
Kasturi bheen I know it’s happening very fast the date is perfect in 1 month. I hope u understand y we r doing it so fast? Ya Chakor told me Ragini’s college will start within a month n the wedding should take place before her college starts otherwise we have to postpone the wedding, right? Haan my Bahu is so mature n intelligent. Teju ji I know u will take gud care of daughters n I even know that Ragini is the Princess for her brothers n without her the wedding can’t take place. 1 month is a short time but I’m sure we will handle this somehow. Bty when will the kids comeback it’s been hours now. Just in that moment they came back.

They told their mothers wht they did: Suraj we thought u won’t be prepared for this we underestimated u. ? ya u all did even she he pointed to Chakor. Suraj meri bahu ko kuch mat bolna (don’t say anything against my Daughter-in-law). Suraj: Mom don’t make her fly high u know what I dont think that she knows me very well? U know I told her so many thinks abt her fav. But she didn’t told me my…. Kasturi: Suraj dont say that she knows u very well n if u don’t trust me ask her anything abt u. Ragini: Let me ask her. What is Bhai’s fav. Color? Chakor answered: black. Vivaan: His fav. Food? Aloo ke parathe. They all asked her n she answered everything right. Well lets stop talking about him otherwise he will starting to fly high ?. Tell na u went for shopping what u bought? Imli showed her dress wow this looks so gud thats for the mehndi right? Yes. Chakor Suraj tumne wedding shopping bilkul nahi ki (u both did not had wedding shopping)? Chakor agar tumhe koi aitraaz na ho to main tumhare liye kuch pasand karke leoun (If u dont mind I would like to choose something for u)? Suraj: Mummy I think Chakor wants to choose her own dress. Chakor was surprised n said no Teju Ma u can choose from me a dress n if u have any problem to find the right dress u can ask Suraj he knows very well what I like. He looked her n said u will be very happy I will choose the wedding dress not for mehndi u can choose it. Kasturi Maa Wedding dress is from me he said. Everything else u can decide. Kasturi agrees.
They left from there.

Chakor tell me how was the trip to the beach? Imli it was so gud he arranged everything he made food well he said he makes the sandwiches n we had strawberries with cream after that he bought me ice cream n gol gappe it was a perfect date. Wht abt ur shopping trip? Di first I was upset . y? U remember Ragini said Vivaan never mentioned me n Suraj told his mom abt u. I felt bad but Vivaan explain me n make me feel comfortable n bought me the dress after that we went for lunch n we bought a dress for Ragini a suite for Vivaan we r done for the mehndi.
Kasturi n Bhuvaan knock the door n came in. They talked about the wedding preparation n if they have any special wishes.

Will Ragini change? Is Suraj right with the wedding dress? What wishes could the sisters have?

I hopu like that

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  2. Wow so amazing cant wait for the next one and i know even my update got deleted i understand the feeling

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  3. Awesome, I’m glad ragini’s plan failed. I loved Suraj’s surprise, it’s cute how they know so much about each other. Can’t wait for the next update.

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  4. It’s simply amazing. I’m happy tht raginis plan gt failed n specially how sukor know each other. I like theju here. I like surajs suprise too. Eagerly waiting fr the nxt part

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      thk u ya I really liked teju from beginning when i started to watch udaan she only wanted the best for her son.

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