Sukor a new journey continue (episode 11)

Hi here the update.

Recap: Sneha tried to confuse Suraj n his feelings but he cleared he loves only Chakor.

Ranjana saw how Suraj left from the guest room she immediately rushed to Sneha n knocked the door. Sneha was now wearing a dressing gown when she opened the door Ranjana csich in n closed the door. Sneha wht happen? Y was he here? Could u change his mind not to marry Chakor? Ranjana aunty nothing happened I remembered him abt the past n I tried to confuse him with Imli but he left he just came back I thought he would stay with me but instead he told me he only loves Chakor n I got wrong Information so he came to clarify this so i wont get embarrassed by calling his to be wife imli. Ufff this is too much Im trying n nothing works even Ragini is happy for them. But Ranjana aunty how could u even think that my present on the wedding will change his opinion n y do u want to separate them? 1st I know he loves u in the past after u left he was shattered n it was obvious it has to do something with u. I asked him n he confessed his love for u but asked me to keep it as a secret. 2nd I know u love him we still have contact n u always asked for him bcz u were to shy to call him by ur own. But tge main reason y I want Suraj to marry u is that ist enough to have one Bhuvaan Laal Daughter n i dont want to break my sons heart n Suraj was in love with u he can fall again n Sneha dont u wanted to be with him? Of course I want. Good then try harder we just have the night left. She looked to Ranjana n understands her she goes to Suraj but his room is closed.

Next day Wedding:
The full Bhuvaan Laal family enters the Rajvanshi Mansion. Teji greets all n they took Imli n Chakor to separate rooms to get dressed. On the other hand the grooms were getting ready too. Ragini wow Vivaan bhai u look so handsom. Thx princess now tell me jow does ur Imli Bhabhi looks? ??. Suraj came from the bathroom n was looking stunning n hadsom as usual Suraj bhai it will be very tough for Chakor Bhabhi to look better than u. Ragini do u want to tell me that u havent seen ur Bhabhi yet Vivaan loiking at them bhabhis!^^. Well I thought ist better to take a look on my bros before going to my bhabhis now I can give them some tipps ? she was going to leave some1 knocked at the same time n she run into Chagan ? he catched her n she was in his arms they both had an eyelook. Princess r u alright her bros came. Ya i fine n she legt with a red face. Sorry chagan said. Suraj y u save her. So my jijus how u feel? Both nervous. They laught. Ragini enters Imlis dressing room wah Imli Bhabhi u r just so beautiful superb mtch to Vivaan bhai u need sone help? No Ragini thx im done now its Chakor Di’s turn. All ladys went to next dressing room to help Chakor they knocked the door n enters Chakor was wearing the wedding dress Suraj brought her. Teju n Kasturi eere helping her with the Jewelry even she was ready. Amazing I have to admitt Chakor Bhabhi u look damn gud I just saw the my bros but now Im sure u r the most beatiful here n Suraj bhai will be flashed. She smiled shyly. Ragini can i talk to u in private just a min. Teju agrees only a min. Chakor took out a letter would u do me this favor can u give Suraj this letter please. But Bhabhi what is this Ragini dont worry its nothing bad. Okay i will give him this. Thank u so much. Ragini left n the women reenter the room.

Ragin was unsure to give the letter to sure but she promised n she trusted Chakor if she says it’s nothing bad then there is nothing. She knocked the door n enters the room Vivaan n how she looks like? Well….just wait n see hahaha. Suraj bhai I have something for u from Chakor Bhabhi he immidiately came what this? A love letter he was red. He tooked n turned to read it *My dear Mr. Chakor Bhuvaan Laal ?. I dont know y im Writing this letter but i think it’s important to tell u that whatever happens or happened does not effect my love for u. U always supported me, helped n cared for my happiness my I wanted to Thank u. N ya I know I could have waited for this after the wedding but I had a bad feeling last night maybe it was the nervousness but still I needed to tell u I Love U today is the most beautiful n luckiest day in my our life only urs Mrs. Suraj N. Rajvanshi* Suraj had a big smile on his face but she had a bad feeling I have to clear this.

He rushed to her dressing room n knocked he was called in but he stayed out. Ist me Suraj Teju n Kasturi bith came to the door: Suraj y r u here u know u cant meet her before the wedding. Suraj: I know that im not allowed to see her face i just need 5 min please with big eyes uff ok. They agreed. Chakor was hidding behind a dresser. Suraj what happen r u angry with me. No Chakor i got ur letter. But there was nothing bad on it y u came? Chakor I love u too but u wrote u had a bad feeling please listen to me he told her everything abt the last night n the past with Sneha. (This for u Shreya [I mentioned it on the old story]) He went further n told her abt Tina n his past he never loved her n she couldn’t bear the rejrction to hurt n harm him she made him fail n he had go repeat the semestry but he forget her bcz if she hadnt done this he would have never met her. Chakor smiled so im ur only love? Ya chakor whatever happened in the past was not real but u n me r. He left n said I m waiting for u. I will be there ?.

Ranjana n Sneha couldn’t do anything the wedding was taking place a traditional one. (sorry to cut this I have seen ur weddings but we do nikaah n I donw the meaning of the 7 phere/7 lives) After the Rituals they took blessings from the olders. KN n Teju were very happy Suraj n Chakor were holding hands the whole time. Now u r Officially Mrs. Suraj N. Rajvanshi. Ya n im happy. Suraj she called him with a soft n warm voice ya he said very calm I’m hungry he was just ?. Sure u just have to wait a bitu know there is still a ritual ur muun dehkay (face show?) Oh please do something he started laughing loud. Teju came Suraj Chakor what is this. Mom she is hungry do the ritual otherwise she will eat me this is not true so u r not hungry Suraj asked. No, I m very hungry. KN laughed too. Teu ju my bhau is hungry do the ritual n so it goes on they showed the faces of the brides both choices were praised a lot. Suraj made a food plate n said whenever u need something u have to call my name i will be there n food will be there too. He feeds her n tgey were dancing at the end of the day both Bhuvaan n Kasturi were left alone

Suraj came Maai n baapu u know u can come here whenever u want to KN said right this is also ur house. They thanks n left while Chamli were crying but Teju n Ranjana supported them all guests left n the brides were in here rooms. Vivaan couldn’t wait he enters the room n went to imli u like the deco. Of the room? Ragini n I did this together. She said it’s very beautiful. Suraj enters his room very carefully he knew this is not easy he went to her to bed she was sitting n he comes to her again he got the opportunity to put the ghoonghat (Scarf) off to see her face he kissed her forehead n said gud night.

I hope u liked it

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  1. Shreya.

    Wow my Dr…I just loved my birthday gift…dis is very very special to me…love u Dr…amazing part dr…finally our sukor nd vimli married….waiting for d next part dr…once again thank u Soo much for dis lovable gift dr????

    1. Sukorian

      ? im happy u liked it

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome, finally suko & vimli are married

    1. Sukorian

      yeah finally ?

  3. No i don’t like it bcz i looooove it.amazing,awsm,lvbl.nd its ok rituals alg ho skte hai pr bonding n lov kbhi alg nhi hota.kisi bhi ritual se weding ho kehlayenge to pti-ptni hi na.lov u nd ur ff.nd thnx for ur lov towords me.

    1. Sukorian

      Hi hope u r taking rest? get well soon. Thx for ur lovly comment

  4. Awesome, loved it. The letter and Suraj convo were amazing. Can’t wait for the next update. Thank you so much.

    1. Sukorian

      Thk u. First I thought it would be too much with the letter but I needed a pretext for the final meet n the letter took alot of effort im not that happy could be better but its fine short n simple?

  5. Wow amazing soo good and thank god that sneha did nothing to separate sukor and is sneha the villain for sukor this was amazing

    1. Sukorian

      Thx sorry again for the name mixup☹. Sneha us the villain she will sray to creat some misunderstandings

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