Sukor .Nafraton me chupa pyaar (part-3)

Hi guys nd sorry to u all . from so many days I was not posting my ff as I was busy with my exams nd now my exams r finished
So here is the next part of my ff hope u all will like it

Suraj asks chakor to get up from his place and says it’s his place (in rude manner)

Chakor:excuse me! I came first so I will sit here

Suraj:oh hello madam kal me yahan betha tha to aaj bhi me hi yahan bethuga(oh hello madam yesterday I was sitting here so today also I will only sit)

Chakor:aap kis type k insaan hai. College me koi permanent place nahi hoti hai. Jisko jahab jage milte hai wo wahi beth ta hai(what type of man u are. In colleges permanent places are not there.the place which we get we have to sit there only)

Suraj:nahi me tho yahi bethuga(no I will sit here only)

Chakor:haaaan! Tumhe college k rules nahi pata hai kia(haaaan! Don’t u know the rules of college)

Suraj:oh miss CHIPKALI tumhe yahan par kisine fevicol se chipka diya hai kia jo tum uthne ka naam hi nahi lerahi ho.log ladte waqt ther jaate hain or tum hoki ladte waqtbhi beth kar ho

Chakor taps her hand on bench while standing

Chakor:oh che(6) foot (feet) k aadmi tumhe ek masoom ladki se ladte hue sharam nahi aate (hey u the man of 6 feet don’t u have any shame to fight with innocent girl

Suraj:masoom!tum or masoom! Aree ek number ki hitler ho tum. Kabhi shakal dekhe hai apne aine me (innocent! U innocent .u r hitler.have u ever see your face in mirror

Misha(chakors friend):chod na chakor q ladh rahi ho uth ja na (just leave it chakor just move from here)

Chakor:tu chup rahe tumhara bhi dimagh nikal gaya hai kia dekha nahi ye ladka mujhe chipkali or hitler kehraha hai or khud to ek number ka gadha hai apni jaga khud nahi dhoond raha hai(u just shutup r u out of your mind can’t u see this boy is calling me chipkali nd hitler nd u know what he is. he is gadha that he is not finding his place)

Suraj:gadha!how dare u say me this word

Chakor:as u dare to say me q tumhe bura lagraha hai me to tumhari tareef karrahi hoon(y r u feeling bad I m just praising u)

Suraj:just shut up. Dekho ab to me yahin bethuga(now I will sit here only)

Chakor:haan tumhe jahaan bethna hai wahan betho par me to yahi par bethu gi(yah where ever u want to sit just sit.but I am not gonna to be move from here)

Nisha:tum dono ladna band karo suraj tumhe yehi bench par beth na hai na to tum yaha meri jagah par beth jao(u both just stop fighting suraj u want to sit here only right so u just sit on my place)

Suraj:oh thanku so much nisha tum to bohot acchi ho(oh u r so nice)

Now the second bell rank so remaining all the students and lecturer enter the class.
Imli sits in first row and vivaan sits at the back of her bench

Chakor:abbah! Bhagwan ji ne kis insaan ko mere gale daldia

Suraj:tumne kuch kaha kia (did u say something)

Chakor:nahi to.tumne kuch suna kia(no did u hear something)

Suraj:nahi suna.isiliye to poochano (I didn’t hear anything that’s y only I asked u)

Chakor:nahi suna matlab mene bhi kuch nahi kaha (u didn’t hear anything. It means I didn’t say anything)

To be continued……..
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  1. Enjoyed it interesting sukor fight was so funny wanna read more update soon

  2. Ooo Doll. Amazing. Loved their nok jhok. It finished so quick. I wanted to read more. Anyway keep going and update soon as ur exams r over.
    Ur beloved Sanu

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Sukor nok jhok was cute

  4. Sukorian

    haha love the nohk johk ????

  5. Awesome! loved their nok jhok, their last dialogue is funny. Can’t wait for the next update.

  6. Can’t wait 4 nxt update
    There Nokh jokh was awesome n the last one was more funny….???

  7. ShanayaKhan

    Awesome!! The dialogues were so funny. Update soon.

  8. Hi my sweet heart Kitna mja aa rha tha tbhi aapne to be continue kr dia thts not fair OK.

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