Sukor .Nafraton me chupa pyaar (part-2)

Recap:chakor,imli,suraj and vivaan entry in college

Both suraj bd vivaan enter the class…
Chakor and imli r sitting on first bench of middle row while suraj nd vivaan r sitting in second bench of the same row.
Vivaan gets mesmerised by seeing imli.
The lecturer enter the class room.everyone wishes to lecturer except vivaan.suraj looks at vivaan nd notices vivaan watching imli

Lecturer:what is this(to vivaan)

Vivaan comes to his senses and suddenly stands

Vivaan:sorry mam

Lecturer:ok.but from next tym onwards u should be careful

The lecturer asks everyone to introduce themselves

everyone went to their home’s
Vivaan:are bhai,mujhe mere thoda work karna hai.warna phir se wo khadoos madam mujhe daate gi(I have to complete my work bhai otherwise that khadoos lecturer will scold me)

Suraj:haan.haan.karle warna tujhe us ladki to dekhne ka muqa nahi milega (yah!yah! Do your work othereise u will not get a chance to see that girl)

Vivaan:chal! Konsi ladki me koi ladki wadki ko nahi dekh raha tha (what! Which girl I was not looking at any girl)

Suraj:haan.haan.wahi pata hai wahi ladki jo samne wali bench par baith kar thi(yah yah! I know.that girl only who was sitting on first bench)

Vivaan:chal me use kahan dekh raha tha me to khidki k bahaar dekh raha tha mousam kitna accha tha na(chal!where I was looking I was just seeing outside of the window that how good weather is)

Suraj:haan.haan.ab mousam to accha hi lagega na (yah!yah!now whether will look good only)

Vivaan:chalo raat bohot ho chuki hai ab so jate hain (common now lets go to bed . its very late)

Both vivaan and suraj went to sleep

Imli:dekha didi college kitna accha tha.tum bekar me hi tension lerahi thi (college is so nice na didi you were tensed without any reason

Chakor:haan college to bohot accha tha chalo ab sojate hai(yes college was very good! Common lets sleep)

In morning chakor again goes to sit on the sane place on which she was sitting yesterday.but finds someone else is already sitting there
So chakor sits on bench on which suraj was sitting yesterday
First bell rank so some of the students come to their class and sit on the empty places
Along with them suraj also enters the class. again he also goes to sit on his last place and finds chakor sitting there
Suraj asks chakor to get up from his place and says it’s his place (in rude manner)

Tomorrow:suraj and chakor argument for place


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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Waiting for sukor face off

  2. Nice! Looking forward to Sukor’s fight.

  3. Wow Doll. Amazing. Sukor s first nok jhok coming up. Soo cute. Keep going and update soon. Ur beloved Sanu.

  4. Areee kitne intresting mod pe finish kr dia aapne ye part i can’t wait pta nhi kl pdh paungi ya nhi.chlo jane do .thnku dear for this nice ff poor vivan suraj kitna teas kr rahe the hope jldi vivan ka din bhi aayega unhe teas krne ka.

  5. Abdul rasheed

    I m Very excited 4 the next part

  6. Abdul rasheed

    I m really excited 4 next part

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