Sukor .Nafraton me chupa pyaar (part-1)

Hi guys this is my first ff on sukor. I m big fan of sukor .hope u guys will enjoy reading this ff .please forgive me if there r any kind of mistakes I tried my best to wtite this ff and here it is

Chakor and imli are sisters
Suraj and vivaan are brothers
Kasturi and bhuvan are parents of chakor and imli
Kn and tejaswini are parents of suraj and vivaan
It is the first day of college
A girl is shown with brown eyes she applies maskara ,kajol ,eyeliner to her eyes
Then she applies blusher on her chubby cheeks.then she is shown with her lips applying red lipstick. She starts wearing her bracelet
She stands and turns around. She is wearing blue skirt with a yellow top.the wind blows her hair flies.she is looking so beautiful and gorgeous…
Yes this is noneother than our beloved chakor
Chakor:imli mujhe dekho na or mujhe batao na ki me kaise lagrahi hoon(imli just look at me and tell me how am I looking)
Imli:tum to ek dum heroine jaise lagrahi ho di (you r just looking like heroine di)
Chakor:imli tumhe dar nahi lag raha hai mujhe to ek ajeeb si ghabrahat ho rahi hai.aaj hamara pehla din hai college ka. I m feeling so nervous.
Pata nahi college kaisa hoga. Hame kis tarah ke dost milenge(imli r u not frightened I m so frightened. Today it is our first day in college. I m feeling do nervous.don’t know what type if friends we will get)
Imli:offo di tum fikr mat kari koi bhi ladka tumhe chedega nahi(imli laughs)
Chakor:imli(beating imli on her shoulder)
Imli:offi didi me to mazaak kar rahi thi sach me tum bohot acchi lag rahi ho.kahin aisa na ho k college me koi ladka tumhare peeche padh jaye
(Offo didi I m just joking really u r looking so beautiful)
Now imli and chakor have their breakfast after this they both went to their college on scooty
Thay both enter the st.teresa college
After a while……
suddenly one car stops in college.a handsome boy comes out of the car.everybody looks at him with very curiosity
Now the bell ranks and all the students comes to thier respective classes
Vivaan:suraj!what is this.again u r late.aaj ek dint o tym pe aajate.chalo ab class me chalte hai bell bhi hogaye hai(for at least today u can come on time na.lets go to the class bell rank)
Suraj:sorry bro kal pakka time pe ajaunga(see tomorrow I will definitely come on time)
Both brothers enter the class……

Hope u guys like it.
Thanku so much nd please comment on it

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  1. Interesting start, are the four of them in the same class? Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Linaa

      Yes nemo di 4 of them r in same class

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting start

  3. Good start

  4. Nice starting bt pleeees try to post next part soon its my humble request actualy m sukor ffsholic pleees.

    1. Linaa

      No need of saying it di I know u r big fan of sukor
      Ok I will try to post it as soon as possible

  5. Linaa

    Thanks a lot guys for supporting me

  6. Nice.but no Hindi only English please because I don’t understand hindi.try to understand

    1. Linaa

      Ok I will try actually I am not so good in English that’s y I wrote it in hindi

      1. Abdul rasheed

        Nice n interesting start nai iam very excited for the next part
        Gud job my der frnd..

      2. Abdul rasheed

        Nice n interesting start nai iam waiting for the next part;
        Gud job my der frnd..

      3. Abdul rasheed

        Nice start and I think the next part will also be interesting…..

  7. Sukorian

    nice start Lily ? btw how to call u Lily or leena what u prefer?

    1. Linaa

      Thanks di nd just call me liy

  8. U people are rude why you not comment on other ffs does lily comment on others no it rude everyone that reads ffs should comment on all ff pages cuz othet ffs are great to but no1 takes much notice which can upset the writer cuz comments matter!

    1. Lily i not personally saying this to u its for every1

    2. If you actually do comment on other ffs, you would’ve known that most here already do, so why don’t you start with yourself?
      Secondly commenting is a personal choice, nobody is obliged to do it.

    3. Linaa

      No.u r misunderstanding me I would have comment on other ff’s but I don’t used to read other ff’s I just used to read sunny’s ff nd I comment there.i think u also don’t read other ff’s that’s y u don’t know that so many people here comment on other ff’s

  9. Great Doll keep going. Ur beloved Sanu. ?

    1. Linaa

      Thanks alot sanu

  10. Boring typical college shit copying ideas from other ffs so low

    1. Linaa

      Dear What do u mean by typical college. I did’nt describe anything about college nd u r saying it’s typical nd I didn’t copied my ff what I wrote is by my own ok

      1. Lily, just ignore this, if she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to read it. There are polite ways to express one’s opinions and if someone is rude to you, they don’t even deserve your attention.

      2. Exactly Doll. Don’t listen to them. Besides, cute and funny, nok jhok wala romance to humesha college Mein hi accha lagta hain. U just carry on ok Doll? I’m eagerly waiting for ur next part. ?

  11. Cool dwn my ding dong.sukor platform pe again jhgda kiko.let her say wt she want my priencess. Bechia dear i read ur coment first time for sukor ff agr aap baki ffs pdti ho to aap bhi cment krna start krdo to hm sb bhi krdenge agr hmne vo ffs pdhe to right lily.nw smile gys n try to avoid jhgda ok my lvly [email protected] aap next to post kro my sole.

    1. Linaa

      Aanya di mene apna next part post kardiya hai

  12. Linaa

    Thanks alot nemo di sanu aanya u guys r supporting me so much
    @bechia what do u didn’t like in my ff

  13. Abdul rasheed

    Nice n very interesting start;
    Gud job my frnd…

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