Sukor – Love is stronger (Intro)

This is small sneak peak a real introduction will come soon or later I have to finish first 1 of my current ff but I hope to write an Introduction for it in September or October.

He is a British Indian Suraj Khanna

She is a British Pakistani Chakor Rehman

Both live in England in different cities n both applied for higher studies in Oxford n both got an interview…

See the journey of 2 stranger can the past of the countries be a problem or a new start…

Will the families creat a barrier?

Can a friendship stay or it’s a fight of two individuals who r totally different from each other?

Let’s see ?

Hi another new I know I said September or October but I will upload randomly like Sukor- The beast I fall in Love with.

Suraj Khanna a British Indian
20 years old
subject: law
On the way to Oxford to fulfil his dream.

Chakor Rehman
20 years old
subject: law
On the way to Oxford to fulfil his dream.

So u see both shared the same dream n destiny the only different both belongs to the hated neighbour (really hated?) both belongs to different religions (does it matter in love?)

Suraj has a sister Paakhi she is 15 years old n the princess of his heart he tries all to make her happy he can’t see tears in her eyes.

Suraj father is KN he often tries to discipline Suraj who was a very naughty n mischievous boy but changed after his mom Teju had an accident. She is alive but after the accident she is in a trance awake but with no life in her body. Suraj n his family tried alot to get justice but the law wasn’t on their side since day he changed he wanted to become a lawyer for the helpless ones who can’t afford expensive lawyers.

Chakor has a brother Ali he is younger but very protective he loves his sis more than anything else he just 7 years old.

Chakor wants to become a lawyer like her father is one Abdul. Her mother Ruhksaar died 10 years ago n her father re-marry… Thats the reason y Ali is so young Her step-mother Rehana is very strict she wants to rule but Chakor is the love Child of Abdul n Ruhksaar n the last memory of Ruhksaar. Abdul was forced to
re-marry by his family bcz Chakor was young n nearly her teen age.

So this the introduction n dream I will put in this story (I think for me to the first time) bolly- n lollywood in it n alot of their nhok jhok.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting intro. A unique concept. Waiting for next

  2. Interesting intro! refreshingly different, looking forward to the story.

  3. Wow cant wait it looks good

  4. Unique concept i think the cultures will contrast

    1. Sukorian

      hmm that can be true ?

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