Sukor – Love is stronger (Episode 5)

hi on request a faster update than actually planned.

Recap; sight seeing tour with love confession n a kiss.

Suraj gave Chakor his shirt as her white clothes got transparent bcz of the rain. Chakor; Thank u she blushed  n runs to her room.
Suraj was happy but both didn’t saw her Rehana Chakors step-mother has watched them.

Rehana – I knew it this boy is here for a reason n the Chakor it was her intentions to cancel the alliance just to put me in a bad light tomorrow morning I will tell ur truth to every1 -.

Chakor was back in her room. June; Chakor where were u n what r u wearing?. Chakor shyly looked down to the shirt she turned her red face n said Suraj shirt. June; oh do u wanna tell me something? Chakor nod.

Suraj was in his room Steve was sleeping but Ali was awake he was under his blanket n secretly reading a comic. Suraj smiled n shook his head. Suraj noiseless walked to Ali… Buuh this time Ali got scared. Ali ? Suraj bhai meri to jaan chaligayi {I almost died}. Suraj laughed. Ali; u r very happy. Suraj; hmm ya I am. Ali; tell me n… he looked at him where is ur shirt… Amir came in. Suraj; I will tell u tomorrow its very late go n sleep. Ali; but… Amir; he is right… Ali made a face Suraj took his torch n they all went to sleep.

June; ok now tell me what happened?. Chakor told her abt the meeting at the roof how he talked to her broke her heart n joined it back n confessed his love n sealed it with a kiss. June; what!. Chakor; sshhh June don’t be so loud u will wake them all. June; sorry she lowered her voice. Chakor he kissed u aahh ?. Chakor; yaa n y r u aahh ? its nothing new for u. June; but for u it is. Chakor blushed. June; n the shirt? Chakor; he is gentleman I was wearing white clothes n got wet which got the result of transparency. June; oh I understand. N now?. Chakor; now what?. June; we came here for ur wedding will it now gonna take lace with Suraj?

Chakor thought – This time I will tell Abbu everything before some1 can go n tell him -. We didn’t talk abt that. June; ok. But if what kind of wedding would it be?. Chakor; mixed colourful n joyfully. Both laughed n talked till they fell asleep.

Chakor woke up early she wanted to talk to her father before he goes to the mosque for the Fajar pray. Chakor; Abbu can I talk to u?. Abdul; Haan u got 5 min but then I have to leave. Chakor nod. Abbu u r still angry I can feel don’t deny u r going for a pray. Abdul nod. Chakor; I just want to tell u the boy I loved n still love is here. Abdul; who?. Chakor; Suraj she looked down in fear. The Azan {Prayers call} starts n Abdul left the pray.

They come back fro. the pray with breakfast. Chakor was trying to figure out what her father was thinking but no use. Ali; Chakor baaji what happen he whispers in her ear. Chakor; abbu is still angry… Ali; I know what now? Chakor; don’t know I think I made it worse. Ali; how?. Chakor; I told him whom I love. Ali made big eyes with a wide open mouth.

Rehana took the opportunity. Ali close ur mouth. Ali did as said. Rehana; Chakor won’t u tell ur father what last night happened? Suraj swallowed.  Chakor was shocked to know that Rehana had saw them. Chakor; Abbu… but Abdul stopped her. Abdul; we eat n don’t speak at the same time we will talk later.

After the breakfast Abdul called Chakor n Suraj. Suraj; Chakor where u have trapped me in. Chakor; Suraj don’t say that. Suraj; what else should I say or think?. Chakor; abbu is very nice he isn’t sone1 who would throw u out. Suraj; gud to know.

Suraj n Chakor entered the room. Chakor walked in first n was surprised to see Amir there Syraj followed her n was surprised too. Chakor; Amir u here? Amir nod. Suraj was quiet standing behind Chakor. Abdul; Chakor u told me that u love Suraj. Chakor nod. Suraj tell me do u love Chakor. Suraj didn’t thought fir sec. he nod with a shy smile. Amir; I told u tgey r made for each other. Abdul stopped him not to talk much.

Suraj; uncle if u don’t mind but y u called us just to know if we like or love each other. Abdul; r u here to sabotage the wedding? Suraj denies it. I didn’t knew she loves me I found it out yesterday. Abdul; n u fall for her?. Suraj nod. Acutally I liked her alot from the beginning but belonging to diffrent culture n religions I stopped thinking of us. I wanted to be at least friends. Chakor; Abbu me too I hide my feeling bcz I thought he doesn’t love me. Abdul; n now u know it what is ur plan?.

Suraj n Chakor we dont have a plan. Amir shook his head. Suraj; when we r back we will finish our law study n then we will see further. Chakor smiled n nod. Abdul; ok I agree that’s somwthing but what abt ur parents? Suraj; My dad does everything to keep us happy. He says his happiness lies in our happiness.

Abdul – hmm this sounds familiar -. Suraj what is ur full name?
Suraj Khanna. Abduls eyes widens.
Chakor; Abbu what happen?. Abdul; nothing…. ok if u want to I won’t stop u nor I will forbid u. Chakor was happy she runs n hugged her Abbu tightly. Suraj smiled. Amir was relieved.

They all cone out Suraj; Amir what were u doing in? Amir; I saw u last night n  I wasn’t alone Rehana maami saw u too n was just waoting for the right moment. Chakor; what. Amir; I saw in the morning u talked to Maamu so I took my opportunity n told him abt last night how u saved her getting wet. Suraj; man u r my hero don’t know what would have happened if Rehana aunty had told it that. Chakor nod n fear.

….I said 2 Chapters well I changed… Next chapter the other side of Punjab

U can guess what I mean ?

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. Chakor’s abu is so calm,glad no complications were created☺️☺️. Does chakor’s father know about suraj’s family. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      yes he knows thank u ?

  2. Amazing update! Happy that Chakor talked to her father first, Amir is a good cousin and a good friend. I’m curious to know the connection between Sukor’s fathers. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u its a spoiler gud connection ? yes u can cknsider Amir as Adi ?

      1. Great, that’s it’s a good connection. Love the new picture.

  3. Chakor’s Abbu was really calm…Sukor can get together…I wonder how Punjab is gonna be? I just hope Suraj’s father won’t be strict and he accepts Chakor too. Amir is the best brother / cousin..He handled everything at the last moment.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u glad u liked it ?

  4. Amazing story
    Hope they get married soon

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