Sukor – Love is stronger (Episode 4)

Hi I know it’s a very late update… ? sorry. I did my research ?

Recap; Suraj is unaware of Chakors feeling. Suraj breakup with Mary his gf. Chakor n her family travelled to Pakistan for Chakors wedding. June n Steve come along with her n Suraj followed them she has become his bestfriend. Ali Chakors brother June n Steve know that Chakor loves Suraj n her step-mother forced her for this wedding. Chakor has a cousin Amir who found out n is ready to help. Chakors wedding was cancelled the groom was an idiot. Her found out that she loves some1 he isn’t angry he is just hurt that she didn’t told him.

Ali, Amir, June n Steve made a deal they will help Sukor ?.

Suraj was in his room – I can’t believe she is in love with some1 y didn’t she told me? -.

Amir knocked on the door. Suraj; ya come in. Amir; come I wanna show u something. Suraj; what? Amir; come on u won’t regret. Suraj smiled he follows him Steve was there too.

It was in the middle of night. Suraj; where r u taking us? Amir; Ravi road its not big but functional. Suraj n Steve confused. Amir secretly drive with them away. Ali; buuh. All three got a shock. Ali was laughing. Even I’m coming otherwise. Amir; ok. Trying to breath normally.

They reached the area. Suraj; I can hear some bells but not large small ones. Amir; lets go. Amir took Ali in his hand n they entered the Krishna Mandir. Suraj; u… u bought us here. Amir; ya y?. Steve; kinda unbelievable. Ali; y?. Steve; nothing. Amir; I told u like u had respect my religion I will do the same ?. Suraj; thank u. Steve; now tell us what we should do. Suraj ; u see the priest he does the whole pray we listen to themn pray in the end. Ali; like the imam?. Suraj; ya. Ali; ok.

Amir; n was is gud enough I know its not that big like in india but it’s something. Suraj; it was superb ?.
Ali; aab is naastik ki baari. {now it’s turn of the infidel}. The three laughed. Steve; r u laughing abt me?. They shook their heads symphonic.
Amir; come to the next station. Steve; let me guess a church. Amir nod. The Mall road to the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Steve; ok… he rolled his eyes but followed them. Ali; wow like in England. Suraj nod. Steve; ya again I’m surprised. Amir; let’s go in n let’s pray for ur fathers health. Steve nod.

Amir; now we pray lets eat. M. M. Alam Road. Ali’s stomach grggrgr ?.
They eat various dishes from lents to fish from fish to chicken to lamb n more ?. It was very hot they drunk Lahori laasi n in the end the sweet dishes starts with kheer firnee {rice pudding}, rasmalai {milk balls} n more they come late home well in the morning with breakfast ??.

Chakor; where were u? We got so tensed. Suraj; not far. Steve; sightseeing. June; without me?. Ali; its not over yet ? there is much more to see. Rehana; Ali!!! Abdul; Rehana! I told he is with the boys. Ali hide n Suraj; sorry he hold his ears we should have asked him that he toldu or not. Abdul; it’s ok. Ali; its ok?!. Suraj looked at him with a glare Shut up. Ali ?.

Chakor; hmm lets eat. Steve here some food I will take nap… All other me too.
Chakor ? ? she turned in anger. Suraj; what?. Ali; seems like she cooked. Steve; oh but honesty I can’t eat. Suraj; me either. Amir; don’t look at me.

The boys took a nap n the others eat. Chakor; y they left without us? June; don’t know? but let’s see a bit of the pureness. Chakor; ya lets go. Chakor showed June the village n the monuments of Lahore. June; maybe we should wait dor the others?. Chakor; ok lets wait…

The boys came n wow whats that? Steve asked. Amir this is one of the eldest fort in Lahore it was renewed by almost all from the britsh to mughal to janghir to Shah jahan to aurangzeb to sihk. It contains everything ?. From history to modern. (for those who r interested to know more).

Chakor; There is also the garden of paradise The Shalimar garden its UNESCO World Heritage June; what? where? Chakor; follow me I will show u.,_Lahore

Suraj; hmm many people come here, right?. Amir; ya most of them r couples our tourist. Suraj; I can see that. – damn whom does she love? -. Chakor; lets go I think we saw alot for a day. June; I want to buy desi clothes ?. Chakor; shopping ?. The boy ??.

They did shopping n eat food. In the end at home. Suraj took the opportunity to ask her but he was not allowed to meet her in her room. Suraj was back in his room. Amir; what. Suraj; I want to talk to her. Steve; whom?. Suraj; Chakor. Ali; y?. Suraj; I want to know. The trio; what?
Suraj got annoyed n angry but the way they talk n try to change topic when he asked them something is fishy…

Chakor was on the roof she heard the news today it will rain ???. Suraj was in the garden he was thinking y she didn’t told me do I know him… but who I mean there aren’t many just… ??????? ?. Chakor was alone. Suraj; I need to hear it from her. Suraj was looking how can I get to her? ? There it was he looked up n saw her waiting impatiently…

Chakor; what kind of rain there is nothing… ☹. Suraj goes inside the mansion n tried to find the way to the roof. Rehana; u where r u going? Suraj; aunty roof… Rehana; that way. Suraj; thank u ?. Rehana; God knows y he is here.

Chakor got a shiver a drop fall on her she smiled she was wearing a silk Shalwaar Khameez in un/fortunately white… Suraj comes up. Chakor… She turned seeing him she blushed. Suraj; what r u doing here? Chakor; enjoying the rain. Suraj hold his hand up to feel the drops but nothing… Chakor; I got a few drops… Suraj; hmm now tell me u love some1??? I know whom ?. Chakor stammering; w…w..what? Suraj; ya that Fatosh he is the only one for u perfect match naughty girl y didn’t u told it me earlier U would be married by now. Chakor got angry; its not Fatosh. Suraj; no hmm I was pretty sure.. u know what?. Chakor; what?. Suraj; Mary could me… Chakor moved back; she did what?. Suraj; she called me. Chakor; y? she turned to hide her tears. Suraj; to congrates to ur wedding. Chakor tried not to cry. My wedding? U told her it didn’t happen. Suraj; no. Chakor; y. Suraj; she apologies n want me back.

Chakor fall on her knees. Suraj – oh no whats thus -. Chakor. She stopped him coming near to her but he was right on her back n hugged her. Chakor got a shiver. Suraj; she never called me… Chakor wipes her tears away n turned. Suraj; y didn’t u told me. Chakor; what?… Suraj got angry he stood up n was about to leave…

Chakor stopped him n the rain start. Kinda sign ?. Suraj; what? If u have to say something then its the time otherwise leave my hand. Chakor hold her ears. U were in a relationship. Suraj; horrible one. Chakor; but how could I come between u both. Suraj; no but u could at least tell me n let me take my own decision. Chakor; I love U. Suraj smiled; I love u 2 long before but I stopped myself bcz we r so different. Chakor; how? Suraj; religion countries. Chakor; so what?. Suraj; aren’t u scared what ur patents say? Chakor; abbu is angry n maa… but he loves me alot n he is not that strict. Suraj; so… ?. Chakor; so….?. Both smiled at each other.

The rain turned to a soft water play she runs n he tried to catch her.
Suraj; Chakor I will get u. Chakor; never ?. Suraj; wanna bet. Chakor; ok. Suraj; a kiss. Chakor nod. N Suraj put all his effort in catching her she slipped backwards n Suraj caught her but he fall too n she land over him.

Chakors head was resting in his chest the hair of Chakor were on her face Suraj plug the strands behind her ear he change the position n kissed her.
Chakor n Suraj walked down silently that was when Suraj saw how wet she was n her clothes got transparent. Suraj took of his shirt n put it over her. Both went to their rooms….

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update☺️☺️. Loved Boy’s night out. Chakor’s tour to places of pakistan was beautiful. Sukor finally confessed their love???. Loved their romance.??But will their parents agree. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear im happy u liked the places ?

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  4. Loved it! Boy’s night out was fun, and Chakor’s disappointment when they refused to eat ?, Ali understands his sister very well. Thanks for the links, some amazing place. Loved Sukor scene, how Suraj made her show her true feelings, the back hug, their confession and kiss ???, it was beautiful, and then gentleman Suraj at the end was nice. I think her step-mom wll create some problems, but I’m sure Sukor will be together at the end. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear ? glad u liked it n the places ?. Yes she will but in the end Sukor will be united ?

  5. I’ m a big fan of ur stories…sukorian. And about this update…it’s quite amazing…I was waiting so long for this ff..and finally u updated…loved sukor’ s confession and their kiss…pls update next chapter soon

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