Sukor – Love has no barriers (episode 6) “village”

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Recap; Suraj knows all abt the Bandhua contracts n his mother told him one more secret that he had an older sister whom KN killed as he wished a male heir.

Chakor; Suraj Babu hum aapke liye nashta lekeate hain aur malkin ke liye bhi. {I will get breakfast for u n Ma’am) Suraj nod. Teju; u know I brought her here to give her a better life but here she become a slave too. Suraj smiled but not for long. Teju; really…? ? Suraj; really ??.

Chakor comes with a tray of food n Suraj took it from her just 2 plates. Suraj said her to wait he took his mobile n said translate. Where is ur plate? {tumhari plate kahan hai}. Chakor aahh!!! yeh kiya hai {whats this?}. Suraj; phone. Chakor; jadoo {magic}. Suraj; nahi. Chakor nod jadoo. She left n Duran n Teju laughed. Chakor comes with her plate in scare of the magic.

Suraj; mom I want to visit the village. Teju; haan I think it’s a gud idea. I will drop u. Chakor was sitting on the ground n eating. Teju changed her mind. Chakor; u will go n show Suraj the village. Chakor with a full mouth haan. The half food fall on her plate she didn’t man she eats it ?.

Suraj n Chakor were abt to leave when Suraj runs back. Chakor; yeh kahan gayen {where has he gone}?. Suraj – I need my mobile otherwise no communication ? -.

Suraj comes back wearing sunglasses ?. Chakor; aache lagte ho {u look gud}. Suraj; Thank u. Chakor walked to the left n Suraj to the right. Suraj; Chakor? Kahan yaarahi hoo {where r u going}? Chakor; goan {village}. Suraj smiled n made a steering wheel with hus hands. Chakor ?. Suraj hits his palm on his forehead. Suraj; car {ghari}. Chakor smiled n nodded.

Chakor was standing in front of  the jeep look at the car n back to Suraj. Suraj saw her confusion. Chakor kiya huwa {what happen}? Chakor; ghari main hum pheli baar beht raha hain {I am going to sit in a car for the first time}. Suraj; oh yeh baat hai {that’s all}. He showed her better say he demonstrated it. Chakor walked to the other side on the passengers seat.

Chakor sitted next to Suraj n saw the belt. Chakor; Suraj!. he got a shock. Haan. Chakor; yeh kiya hai {whats this}. Suraj; its a safety belt it saves u from major injuries when an accident happens n u wont fall from the car. Chakor was looking at him with a questioning face. Suraj looked his mobile n he reject the idea. Chakor was waiting n Suraj; Surakshat ke liye. Suraj; haan Surakshat is safety. Chakor; haan to yeh kaise lagate Hain  {really then how put it on}?.  Suraj; main lagon {should I}? Chakor nod.
Suraj turned to her. His hand stroke her waist sge hold her breath he was looking at her innocent face both were lost into each other.

Imli was watching it from the window. – Now I have to take some action against this Ghawar -. She called some1.

Suraj put the belt on n they drove to the village.

Chakor; Suraj babu… Suraj; don’t call me that… mera matlab Suraj kaho not Suraj babu. Chakor; theek hai {its ok}.
Suraj; kaho kuch bolna tha {say u wanted to tell me something}. Chakor; woh goan main kiya karne hai bachon ko… marna ya daht na hai…? Suraj that’s tough repeat. He held his mobile under her mouth {what do u want to do at the village? will u punish or scold the kids?}. Suraj shock his head. Chakor smiled.

Suraj n Chakor arrived the village. Suraj; it’s so dirty n the homes looks very old. Chakor was looking at his way but didn’t understand him. Suraj jumped off the car. Chakor couldn’t tge belt. Chakor; Suraj… he turned seeing her still sitting in the car. Suraj; kiya kar rahi hoo {what r u doing}. Chakor; balt laga hai {the belt is still on}. Suraj smiled he comes in her side again a touch n it felt like time has stopped it’s just the two of them.

A ball comes n hit Suraj. Chakor; Suraj!!!. Suraj faints the ball hit him on his head.

The kids comes running for help. Chakor got angry on them. Baachon yeh koi tarika hai dehkai nahi diye hum ke aise is.. is boll ke saath khel bhete aur Suraj babu ko maar hi diya ?. Paakhi; Are Chakoriya didi aise kuch nahi huwa hai yeh behosh hain. Chakor; acha. Theek hai pani leao.

Kids is this a way to play could u see us before hitting the ball on Suraj now he has gone ?. Paakhi; No Chakor Di nothing like that happen he is just unconscious. Chakor; really. ok get some water. The kids went n give Chakor a bucket full of water. Chakor throw it all on Suraj.

Suraj wakes up n a shiver of cold water. Ch..Ch..Chakor!!! he shout her name n she got scared n starts to cry ??? n runs away. Suraj stood up – oh no -. Paakhi whipers with the otger kids this is the guy from last time u remember they all nod. He is Suraj Rajvanshi now we will get a punishment. The kids were scared but Suraj smiled at them.

Suraj; Chakor ko leou aur humara hisaab barabar {get me Chakor n we r even}. Paakhi n the kids nod…

Lets see if the kids finds her n Imlis plan

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  1. Awesome update????

    1. Sukorian

      thank u im happy if u are ??

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome,it was very cute update??. Chakor is innocent ,she got scared of mobile & ran away when suraj shouted??. Suraj is also adorable he uses app for translation, loved the car part☺️. What is imli up to. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u she wants to harm Chakor but she didnt thought abt the kids ??

  3. Oh my chakor is so adorable she thinks suraj phone is jadu? what isimli plan is she planning to harm chakor…poor suraj faints but his deal with the kids to getchakor bk chakorgot frightened i hope nothing bad of imli plan becomes successful cant wait for next update?

    1. Sukorian

      no no dont worry the kids r brave n smart ? Chakor too will show her skills n of course hero Suraj ?

  4. Cute update! Sukor are already attracted to each other. Loved Sukor scenes. Chakor throwing a whole bucket of water on Suraj ?. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      yeah she isn’t mature yet but soo it will change ?

  5. Awesome update! With Paakhi..As u said. ?
    Both, Sukor were really cute and funny. Chakor got so scared when he shouted. Wonder how the Chillar party will ruin Imli’s plan. ?

    1. Sukorian

      thank u Haan they will ? n they have Suraj too ?

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