This is my first fan fiction….
so bear with me…

Hero: Suraj he is a cricketer plays for Indian team live in Uttar Pradesh
Heroine: Chakor who madly love with Suraj live in Chennai

Imli: Chakor’s elder sister
Vivaan: Suraj’s elder brother

Kasturi: Chakor& Imli’s mother
Bhuvan: Chakor& Imli’s father, Kasturi construction owner

Kamal Narayanan: Suraj& Vivaan’s father, Sunrise group of companies (hotel and shopping mall etc… in Agra) who don’t like suraj playing cricket and want to learn M.B.A like Vivaan for look after business
Tejaswini: Suraj& Vivaan’s mother

Karthik: Kasturi’s Brother who eyes on Bhuvan’s wealth want to kill Imli and Chakor for property

Story line: how they met and fall in love. this is the fiction story..
I’m watching Korean serial for past 3 years. so the story like Korean serial

I will post weekly once…

If any grammar and spelling mistake please let me know….

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  1. Komaljanu

    eagerly waiting for ur ff…..

    1. Me too

  2. Nice story line!
    Waiting for ur ff!

  3. awww nice…eagerly waiting…

  4. Nice plot…….eagerly waiting fr next update yaar

  5. Really!! I love Korean series!! Intro was super..

  6. Interesting

  7. Dear it awesome….Carry on n best of luck for ur ff….

  8. Interesting

  9. it was interesting,i luvd it

  10. Super dear

  11. It is amazing… Am eagerly waiting for your episodes…. All the best dear??

  12. Great and Good start…
    All the best dear!!
    Expecting a lot from you…. ?

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