Sukor – Love Happens epi. 20

Hi here the next update.

Recap: Adi made Suraj realise his love for Chakor n Paakhi helped Chakor to find out abt her feeling for Suraj. Suraj n Adi come back home n Suraj scold Chakor…

Chakor – aagaya hmm / he comes -. Suraj can I come in? he asked.
Chakor com’in.
Suraj- I’m a cop but damn I’m scared don’t know what’s waiting for me -.

Suraj entered the room n saw Chakor she was angry really angry he saw her cute, emotional, cheeky n messy side but this shade made him scare. Suraj can we talk. Chakor hmm was all she had to say. Suraj – oh no it’s more worse then I thought -. He comes closer next to her n asked can I sit here showing on the bed right to her. Again just a hmm from her. He sat down next to her but he didn’t say anything he hold her chin with his index finger n thumb n turned her  face to him he had his left hand on his ear !Sorry! was all he said. Now she smiled n started her blabla u know we girls can’t live with just one shirt one pant n one pair of undergarments ops she stopped n asked btw u didn’t saw them or? he denied immediately. Suraj do u want to change? Chakor nodded. Suraj left the room n brings her the suitcases.

Adi n Paakhi stared at him n Did u confess both asked syncronical. Suraj no n what there is nothing to confess he left them with open mouths. Adi ur bro is shy n is scared of her. Paakhi n ur best friend isn’t shy should could confess too. Adi right let’s check that. Paakhi nodded. The door was closed Chakor learned from her mistake in the morning after she changed she opened the door both stared at her did u confessed same question again n she answers them  no he should do first.

Suraj was in the kitchen n preparing for the lunch. Adi – he won’t, idea – oh man Chakor when u will get married ur husband has to suffer alot. Chakor got angry y r u saying this she asked him. Adi continue look he is doing all the work alone won’t u help him God knows what will happen in future. Paakhi understood n started to tease her too u know my aunty wants to marry him soon with a girl she is very ambitious but doesn’t know all the household works but aunty said she likes her soooo much she doesn’t need to. Adi wow he is a lucky man. Paakhi no she would be a lucky women. But do u know he got so many offers of marriage but he always refused but last time aunty made him to agree. Hearing this made her feel sad she went to the kitchen but Suraj didn’t hear anything what she tells n asked him. Chakor Suraj r u listening? She hold his hand n he turned to her. Suraj was listening to music n asked what happen y r u looking so sad? Chakor r u in a relationship? Suraj what No?

Chakor did ur mom chose a girl for u n u agreed? Suraj thought it was the true he nodded. Chakors eyes filled with tears but he said she refused to marry me bcz she wasn’t ready yetbut my mom made the decision she wants only her to be my wife. Chakor what some1 refused to marry u that stupid girl she crosses her arms on her chest. Suraj yeah he said that stupid girl is standing next to me ?. Chakor ? u mean I’m the only 1 u saw till now. Suraj nodded. Chakor n I refused again he nodded. Chakor I’m sorry but I was immature. Suraj yeah n I understood u. Chakor n I fall deep she went down to the floor n started crying her hands on her face to cover them.

Adi n Paakhi oh no I think we screwed up. Haan. I think we should leave how abt Ice cream? She nodded n they were gone.

Suraj goes down to Chakor n consult her he took her in his arms n made her calm down. Chakor what should I do now? Suraj nothing. Just go. Chakor what u… her voice break but she tried again u want me to leave but where should I Go. Suraj u didn’t let me finished go talk to ur parents. Chakor what? happy n surprised  Suraj explaint that Adi gave him the no. n as I promised to her he called her patents n explained the whole situation. Now there r 2 options 1st u can go home they r waiting for u 2nd u can stay here if u want till the matter is sorted out. But to stay here they put one condition Chakor which one? Suraj they said we don’t have any relationship even being a cop doesn’t mean people would stop gossiping if u stay then only as my fiancè he looked at her n said would u marry me?. Chakor u want what.

Suraj Chakor I fall in love with u the first day I met u but I couldn’t sort the feelings I had for u. My mom came with more alliance but I deny them all I couldn’t forget u. First I was pissed n angry but then yeah I tried to see from ur point of view u r young n on that time u was in college too u wanted to find ur Mr. Right u made a mistake every1 does n now u pay for it more than u ever deserved to I want to kill that b*stard Vivaan but I can’t go against the law but I will find a way to put him behind the bars. Chakor hugged him n left him immediately she said I’m a bad woman I can’t cook properly, I’m a messy u saw my room I’m lazy I’m not gud enough. Suraj r u done? She looked at him n nodded. U r lazy but cute.

U can’t cook I will teach u or I will made food she smiled slowly. U r not messy u just have no system with a cop u will got always a better way to handle things n what u said at last u r not gud enough don’t make urself small u r great u fight n that’s what count n made u great. She smiled n hugged him again. She didn’t moved n didn’t let him move. Suraj loved the hug it was from heart.

They stayed like that for minutes but loved the hug then they smell something. Suraj jumped up n Chakor followed him the food Suraj prepared burnt. Chakor made a puppy face I’m sorry holding her ears. Suraj what we will eat now? In that moment the door bell rings Adi n Paakhi returned with food.  Suraj great but where were u gone n when for how long? Paakhi Bhai we left 10 maybe 15 min ago n Adi continue bring food bcz Chakor is famous in messing up things. Chakor was angry now what did u say. Adi just smelled the burnt food n signals her see I was right n showed her his tongue ?. Chakor turned to Suraj n said tell them it wasn’t my fault it was urs too. Paakhi acha/ really how? Chakor we hugged…? she runs to Suraj bedroom n closed the door she was to shy n hide. Adi n Paakhi looked at Suraj n had a mischievous smile on their faces tell us what happened ??. Suraj hmm yeah right question u remember I could her parents. Adi nodded. Suraj continues they asked her to come home. Paakhi what n what u said? Suraj I said there is a way to stay. Adi what which? Suraj she hasn’t answered yet. Both Adi n Paakhi what? if she wants to marry me or Not he ended n took the food to the dining table.

Adi n Paakhi were shocked they didn’t move n their mouths were open ?????. Adi u asked her what. Paakhi n I was sure Chakor would confess first. Suraj heared the confess – that means she really likes me it’s not sympathy bcz I saved her.- He wanted to know no he needed to know what r her true feelings but she didn’t come out n Paakhi slept in the study room of Suraj who was now lying on the couch in the living room. Adi left 30 min ago.

Suraj didn’t know how to start the talk but he went to his bedroom to knock on the door but before he could the door opened n Chakor was standing infront of him wearing a silk Shalwaar Khameez she smiled at him n said Thank u. Suraj it suites u alot n I’m happy u liked it. Chakor when u bought this I mean Adi didn’t mention he loves to tease me n y wouldn’t he tease u. Suraj I bought this yesterday after talking to ur parents. Well while I talked to them Adi had to leave He found a clue we will go after this tomorrow I saw a shop n the dress n yeah I thought it might suite u n it really does. She smiled n said so

that means…u…really l…o…v…e me? He didn’t say anything n she waited. hmm he did hmm again hmm one more time hmm Chakor got annoyed I love u n u are just hmm doing ??. He smiled well I think u like to forgot I told u in the kitchen that I love u n I even asked u a question to stay but u didn’t answer on this…

it’s a short one hope u liked it I rushed a bit sorry.

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  1. Amazing! Can’t believe Suraj proposed. I love Pakhi and Adi, they’re funny. Will we have a kiss in the next update?

  2. Y u saying Sorry Afa? It was Fantastic! ? So Surj confessed 1st. So sweet. Chakr’s confession was unique and amazing. Loved Paaki and Adi jugal bandi. They r soo funny. Surj’s dialogue ” U r messy but cute” ? Uff!! Mar dala? Afa. U r just wonderful! Keep going and update soon. I seriously cant wait as u gave no precap. ?

  3. Loved the epsiode it was amazing i like sukor private moments love the way adi and paakhi are not around sukor wen they have love moments

  4. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Finally sukor confessed. Loved their moment

  5. It’s not short bt lvly n awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm awsm waiting for the next part.

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