Sukor – Love Happens epi. 19

Hi ever1 here the next update.

Recap: awkward moment between Sukor. Paakhi understands n wants to help by asking question to Chakor. Suraj n Adi met at door way they r gone to get Chakors stuff from the hostel.

Chakor but Paakhi which question r u going to ask me?
Paakhi Chakor u know there is a platform called internet in sure I will find some great questions just answer me without thinking much ok?
Chakor nodded. Paakhi was quite looking at her smartphone Chakor what happen couldn’t u find the right questions? Paakhi may I call u Chakor Di? Chakor comes close to her she still her hand over her head Sure! both smiled.

Suraj was driving the car n was lost in his- what she will think of me I’m not a pervert it was a mistake I have to sorry – Adi screamed Suraj stop it’s red Suraj came to sense n saw the traffic n hit the break both had were wearing belt otherwise it would be hurting more. Adi what happen to u were lost when I meet u in the morning now again is everything alright?

Paakhi let me start the first question
Do u like to talk with?
Chakor… let me think ? Paakhi No Chakor Di u can’t think just yes or No Chakor Sorry. Yes I like.
Next question
Paakhi Do u know his eyes color?
Chakor I don’t know whenever I see in his eyes I’m lost in them…?
Paakhi smiled
Next question
Is he hot?
Chakor next question please getting red
Paakhi I’m the quizmaster here the next question will only be skipped by me so is he hot?
Chakor he us cute… – He saw me in a towel I didn’t saw him –
Paakhi it’s ok
Next question
Do u honestly like him?
Chakor Don’t know I’m confused
Next question
Paakhi what did he wear the last time u saw him?
Chakor I don’t remember rightly but did he changed? – after the incident –
Paakhi okay hmm last question how does he look at U?
Chakor his eyes which tells me the truth they never lie to me.
Paakhi what does his eyes tell u?
Chakor….I love U….
Paakhi do u have the same feeling
…? she nodded.
But that’s what she thought not what she knows
‘I never thought this would happen.
I never imaged he would be the one.
Does he think the same?
Does he feel the same?’

Suraj apologies to Adi for his way of driving but right now there r mixed feelings in his mind he can’t put them in right order. Adi if u consider me as ur friend please tell me I will try to help u. Suraj – yeah I think he can help me afterall he is her bestfriend -. He told him abt yesterday night today morning I’m not pervert what she will think abt me. Adi couldn’t hold his self n started laughing hahaha. I thought u want to help me not laugh at me Suraj said disappointed. Adi u r talking like a teenager who just fall in love for the first time. Suraj love…. Adi yes love. U r thinking she might be angry with u if this would be the point she had left the place immediately but do u know what the first day we waited for ur arriving she was searching ur place not like oh nice no she was looking specifically to find pics of women maybe ex gf but she couldn’t find anything that makes her happy but also sad she couldn’t see ur true she denied to marry u that was a big mistake she didn’t admitted but she will than u have make her clear that it’s already every1 makes mistakes. She is childish not mature like u. She even doesn’t know how to cook. Best of luck man oh wait Jiju. Suraj was like ??.

Paakhi Chakor Di when bhai return u have confess straight away. Chakor have u gone mad I don’t know if he feels the same how can I confess not knowing his feelings towards me.

The door ring bells. Chakor who could be this. Paakhi hmm if u r scared I will open the door. Chakor what no way. Let me see through the hole on the door. Both went there to check n the person got impatiently. They opened the door screaming Stopp!! Suraj n Adi were like ? y I took u so much time to open the damn door? Look u have so much stuff just for a weekend what went wrong with ur logic Suraj was taunting her without to stop. Adi – oh no man stop this she will kill u -. Chakor shut up!! all were quite n Chakor closed the door behind her she was hidding in Suraj room. – y is he so angry I’m a woman n I have alot of stuff. He doesn’t like me -. Suraj looked around confused what happened now Paakhi n Adi just shook their heads. Adi looked at Paakhi I know u r just teenage girl but could u explain please? Paakhi nodded. Suraj Bhai u just came home n the first thing u do is starting to shout at her bcz of her stuff. Do u know what she… She got quite n put her hand infront of her mouth to stopp herself not to talk abt the confession of feelings toward him. Suraj kiya huwa chup kyoun hogaye/ what happen y u stopped? Adi I think u should go n apologise to her.
Suraj what y? Adi & Paakhi it’s ur fault u started the fight. Chakor – this idiot he has no guts n if he comes to say sorry I won’t accept. Let him come I will make him pay to shout at me without any reason -.

Suraj hmm fine he goes to the room n knocked on the door…
Chakor – aagaya hmm / he comes -. Suraj can I come in? he asked.
Chakor com’in.
Suraj- I’m a cop but damn I’m scared don’t know what’s waiting for me -…

Hope u enjoy it

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  1. Wow Afa. Loved it. Paakhi is so smart. They both love each other but unaware of each others feelings. Loved the nok jhok. Most of all, I loved the use of the emojis. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Too good. ?????
    Keep going Afa and try to update soon.

    1. Sukorian

      Haan this emoji I love them ??. thank u

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved how sukor realized their feelings

    1. Sukorian

      Yes finally they do ?

  3. Thank you for the update! Loved it! The whole update was awesome. Pakhi helped Chakor realize her feelings. Adi noticed how Chakor searched the apartment and why ???. Loved how he called Suraj jiju. Sukor never miss a chance to fight and Suraj is scared of Chakor ???. Can’t wait to know what happens next.

    1. Sukorian

      Yes so happy u liked it I’m trying to update heart connection today or tomorrow from Thursday on I won’t be commenting. So I. trying to write the updates for u guys.

      1. Thanks! looking forward to it!

  4. Its awesome yaar..pakhi is too smart. Finally both of them realised their love….and I m eagerly waiting for their love confession how it could be???
    Waiting for the next update. Pls update it soon

    1. Sukorian

      happy u enjoyed it. I’m not sure abt the confession yet but will try my best.

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