Sukor – Love Happens epi. 18

Hi here is the next update please enjoy.

sorry in advance but I want to break the ice between Sukor so I’m trying to show another shade of Suraj.

On request I will try to change the writing way of convos hope it’s ok.

Recap: Suraj n Adi talked abt imlis missing as Suraj thinks she is not death. Chakor is staying at Suraj place n Suraj little cousin Paakhi is here for a visit.

Suraj n Chakor sleeped peacefully after talking to each other the feeling of restlessness was gone. In the morning Suraj was ready first he was in the kitchen n preparing the breakfast while Paakhi n Chakor were still sleeping.

– I think it’s time to wake them –

Suraj knocked on the door n waited for the allowance but they were sleeping ? so Suraj decided to enter the room unknowingly.  Paakhi was lying on the bed n Chakor come out of the bathroom only in a towel a silent n awkward moment got Sukor. Aware of Paakhi’s presents Chakor hold on her scream n Suraj turned immediately n left the room.

Hearing the sound of the closed door Paakhi woke up. She yawn Chakor… Chakor just got her sense back n rushed back to the bathroom.  Paakhi got up n wanted to go too but Chakor didn’t came out. Paakhi knocked at the door please Chakor come out . Chakor I can’t… Paakhi requested n asked But y Chakor. Chakor: I’m just in a towel… Paakhi oh that’s ur problem wait I will give u Bhais clothes. She went to Suraj wardrobe – hmm ? bhai is very tall… what should I give her? Idea – she took out a Shalwaar n a normal shirt. (Shalwaar has a elastic band) n gave it to Chakor who wore them n came out.

Chakor waited for Paakhi. She couldn’t face Suraj alone after the incident. Paakhi came out of the washroom ready for breakfast Paakhi asked but no response from Chakor looking at her Paakhi asked what happen y r u looking so tensed? I have noticed earlier this morning u were lost somewhere has something happened? Chakor looked at Paakhi it’s nothing like that I thought u n me we could go together… Paakhi hmm really or u hiding something. Chakor didn’t answer just moved toward the door.

Paakhi ? – there is something fishy I have to find out – 

She followed Chakor n Suraj had decorated the table n made breakfast… he is a man but with cooking skills both Chakor n Paakhi – muun main pani agaya/ it’s looking mouth watering – Suraj had made pancakes, he toasted the bread for yam, cheese & honey. He cutted fruites n some veggies like tomato n cucumber. Suraj looked at them n was happy but the same time embarrassed remembering the morning incident it’s exactly the same what Chakor felt n Paakhi seemed to understand that something had happened between them 2.

Suraj so girls come have food I hope u will like it.
Paakhi Bhai u have made so much effort for me? was it teasing or a real question ^^ Paakhi is smart she knows there is love in the air.
Suraj we have a guest n guest r like god so it’s for both of u. Suraj is also smart enough not to fall in her trick.
Chakor there was no need but thank u.  Very honest n shy answer.
Paakhi let’s start I’m so hungry bhai can I have the pancakes? They sitted n eat  together. After having the food Suraj started to clean up but Chakor insisted to do.
Suraj no u can u r my guest
Chakor but u r already doing so much for me at least let me help u.
Suraj No
?Chakor Suraj y can’t u let others help u.
Paakhi Bhai if she wants to clean up let her u can go n get her stuff.
Suraj oh right I promised u yesterday ok fine I’m getting ready n bring ur stuff n I will try to talk to ur parents.
Chakor Thank u.
Suraj left n Chakor n Paakhi stayed at home to clean up.

Chakor cleaned up the kitchen Paakhi came to find out more abt this hide n seek game of feelings. 

On the other side Suraj was at the parking area were Adi was waiting for him to know more abt Imli’s missing.

Suraj Hi Adi u here?
Adi Hi Suraj well I wanted to know abt Imli
Suraj I’m sorry but right now I can’t do anything I told u it’s weekend the court is closed
Adi looked tense but understands the situation. Where r u going?
Suraj Chakors clothes n other stuff r at the hostel I told her to get them.
Adi don’t u mind if I would accompany u?
Suraj smiled no please ?. (Bromance)

Paakhi Chakor how old r u?
Chakor y?
Paakhi I need to know n please give me ur birthday date so I can save it to congrats u on u bday ?
Chakor oh that’s the real reason I’m 23 years old n my bday is on 31 Oct.
Paakhi oh a Halloween child
Chakor I never thought abt this but ya that’s true.
Both started laughing.
Chakor may i ask u a 1uestion
Paakhi sure
Chakor it Suraj Bhai y he doesn’t trust any1? I mean he works alone he live alone he does all alone y
Paakhi hmm he said he wanted be independent my uncle is rich n being the son of KN Rajvanshi was always a burden for him after he did it was recalled to his father but that wasn’t true uncle never helped him but it was easy for the others to give the credit to my uncle.
Chakor oh no that’s sad. But it doesn’t mean not to trust on all.
Paakhi he does trust but he likes to work alone he is a loner. N I think he trust u otherwise he wouldn’t be so kind n friendly to u nor would u stay here.
Chakor u might be right but Suraj… I don’t know
Paakhi u like my brother right?
Chakor hmm no trying to avoid Paakhis look. it’s not like that we r just friends right?
Paakhi was it a question or a detection?
Chakor I don’t know?
Paakhi ok let me ask u some questions to find out abt ur feelings.

Question…? ?

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update

  2. Loved it! Pakhi is so smart, liked how awkward Sukor felt around each other after what happened in the morning. So Chakor wants to know more about Suraj, she’s lucky Pakhi is there. I always like bromance, I think the real show will improve if Suraj has a male friend. Can’t wait for the questions session.

    Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u I’m very happy u liked it n it’s not too much.

      I will definitely enjoy thx.

  3. Nemo i agree with u totally suraj needs a friend a male one i cant see imli as his friend cvs show imli as his friend but i dont i see imli as his sis in law… loved todays epsiode i wonder wat will happen wen paakhi leaves cuz sukor will be all alone this is my fav ff i love sukor here so cute

    1. Sukorian

      I’m very happy u all agree ?. Thx yaar.

  4. Wow wow wow wala part .pakhi is so smart.she is younger then chakor right to vo unhe naam lekrke pukartin hai.nice part .waiting for the next part. Aapko bhi aake khtm krna tha….ok thnku so much for this nice update.

    1. Sukorian

      Haan she is younger but respect them woh Suraj no Suraj Bhai bulati hai aur neext update Chakor bhi Chakor Di banjaygi. Thank u

  5. Sukorian aapse ek baat bolu ples aap kbhi yeh mtt sochna k mai nice,amazing,intresting jese word bol k chod deti hu. Pta hai kya mujhe saara ff acha lgta hai ek ek line to mai cnfuse ho jati hu k kis chese k bare mai bolo or end pe aake sirf yahi words bchte hai mere paas so sory dear bt belev me m so much inrested n xited for ur evry part.n thnks for this longone.

    1. Sukorian

      we don’t say sorry ?. No dear mujhe pata hai jab main khud ffs parti hoon main bhi bus nice lihk deti hoon. Sometime u don’t have the right words n no dil se lihka jata hai woh galat bhi nahi hota

  6. So u r working woman ok u knw wt mujhe lga tha aap student ho its o k if u can’t post very soon.i’ll wait for ur lvly ffs bt its very hard to me bcz i’ve to wait naa n ya we r super friend n i’ll wait for my friend.if u don’t mind may i ask ur real name sukorian.

    1. Sukorian

      private chat main bata doungi but aise platform per nahi batana jahthi hoon.

  7. So sweet of u.

  8. Amazing ff Afa. Loved paaki and Chakr chit chat. Waiting fir the questions. Keep going and update soon.

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