Sukor – Love Happens epi. 17

Hi everyone here is the awaited update.

Recap: Adi come to the hospital to tell Chakor that her parents r angry on her she can’t go home n Suraj gave Adi the key of his apartment.

Suraj was at the police station in his cabin he found a clue which could solve his problem with the case.

On the other hand Chakor was discharged n Adi took her to Suraj place where he was waiting with her for Suraj arriving. Chakor was searching the the rooms with personal stuff but it was so clean not even a pic of his parents. Adi saw her how she checked every single corner in the apartment: Chakor have u found what u r looking for? She felt caught but y she was just looking for personal belongings but couldn’t stop searching something more but what? what was she looking for? She turned to Adi n said: He is very tidy the full opposite of me. When he came to meet me the first… well the last time my room was a mess my clothes were on the bed, ground n on the stool ?… do u know what I just come to know how gud he was that time he went to the bathroom n gave me time to clean up I’m sure he saw some personal stuff of me -undergarments ??- He didn’t mention it. The first thing he said was y I didn’t wear the blue dress which was lying on my bed. He could have said many bad things but no he made me feel comfortable like yesterday at the hospital she stopped suddenly thinking of yesterday night Adi saw her body was shaking in fear. Adi immediately rushed to her: Chakor kiya huwa tha kaal (what happened yesterday) She told him abt Vivaans visit n the hug of Suraj n care. She didn’t mentioned the kiss on her forehead yeah she was still awake n happy that Suraj gave her this new feeling of hope.

They both sitted on couch Adi: What should we do? Chakor: hmm I don’t know but then her face brighten with a smile ? lets cook he will come here anytime n we r here for hours I think it’s the best to cook for him. Adi smiled n said: that’s really a gud idea but Chakor what will u cook for him. Chakor got confused n replied to him: I thought u will cook n I will watch u… silent… both broke the silent with a loud laugh. Ok home delivery they said together. ? what does he like to eat? Both were thinking n decided to order different kinds of food like pizza, Chinese noddle n some hot snacks like samosa n pakore.

They both were hungry seeing the food their mouth start watering ?. Adi looked at Chakor n listened to the sound of her n his stomach *grrrg* Chakor don’t u have his mobile No.? She shook her head both were abt to start when the door bell rings n Chakor runs to open the door to welcome him. But instead of Suraj a young woman was standing there.

Suraj was on his way home n thinking of his clue. – I just need the confirmation from Adi n than I will go to court n ask for a search order-. He was driving with his bike n stopped seeing flowers n thought – the home is empty I’m sure these flowers will make her feel better n might help the apartment look like a home – He bought a bunch of different kind of flowers n was at the building entrance. This time it was Suraj who push the door bell n Adi was the one who open the door. Suraj was hoping to see Chakor but he missed the chance.

Suraj thanked Adi for taking care of Chakor n waiting for his arrival. Adi made him clear he would do this anytime again as she his Sister not only a friend. Chakor was sitting with her a woman – no who is this –  Suraj was confused n said just: Hi!? Chakor turned to him with her the young woman which was acutally a teenager girl just 11 or 12 years old. She got up n run to Suraj n hugged him: Hi Suraj bhai. Oh my god Paakhi u grow up so fast looking so beautiful how u came here? Suraj asked. Paakhi explained she come to meet Teju n KN (Aunty n Uncle of Paakhi she is Suraj little cousin) Mom n Dad said I could meet u if I want so they drop me here n drive to uncle aunty ?. When I came this lady opened the door n I was kinda surprised normally u don’t have woman company but then I saw him n was more confused ? maybe I’m in the wrong apartment but they both explained me the situation n feed me look so many dishes n u know na how much I love pizza like them both they r both very nice thank God u found friends warna aisa na hota ke ek din aakele hi maar jahte (otherwise u would have died someday all alone) All three were shocked hearing this ??????. Chakor come to n said: Don’t say this ur bro has a lot of friends, right? ?. Oh really give me a name Paakhi insisted ? I don’t believe. Well… Suraj just changed the topic n said I’m hungry did u eat everything or u left something for me? He looked at Paakhi who was ignoring him n was talking n giggling with Chakor She whispered see he doesn’t have haha.

The flowers just missed their role…

Adi n Suraj sat on the dining table. Suraj he was feeling very uncomfortable to hide it he asked in a loud voice to Adi: Should we start or wait? Adi got eat n played along for his support: I think we can start with rest of the PIZZZZA he pronounced intentionally louder n longer both Paakhi n Chakor come to table n sit on the chairs to eat. Suraj looked at them n asked: Chii did u even wash ur hands? Both jumped up n immediately returned after washing the hands to start eating. Suraj smiled seeing his “baby” cousin after a long time. He was very thankful to Adi who helped him to handle this situation.

After finishing the food they cleaned up together n Adi was abt to leave but Suraj asked him wait he needs to ask him a few questioned so he stayed. Chakor n Paakhi were n Suraj bed room it was almost 10 pm n Paakhi needs to rest. Suraj gave them the bed n decided to sleep on sofa till the matter sorted out.

Adi n Suraj were in his study room he closed the door n took the file out. Adi u said Imli was ur gf, right? Adi nodded. The love letters u gave me r from her, right? Again he nodded. Then y is the handwriting on the suicide note different as from the love letters? Adi got confused: what r u saying r u sure?. This time Suraj nodded n showed him the difference he found out. Adi looked at both notes n saw it they of writing the use of regular words were missing n the way she wrote Aditya was different.  Adi was devastated: How could I overlook this?? I.. He break out in tears n Suraj consults him. Adi control over urself we will find her. Tomorrow the court is closed but I will go Monday morning at first to the court n ask for search warrant for Vivaans place it can’t be possible that she is undetectable. After a few minutes Adi gain the control over his emotions n left the place. Adi do me a favour if I’m not here please take of Chakor n Paakhi. Adi nodded anytime n left the place.

Chakor n Paakhi were still awake. Chakor do kiya aapke paas koi kaapre pehen ne ke liye nahi hai? (dont u have clothes to wear/change?). Paakhi mere kaapre to us hostel main rehgaye aur tumhare kaapre to bhoot chote hain woh bhi nahi pehn sakti (my clothes r left in the hostel n ur r to small so I can’t wear them) Then they both got scared hearing the Sound of the door key some1 was trying to get in n Paakhi tidely hugged Chakor she fears but Suraj noisy enter the room – I hope I didn’t wake them that was loud shit -. Paakhi screamed loud “aaaaahhhhh” n so Sukor did n shout “aaaahhhh” Suraj was like kiya huwa koi bhura Salma aaya (what happened did u had a bad dream) n Paakhi angrily looked at him: u scared me!. Suraj holding his ears Sorry I just wanted to take clothes to change. He went to his wardrobe n take out his Shalwaar n Khameez (tradition wear) n was any to leave when Paakhi stopped him: ruuko (stop) n he stopped what happen my princess? Paakhi looked at Chakor n again back to Suraj n again but this Suraj na didn’t get ? – now I have to ask – Bhai could u please give her pointing KN Chakor something to wear? Chakor: Are no there is no need I’m fine. Suraj just remembered that her clothes were still at the hostel went back to wardrobe he took out a fresh n new shorts n a shirt she can wear. He was again leaving but this time Chakor stopped him: Gud n8. ? n thx. Paakhi  said gud n8 bhai with a flying kiss. Suraj said Gud n8 to u both n left.

Suraj was in his back in his study room n Changed his clothes. – I wonder if the clothes will fit her ?- What im thinking. I should sleep he looked at the couch n thought – y this couch is small ? how I will sleep in this – Chakor went to change to the bathroom n was happy in his white shirt she felt warm n secure. The shorts were to loose but she could bind it. Chakor was lying on the bed next to paakhi who was now in a deep sleep.

It felt like hours but it was  just 10 min Suraj left the room n Chakor changed both couldn’t sleep thinking of each other both had the same feeling – I can’t sleep I need to see her/him -. Sukor left their rooms n found each other in the hallway. Chakor was stammering to explain y she came out if the room… but Suraj didn’t understand her She said: Pani Haan water I wanted to drink something n u? Same he said both went to the kitchen. Suraj opened the fridge to take a bottle of water  n Chakor took two glasses from the cupboard he filled them.n Chakor went to the study room of Suraj. -kahan gayi? /where She has gone? – Suraj looked n saw the room the study was open were he was sure closed it. He went in n there she was sitting in his Shorts which was to loose n the white shirt. he thoughts were going wild she was so innocent n beautiful n hot. He sat on the couch but not next to her an inch away at the corner she smiled at him. N her thoughts were running too -people say the first impression is the last but since I met him he showed me many side of him n all were different n kind -. Suraj drunk his water n empties his glass were Chakor was still drinking to stay longer she wanted to start a conversation but she couldn’t she was to scared he could reject her to stay but Suraj took the word n asked her: How u feel now? I will arrange ur clothes tomorrow n I promise u I will talk to ur parents n clear this mess up.
She looked at him with wide eyes n smiled – I don’t know how n y but he knows my needs n has always the right words for me. I don’t need much but he gave me everything -. Chakor come closer to him n kissed him on his cheek gud night n thx she hugged him n left but before that she finally get notice of the bunch of flowers n asked him to keep them in a vase with water so they won’t die they r very pretty ?.

Both sleeped peacefully…

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  1. Awesome update di.After ur bday u have given me a gift.

    1. Sukorian

      Hi Haan ? I happy u liked it the gift n the update

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved the growing bond of sukor. So there is a chance that imli is alive. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      haan there is a chance ?. Hope I can bring it in the next or 2nd next update.

      1. Sukorlover

        Happy belated birthday

  3. Nic update…i must say tis ff is my fav…i lv it alot…waiting for next part…belated wishes…

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I’m very happy u liked it. Thx for the wishes ?

  4. Amazing! It’s good to see Pakhi in the story. Chakor has started to see Suraj’s good qualities. Suraj brought flowers home how romantic. The study room scene was so sweet and loved the good night kiss. Can’t wait for the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thank you hope to bring more “love” scene in the next 2 updates.

  5. ShanayaKhan

    Nice update. Love the way Chal kissed on Suraj’s cheeks. That was so cute . Update soon.

    1. Sukorian

      I will try to write asap thank u

  6. Many many many retns of the day n thnku sooo much for this lvly n long ff.

    1. Sukorian

      thx ? n yeah for u I wrote a long one n for Sunny of course for the others too but u said to write a long one so here very long ?

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  8. Very nice episode loved it cant believe you gave such as long ff really enjoyed it

    1. Sukorian

      honestly I was scared it may to long but it got uploaded ? really happy u enjoyed it

  9. Wow Afa. Sukor were soooo cute. ?
    I love love love this ff. Especially the kiss on the cheek. U used paakhi too. She was amazing. Love SuKi too ?
    Keep going and update soon.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u. extra long update so u have to wait a little bit but dont worry update idea hai.

  10. Shreya.

    Wowwwwwww…….such a lovely part asusual Dr…nd am really happy tat u bring pakhi character in ur ff na….nd hw Suraj understand chakor nd chakor nw she is also understanding Suraj…I hope Soo they’ll realize their feelings for each other.. nd if pakhi helps them to realize their feelings thn it will be Soo gud….hope imli is alive nd hope vivaan will get d punishment nd hope chakor’s parents understand her…. eagerly waiting for the next part dr….

    1. Sukorian

      ???? alot what u wrote could happen ????

  11. Its really interesting..and I loved that pakhi is here…
    And now both sukor cares each other…and there is great bond between them…waiting for the next update
    And sorry yaar I know its late..but happy bday baby

    1. Sukorian

      Hi no problem thank u for ur wishes. I will try to write asap.

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