Sukor: Love happens epi. 16

Hi my dears here the next update

Recap: Vivaan was at hospital to insecure Chakor but Suraj come on right time. Chakor couldn’t sleep n Suraj stayed the night holding her hand n sleeping on the ground.

Adi was standing in the corner Chakor leaves Suraj hand n was red faces. Suraj was still sleeping n Chakor thought to wake him. But Suraj felt the emptiness in his hand n unfortunately the sun was shining on his face too he slowly opens his eyes n saw Chakor looking down to him. He smiled seeing her so did she.

Adi felt uncomfortable n was abt to leave but Chakor saw him n stopped him. Suraj looked to him n stand up: I will get fresh n goes to the washroom.
Chakor: Riya kahan hai? (where is Riya?)
Adi: Uske parents isse kaal apne ghar legaye (Her parents took her home yesterday).
Chakor had a smile on her face n was looking at door n waiting for her parents to enter the room n hug her but no movements her eyes didn’t stopped for searching them they filled with tears still a hope that tgey come anytime to surprise her. -they r making me wait, they will come they want to make me suffer like I did- her thoughts were running n the tears didn’t stopped.

Suraj come back looking her crying break his heart he looked angrily to Adi n asked him: What did u say to her y is she crying?
Adi: Sir, I just said Riya’s parents took her home. Suraj understood her parents didn’t appear. – That what Vivaan warns me for yesterday that bustard – Suraj went to Chakor n carefully wiped her tears away.
Suraj: Adi do u have any news?
Adi: Sir,… Suraj stopped him
Suraj: What Sir I’m Suraj he goes to Adi n they shake hands: I’m off duty here there is no need of formalities  calling me by Sir. Adi: Thank you Si.. Suraj. Actually I tried a lot Chakor but ur parents r hurt. Ur name was in the news the whole neighbourhood is talking abt u n ur character n that’s not all. Some1 went to them n convinced them that u did this on purpose coz u want to live ur freedom. Kasturi Aunty is shattered n Bhuvaan uncle is blaming himself giving u all u wanted n never stopped u. Chakor woh nahi aayenge (they won’t come).

Chakor cries n the nurse of last night enters to check her parameters again seeing her crying made feel sad. She is an older women n Chakor looks like her child she went to Chakor n hugged her n tried to consult her.
Nurse: Chakor calm down I know ur hurt but u can’t lose hope u have to fight n show the world u r not weak. U have to fight against the guy… Suraj n Adi simultaneous said: Vivaan Mohanlal. Chakor understood n nodded sobbingly: I won’t lose n will fight back.

Adi n Suraj left the nurse could do the proper check-up. Suraj: Adi u gave me the file but I have a big problem I have no death body. Adi was shocked hearing this: But her suicide letter. Suraj: I checked the reports but tgey never found a death body something is fishy in the whole matter.
Adi: I’m so sorry for Chakor. I saw him… I saw Vivaan but I couldn’t remember y I know him. I just wanted to forget the past n now I feel like I ruin the life of my best friend. Suraj: Hey man, Don’t blame urself. it won’t help u nor her. We have to find more information about the death of Imli. Seeing the police report they just found a suicide note but no body.
Adi: but y would she do something like this? I would she hurt me or her family? playing death.
Suraj- playing death. It could be possible she is hidding- I have to leave.

Adi: wait. Suraj stopped with a questioning face.
Adi the doctor said they will discharge her today n I can’t take her home her parents might misunderstood every step of her now.
We r friends since our childhood we r more Brother n sister but I don’t know what to do I checked the hostel were she stayed on her study days but they refused to keep her.  Ranjana Mohanlal is a powerful women she very frighteningly. Suraj took out his keys: This is my apartment key he gave him this one wait with her in my place till I’m back she is save there trust me. Adi took the key n nodded: I will wait with her.

Suraj rides home m changed his clothes he was back at the police station n closes the door to his cabin.
He rechecked the file n the note. – that’s it – ? I found it.

Chakor was ready n Adi helped her. Chakor: Adi where r we going?
Adi: To Suraj place.
Chakor: what but y? Can’t I stay with u. looking sad at Adi.
Adi: Don’t be silly if I could I have let u stayed at my place but right now we have to prove ur innocent n staying with a stranger (even if I’m not) it’s not gud for ur reputation. Suraj said u r save at his apartment n he is the most honest police officer I have ever known. It’s better u stay with him. Besides my place very small tum jasi saant ko main kahan sulaunga ? (where could I make some1 like u sleep u fatty).
Chakor punched him: ouch both said hahaha.
– Finally she can laugh again -.

I hope u liked it. it’s a bit short n not so sad.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for the update! This is my favorite ff. Felt sad for Chakor because her parents won’t talk to her. Adi is a good friend and Suraj is such a gentleman, letting Chakor stay in his apartment. What did Suraj find in the file? Can’t wait for the next update!

    1. Sukorian

      i told na it will have a sad part but don’t worry she has found a true lover ? spoiler

      1. ??? . It was sad but not in a bad way.

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Feel bad for chakor. Hate her parents for believing the fake news. Loved adi & suraj for supporting her. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      dont worry is all i can say

  3. Nice update. Waiting for the next.

  4. Really enjoyed this ff i think imli is alive and is hiding cant wait for the next epsiode

    1. Sukorian

      where have u been??
      Thank u

  5. Amazing dear.ples post next soon.

    1. Sukorian

      for u I will but don’t stop commenting

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