Sukor- In Love with a Billionaire Girl (Chapter-5)

Bhagya was sitting on the sofa looking in some magazines. When a maid came and said the breakfast was ready. Bhagya said she’s coming and told the maid to wake Chakor up. The maid went to Chakor’s room and knocked the door. Chakor was in a deep sleep. Her sleep was disturbed by the knock on the door. She didn’t opened the door but just said yes sleepily. The maid told her to come and have breakfast down and went from there. Chakor again pulled the duvet over her face and closed her eyes.

Bhagya- it’s been fifteen minutes but she didn’t come down till now

Arjun- I’ll go and call her

Arjun had his breakfast and went to Chakor’s room. The door was open. He went and sat beside her and tried to wake her up but she was not at all in a mood to wake.

Arjun- Princess wake up

Chakor-no Dad I wanna sleep let me sleep for some more time

Arjun- ok fine but only for today

He said and kissed her hairs and went down.

Bhagya- what happened didn’t she woke up

Arjun- it’s ok let her sleep I think she came late from the party

Chakor woke up after sometime as all her sleep and tiredness was over. She sat on her bed and took her phone to find its battery low.

Chakor- *what the hell the battery had to low down now only*

She kept the phone in charging and came down. She found no one in the living and asked one of the servants.

Servant- mam they just left 5 minutes ago

Chakor went to her room an asked for her breakfast there only. She took her phone out from the charging and called Riya.

Phone Convo.

Chakor- hey Riya where are you

Riya- home why

Chakor- no just wanted to go for some shopping

Riya- even I was thinking the same

Chakor- ok than see you at the mall in 10

Riya- bye

Chakor- bye

And they cut the call. Chakor got ready and went to the mall.


Tejaswini- what are you doing Kamal ji pack your bags fast we have to catch the flight for Mumbai

KN- why you shouting at me I’m packing only and instead of shouting you should be helping me

Teju- you help yourself I’ll go and see whether Suraj had done his packing or not

Tejaswini went from there to Suraj’s room and found him nowhere but his packing was done and again went to her room.


Imli- mai I’ve done my packing let me help you

Kasturi- it’s ok mine is also done you go

Imli went from there.


KN- so my packing is done I’ll call Bhuvan if they are ready or not

KN called Bhuvan and told them to come at the airport at 2.


The Rajvanshi family and the Lal family reached airport. Imli and Kasturi were very excited as they were going to sit in the plane for the first time. They boarded the flight. Imli got a seat beside Suraj and was really happy. The flight took off. Imli was continuously staring Suraj but he didn’t even gave her a glance. After sometime Suraj turned. Imli thought that now she will get a chance to talk to him but he took out his headphones and plugged in the music while eating. She was really angry at this.

The flight landed and they got down. After taking a taxi the Lal family went to their house while the Rajvanshi’s to their.

Imli- bapu where are we going

Bhuvan- to our house and I’m sure you’ll love it it’s much bigger than in Aazadgunj

Kasturi- I just wanna see it now

Bhuvan- you’ll see it once we reach

Soon they reached to their house. Imli got down first and looked at the building which had about 50 floors. They got into the lift with their luggage and pressed the button for the 10th floor. The lift stopped as they reached their floor. Bhuvan opened the house with the key and they entered. Kasturi’s and Imli’s mouth went open seeing it.

Bhuvan- Kasturi go and make something than we’ll keep all the luggage and Imli there are rooms just go and see which one you want

Imli went and saw all the three rooms there and took the biggest one of all. Kasturi made tea and they drank while talking.  And than went to take some rest.


The Rajvanshi’s also unpacked the bags and went to sleep after having dinner.


The next day both the family’s spent time with each other. This time also Imli didn’t got a chance to talk to Suraj as he was busy with his phone. After the lunch the Lal family went to their house.

Bhuvan- Imli KN ji has done your admission in the same college as Suraj’s and it’s starting from tomorrow

Imli- really bapu

Bhuvan- yaa

Kasturi- if KN ji has done the admission than surely the college would be really big

Bhuvan- yaa it’s the biggest in Mumbai

Imli- wow I’m really excited


KN- Suraj I’ve done your admission in the biggest college of Mumbai and it’s gonna start from tomorrow I hope you do your best and don’t disappoint me

Suraj-no papa I’ll not and I’ll try my best

KN- that’s my son

The whole day went in talking and discussing for both the families. They slept after having their dinner.


So sorry I had to rewrite my story coz I think that the story wasn’t going as I thought. Hope so you like this one. Please hit the like button and do loads of comments.

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