Sukor- In Love with a Billionaire Girl (Chapter-4)

Tina -Samayrah -Rohan- Karan are Chakor’s friends means it’s her group. So I just wanted to tell this and no more of my bak- bak. Enjoy the Chapter and don’t forget to comment.

Vivaan: it’s time for class we should go

Aarti: yaa

They all went to class. They entered the class. Aarti took a place to sit and Vivaan Sat beside her. Suraj was still standing because he wanted to sit beside Chakor but she hadn’t come to the class yet. Imli sat behind Vivaan and Aarti.

Imli: Suraj babu come and sit here

Suraj: no I don’t want to sit there

Imli: ok fine I’ll find another place

When Chakor and her friends entered the class and took their place. Suraj wanted to sit beside Chakor and fortunately the seat beside her was empty so he went and sat there. Imli saw this and was a bit angry at first but thought something and than smiled.

Imli: * I know Suraj babu very well and he can’t stay with one girl for a long time. But now I’ve to do something that he comes close to me *

Suraj: Hii

Chakor: Hii….what’s your name

Suraj: Suraj

Chakor: I’m Chakor

They were talking when the professor entered. The lecture wasn’t boring as it was the first day first lecture and even the professor passed jokes in between with made students laugh. The lecture was over. Imli Vivaan Aarti Tina and Rohan had to attend another lecture so they went.

Chakor: do you have any lecture

Suraj: no free

Chakor: so let’s go to canteen

Suraj: yaa

Chakor: Samayrah Karan let’s go

In Canteen

They came to canteen and sat.

Samayrah: Chakor you got a new friend haan

Chakor: yaa he is Suraj and Suraj she is Samayrah and he is Karan

Suraj: Hii

Kayrah: Hii

Karan: Hey Suraj where you from

Suraj: India

Chakor: guys let’s have something

Samayrah: yaa I didn’t even had my breakfast

Karan: you guys tell me I’ll bring

Chakor: a cold coffee for me and Suraj you

Suraj: me too

Karan brought four cold coffees and they were drinking and talking. When Suraj’s straw fell and Sukor both bent down to pick it up. Their hands touched and a current passed through both. Chakor took her hand back and Suraj picked it up. He gave a straw to Chakor. She took it and they started gossiping.

Chakor: guys what about partying tonight

Kayrah: yaa nice idea

Chakor: Hey Suraj will you join us

Suraj: but Vivaan and…

Chakor: don’t worry we’ll tell them also to join us

Suraj: no I mean to say that Vivaan and Imli don’t party

Chakor: they don’t but you do na

Suraj: ok fine I’ll join you but I don’t know anything about here

Chakor: don’t worry I’ll pick you up you just message me your address

Chakor: wait I’ll give you my number

Chakor gave Suraj her number.

Chakor: btw we can just ask Vivaan and Imli

Suraj: I know them they will not come

Chakor: fine as you say…and be ready by 10 ok

Suraj: yaa I’ll be ready

The college got over. Tina and Rohan came there while Vimli still didn’t came so Suraj was waiting for them.

Chakor: ok byee guys I’ve to attend a party so see you all tonight

Chakor went from there. Suraj went to look for Vimli and saw them coming out of a class. They all went to their home.

Precap: party time


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