Sukor journey to love episode 18

Recap sukor share a glimpse of romance suraj tells the truth about sherya chakor feels dizzy suraj tells chakor to take some rest…

The sun shines on suraj…suraj turns around and sees chakor laying in his arms…chakor opens her eyes but suraj grabs chakor and pretends to sleep…chakor wakes up and sees suraj over her..chakor olv what shall i do? i dont wanna wake suraj up he needs some rest…chakor slowly lifts suraj arms and wakes up…tejswani knocks on the door with tea…chakor;ma u here why did u pick up the trouble i was coming myself…tejswani;beta its ok and i wanted to check on u are you ok? Chakor;me im ok nothing has happened to me..tejswani;ok beta go and get ready bhagya has called us all for an announcement…tejswani leaves chakor gets ready and heads down…suraj olv announcement how come i wasnt invited? suraj tries standing he leans on his crutches and walks weakly downstairs and struggles…tejswani;bhagya beta why did u call me chakor and kamal jee so early in the morning??bhagya;well maa i wanted to share that soon veer is going to have a new sibling…suraj;what? chakor:suraj? Tejswani kamal and chakor turn around to see suraj downstairs…kamal;what r u doing here and how did u make it downstairs what if u had fallen..suraj;but i didnt fall and u guys were making an announcement without me?bhagya;suraj i was gonna tell u later as i didnt wanna bother u…chakor;congratulations di im so happy for u and veer chakor hugs bhagya kamal walks towards suraj…suraj;papa what is it..kamal;well im waiting for u and chakor to tell me the same news…suraj;what do u mean..kamal;oh im just saying i mean i would like a grandchild soon…suraj feels embarssed kamal laughs and walks of…sukor see and stare at each other…tejswani;today we will have a celebration my second grandchild is coming soon..chakor smiles but notices suraj is unable to stand and sees his pain chakor walks towards suraj and makes him sit…tejswani and bhagya look at sukor and smile…bhagya;mumma ur right me and u will make the preparations whilst “chakor”will look after my bhai suraj right…tejswani;that’s right bhagya and tejswani walk of and start to decorate the haveli…chakor looks down and walks of but suraj holds chakor hand he pulls her back chakor falls on suraj lap..mahiya plays..

Chakor hair flies on suraj face he tucks her hair in chakor tries to get up but suraj stops her…suraj;so did u call the doctor for an appointment…chakor;i told u its nothing stop worrying about it and let go some1 will see…suraj;r u sure ur fine..chakor;yh im fine sherya sees sukor and runs towards them..sherya;chakor u shouldnt be around suraj like that i mean he has damaged his knee chakor quickly gets up and feels embarssed…suraj;it doesn’t matter sherya i mean chakor is the one taking care of me i mean by her help im getting better much quicker chakor looks up and smiles kamal;chakor and suraj u both r still sitting here go and get ready the guests will be here soon chakor help suraj up..suraj stands and leans on chakor…kamal winks at tejswani who is standing by sukor room…sherya olv kamal and tejawani are up to something…sukor walk up the stairs they enter thier room tejawani slowly shuts the door she smirks and walks of…chakor makes suraj sit on the bed but slips ontop of him…red roses fall ontop of sukor…they stare at each other chakor tries to get up but suraj pulls chakor back…suraj turns chakor around and leans ontop of her…he grips her arms and stares directly into her eyes (mahiya plays)

Precap;will suraj accept he loves chakor?

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  1. Loved this episode. It was funny how Suraj pretended to be asleep to hold Chakor. Teju-KN plan was awesome. Love how Suraj keeps pulling Chakor towards him. Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Piyal

      Thank u ?

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Suraj doesn’t leave a chance to get close to chakor. Loved kn & bhagya’s plan. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u?

  3. Sukorian

    haha Suraj is teasing master. great update.

    1. Thank u?

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