Sukor journey to love episode 17

Recap sherya learns how sukor got married chakor feels anxious learning the past about sherya and suraj sukor share an intense eyelock…

The sounds of the payals howl around suraj ears chakor walks towards suraj and stands above him suraj grabs chakor hand and makes her sit he gets lost in her eyes and comes closer to her he notices her hair flying across her face and tucks it in (mahiya plays…) chakor closes her eyes and is mesmerized by suraj touch suraj smiles nd stares at chakor…
Tejswani;kamal jee its nearly 4 months since sukor got married have they accepted each other the way we got them married i feel bad..
Kamal;tejswani jee u r worrying for nothing i told u chakor snd suraj are internal lovers if they wernt happy u know this generation they would seperate on the same week but both of them want to make it work and look its 4 months since they got married but they r still together this is telling me sukor love each other and its only a matter of time that they will both realise this and tejswani jee how can u forget all our planning that we do most of our plans worked and brought them together i thinks its time for 1 final plan to bring them together what say tejswani..
Tejswani;ur right after all we did im not satisfied i want sukor closer and kamal jee this time please behave wen we conduct our plans and goodnight tommorw i will inform bhagya i dont want kaustri and bhavan to worry so this time it will only be us planning…

Kamal olv ok tejswani jee dont worry this time im gonna make sure i get my heir after thr false alarm i really want a grandchild from my son this time?
Sherya olv today i will confess to suraj?that i still love him (sherya gets shy)…
Suraj holds chakor face with his palms chakor looks up…
Suraj olv what’s this jungli billi is not getting pissed of normally she would have attacked me by no?ik somthing is wrong i can see the worry in her eyes…
Suraj;chakor what is it ur eyes r telling me something…chakor (hesitates but looks away suraj grabs chakor and looks deep into her eyes)
Chakor;well…u know how we got married and that ik we hardly knew one another but now we do know quiet alot about each other but there is still the past that can affect the future…
Suraj;chakor what do you mean? Chakor;do u love sherya?? suraj olv wait who told chakor about all this? suraj holds chakor hand…suraj;chakor i will tell you the truth aboutme and sherya….
(Flashback to the past) suraj;me and sherya were good friends i always thought of her as a friend one night she got drunk and slept with some1 she got drunk and became pregnant the father of the child ran away and she was left without support she didn’t know what to do so she asked me for help i helped her out by convincing everyone we were going out so that no1 suspects sherya but mr and mrs kanpur found out and took sherya away many of our college friends including my close friends always thought that me and sherya were together but we were nothing more than friends..
Chakor;but lakash said that she loves you??

Suraj olv so it was lakash he decided to tell his bhabhi jee everything wait for wen its ur time beta il tell ur wife all ur dirty secrets?
Suraj hugs chakor…suraj;ik its been 4 months of this marriage we hardly knew one another but now i know so much about u and i think kauatri aunty mummy and di made the perfect decision becoz ur the only girl that captured suraj rajvnashi…chakor looks up and suraj…mahiya plays….chakor;what do u mean only? suraj;well i am suraj rajvanshi?many people wanted me but only one captured me… (suraj smirks) chakor tries pushing suraj of but suraj grabs chakor tighter and makes her lean on his chest…sherya walks towards sukor room but notices chakor and suraj hugging through the window….sherya???what is this! Chakor;suraj ur a jungli janvaar!? suraj puts his finger on chakor lips suraj;if im ur jungli janvaar then ur my jungli billi my jungli billi chakor i really like u i like u alot…mahiya plays… suraj holds chakor face suraj leans foward andkisses chakor forehead….
Sherya olv suraj likes cha chakor!?

Chakor smiles and hugs suraj tightly…chakor feels dizzy and faints in suraj arms..suraj;chakor chakor!!can u hear me?oh no what has happened?? suraj sees a cup of water and makes chakor drink it…chakor slowly gains consciousness and holds her head…suraj;what was all that!u look weak and pale u never take care of yourself what if something would have happened!suraj hugs chakor…chakor olv suraj kau humari itni chinta (suraj worries for me so much?) Suraj turns chakor around and makes her lay down besides him…chakor;how can i sleep here i mean ur knee is this fractured? suraj;queit just do as ur told and takesome rest im gonna call the doctor..chakor;no that is not necessary everyone will get worried and i always feel light headed at times its nothing to be worried about please suraj im fine i probably need some sleep that’s all…
Suraj;so u get these light headaches at times!chakor how long has this been going on for and dont lie to me? chakor:one and half month but its fine normally after taking some rest i feel fine but today i fell in ur arms i dont know what happened…suraj tucks chakor in and worries…suraj olv first thing tommrow il call the doctor! Sherya olv look at thr care and affection did he once think about me! Dont worry it wont be long until suraj comes running back to me☺

Precap bhagya announces her hidden pregnancy the haveli prepares for a celebration sukor get closer…

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  1. super update di.but I am afraid that is chakor has brain tumor?.plz don’t get sad ending plz continue it .
    And thanks for update

    1. Thank u and no chakor wont have a brain trumor

  2. Amazing update! I guess Chakor is pregnant. Loved Sukor talk and romantic moments. Can’t wait for the Rajvanshi’s new plan. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Thank u i loved writing about how the rajvashi family use to plan for chakor so i brought them bk to make sukor realise thier love and chakor is pregnant?u gussed right but it will be in future episodes wen chakor will find out and will hide it from everyone

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. What happened to chakor, hoping that nothing serious. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u nothing bad will happen?

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