Sukor- Honge Juda Na Hum (Chapter 6)

Chakor reached home. She changed her clothes and got fresh. She sat on her bed and called Suraj. Suraj quickly picked her call as if he was knowing and was waiting for it.

Chakor: hello

Suraj: hello

Chakor: didn’t sleep or not getting sleep

Suraj: both

Chakor: aan…oh shit mom’s call…if she’ll get to know that I’m still away I don’t know what she’ll do…see you tomorrow…byee

And she gave a kiss on phone and cut the call. And called Bhagya.

Bhagya: with whom were you talking at this time

Chakor: mom actually it was Riya…she had a breakup and was crying badly so I was just consoling her nothing more

Bhagya: ok…I just called to asked you to know how are you

Chakor: Yaa I’m fine mom what will happen to me…I’m fine now can I cut the call cause I’m really very sleepy

Bhagya: ok byee…goodnight

Chakor: byee mom

And they cut the call.
Chakor: thank god….mom didn’t ask more questions or else btw I should sleep now…college tomorrow and if I get late that Hitler will tell me to get lost and I don’t wanna miss this important lecture

And she went to sleep.

Next Morning

Chakor was sleeping while she had a beautiful smile on her face. When she got disturbed by a call. She didn’t see the name and just picked up the call getting irritated
Chakor: what the hell…why you calling so early

Voice: baby you didn’t wake up till now I thought you would already be awake

Chakor: Suraj you….and what’s the time…

She sees the time in her phone.
Chakor: o shit…thank you so much Suraj for calling me and waking me up or else I would be really late for the college….aahhh lazy me

Suraj: what college…means you are not coming here

Chakor: so sorry  Suraj today is the last lecture and then from tomorrow our holidays are starting so I’ll see you after college….so byee for now and I’m really getting late

She said while getting out of her bed and taking out clothes from her cupboard. And then she cut the call. She got ready and went to college.

At college

Chakor came to her college and directly went to het class. She saw Riya sitting and went and sat beside her.

Chakor: O God! today I have been late if Suraj wouldn’t have called me

Riya: what?? Suraj called you

And Chakor told her everything about going shopping with him and watching a movie and him saying I love you.

Riya: O my God! Chakor you didn’t even talk nicely with a guy in our class and said I love you to that Suraj and that too in just a day…I mean seriously that Suraj really have something in him that Chakor fell in love with him in just a day…not bad haan

They were talking when teacher entered the class. After the lecture Chakor went to Suraj’s house.

At Suraj’s house

She rang the door bell. Suraj came and opened the door and she came in.

Suraj: so where are we going

Chakor: aannn…..let me think…Yaa let’s go for a drive and if I see some good place than we will go

Suraj: what do you mean by a good  place don’t you know where to go

Chakor: actually Suraj there are so many things to see here that I’m really confused that’s why

And they went on a drive.

In two days

Chakor showed him all the places the clubs and pubs the disco the bars which are like life to Mumbai in these two days. They had too much of fun in these two days. They became even more close to each other.

Day to leave for Aazadgunj

Chakor took Bhagya’s and Arjun’s permission. At first they didn’t allow her but then she made them and told them everything about what’s there between her and Suraj and that Suraj would take care of her. And at last after knowing everything about Suraj they agreed.

Suraj and Chakor left for Aazadgunj in Suraj’s car. They were getting bored on their way so Suraj turned on the radio. Chakor told him to change the song but he didn’t. Chakor changed the song but Suraj again changed it. And they started fighting like kids and changing the songs. In their fight of changing the channel the radio stopped working.

Chakor: see now because of you the radio stopped working

Suraj: because of me or because of you…you only told to change the song

Chakor: but if you would have changed than it wouldn’t have happened so it’s all because of you now the radio is not working and I’m getting bored…you do something

Suraj: o madam now what should I do in that it was all your fault

Chakor: ah ha ha….my fault you can only see my fault now and not yours…you know what you are so irritating

And she started making cute face and Suraj was smiling seeing her cute expressions. Chakor saw this and said

Chakor: why are you smiling now….you are so disgusting

She was really irritated seeing him smiling without any reason. She started thinking something and then asked him

Chakor: does it work by connecting Bluetooth

Suraj: Yaa

Chakor: then why didn’t you tell first only we shouldn’t have turned the radio on

And she connected her phone with it and started playing the song.

Suraj: why didn’t this idea came in my mind

Chakor: cause you are an idiot

Suraj: then why do you love an idiot like me

Hearing this Chakor started thinking.
Suraj: what are you thinking now

Chakor: that why do I love an idiot like you

And they both started laughing.
Chakor: let me play my favorite song

And she played Ae Dil Hai Mushkil from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. They both lovingly saw each other and smiled.

They were on the half way to Aazadgunj.


I’m really sorry if I have bored you all and for any mistakes. But plz comment how it was.

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  1. Loved their nok jhoks. I can literally picture it all in my head as I’m actually watching it. Keep going. Cant wait for what going to happen back in azadganj.

  2. Shreya.

    Awesome….just loved all d parts….sry for nt cmntng all d parts…bt I totally loved dis ff….finally chakor goes to her village. Don’t know wat will kn do after seeing chakor….eagerly waiting for d next part…

    1. ShanayaKhan

      Thank you. I’ll update soon.

  3. Fantastic. Waiting for the next.

  4. Everything’as fine in ur ff.specly sukor nok-jok.nd u r right now m getting bore bt not with ur lovly lovly n awsm awsm ff.actualy m geting bor with ur this line ‘i’m realy sory if i bored u all’ ples dear agli bar esa mtt bolna.vrna mai sch mai bore ho jaungi ok.

    1. ShanayaKhan

      Thank you so much Aanya. And yaa main ab nahi likhungi Ye line. Ha ha ha.

  5. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved sukor nok jhok

  6. So excited to see what happenes in azaadganj

  7. Awesome, loved their nok-jhoks, excited to see what will happen next.

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