Sukor- Honge Juda Na Hum (Chapter 5)

I tried to write more than what I wrote on wattpad but couldn’t as Ramadan are going on and my tuitions also started. And yaa again sorry for I’m not able to reply to all your comments but thank you all so much for your support.

Hey guys I’m back with one more Chapter. And thank you all for all your love and support.

At the shopping mall

They reached the shopping mall. Chakor parked her car and they went inside the mall.

Chakor: let’s do your shopping first and then mine

Suraj: no first yours than mine

Chakor: no first yours cause if I started my shopping than you’ll not get time to shop for yourself…so first yours

Suraj: ok fine now let’s go but you have to help me because I don’t know about the shops here

Chakor: well you have asked the right girl to help you

And they went inside a store. Suraj bought some jackets and t shirts and Chakor helped him to choose.
Then they went to do shopping for Chakor. Chakor also bought some clothes and they were in a roaming about in the mall.

Chakor: Suraj I think we should leave now and I’m too hungry after doing this much of shopping

Suraj: Yaa I’m also hunger…so let’s go home

So they sat in the car and drove to Suraj’s house.

At Suraj’s house

Suraj: you sit I’ll go and make something quickly for us

Chakor: I’ll also help you and please don’t say no haan

Suraj: ok you can help me…but what will we make… let’s go to kitchen and than decide

They went into the kitchen.
Suraj: how about noodles

Chakor: not a bad idea

Suraj took out noodles and started to boil them. The veggies were already cut so they were only to be put in the noodles. They started talking while the noodles were boiling.

Suraj: won’t your mom and dad be  worried about you that you didn’t come home since morning

Chakor: oh no no…actually they are not at home…mom went to Paris for some show and Dad went to NY this morning for some business meeting

Suraj: oh…so you are alone

Chakor: yaa…btw we are together since morning and also went for shopping together but I still didn’t ask you

Suraj: ask what??

Chakor: friends??

Suraj: friends

And they shake hands with each other. Meanwhile the noodles were ready and they sat on the dining table. Suraj served for both. They started eating.

Chakor: hmmm…you cook really well it’s so tasty…from when are you cooking

Suraj: when I was in hostel we had to cook there by ourselves so I learnt to cook there

Chakor: oh

They finished their dinner. They were sitting in Suraj’s room.

Suraj: won’t you come back to Aazadgunj

Chakor: I don’t know but I wanna come

Suraj: you can come with me when I go back

Chakor: Yaa I really wanna meet mai bapu and everyone but when are you going

Suraj: after two days

Chakor: so done I’m coming with you

Suraj was on cloud nine for Chakor agreed to come with him.

Chakor: Suraj you know what…I feel really good being with you

Suraj: so be with me for some time

Chakor: haan??

Suraj: I mean let’s watch a movie

Chakor: a movie

Suraj: Yaa a horror movie

Chakor: no no horror movies…I feel scared seeing horror movies and I then I get nightmares so no horror movies

Suraj: then let’s watch a comedy movie

Chakor: I’m in no mood to watch a comedy movie…lets see a romantic movie

Suraj was shocked listening to this but still he was very happy inside that she wanted to watch a romantic movie with him.

They started seeing a very romantic movie. Chakor got interest in the movie so she was busy looking at the T.V. but Suraj was continuously staring her. Chakor turned her face to Suraj and saw him lost in her. She was blushing looking at him and gave a cute smile. She looked in his eyes and she too lost in him. They both shared and eyelock. They came to their senses and broke the eyelock.
They both looked everywhere but not at each other. Suddenly Suraj spoke up

Suraj: Chakor I love you

Chakor was shocked but she kept quite.

Suraj: Chakor the day when I saw you the first time in Mumbai after so many years I was just lost seeing your beauty. I was lost in you.

Chakor was still quite and was listening to what Suraj was telling. She too felt some connection with him. This full day when she was with him when she didn’t went out with any guy but she went out with him and talked so much with him was her heart knew why she did this.

She didn’t knew when she too fell in love with him just in a day. But she still kept quite.

Suraj: Chakor I gave my heart to you the time I saw you and I wanted to tell that to you but it was more important for me to say sorry first. Chakor I love your eyes your smile that makes me smile. Chakor I love everything in you and everything about you. The way you talk the way you smile…the way you laugh everything. Chakor I really love you

At this tears started to come out of Chakor’s eyes and she didn’t or she just couldn’t keep quite this time. She just hugged him thight.

Chakor: I love you too Suraj

Suraj was very happy for this. Chakor broke the high and started saying

Chakor: I really don’t know when I fell in love with you…it’s just a day I spent with you but I really don’t know him and when….

She was about to say but was stopped by Suraj. He kept his finger on her lips.

Suraj: shhhh….I don’t wanna know him you fell in love with me it’s just important for me that you love me and I don’t want any reason for that

They again hugged.
Suraj: it’s really late I think you should go home

Chakor: Yaa you’r right

Suraj: but you have to have to show me full Mumbai in these two days

Chakor: done….so byee

Suraj: byee

And Chakor left for her home.


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