Sukor- Honge Juda Na Hum (Chapter 4)

So hey guys here’s another update.

At Suraj’s House

Suraj came home changed to his night clothes and sat on the bed and was watching
T.v. .

In Khanna’s Mansion

Riya and Chakor came home and saw Bhagya sitting on the sofa. They greeted her and went to Chakor’s room. Riya sat on the bed while Chakor went to change her clothes. She came out after changing and sat on bed.

Riya: Chakor I think you shouldn’t have talked to Suraj like that…atleast you would have listened what he wanted to say and why he wanted to tell you sorry…how bad he must be feeling right now…

Chakor: Yaa I think you are right…I shouldn’t have talked with him like that but nothing came in my mind except how rude he was in his childhood

Riya: I think he is changed that’s why he wanted to tell you sorry…atleast talk with him

Chakor: but how…I don’t even know where he lives or even his number

Riya: but I have…take this and talk with him and please don’t ask now how I got his number

Chakor: ok fine

And she took the number and dialled it. Suraj picked up the call.

Suraj: hello who’s this

Chakor: Suraj it’s me…Chakor

Suraj was on cloud nine.

Suraj: why you called me??

Chakor: to say sorry…I shouldn’t have talked like that…I’m sorry

Suraj: it’s ok….aan can we meet

Chakor: Yaa sure but where

Suraj: come to my place tomorrow

And he gave her the address.

Chakor: ok I’ll be there after my college…so see you tomorrow

Suraj: byee

Chakor: byee

And they cut the call. Suraj called Rohan and told him everything. Chakor and Riya started talking and then they went to sleep.

Next morning

Chakor woke up with a beautiful smile on her face and then got ready and went to college with Riya. Suraj was also smiling thinking about Chakor.

After the college Chakor came to Suraj’s house. She ring the door Bell. Suraj ran towards the door and opened it quickly inviting her in. She came inside and sat on sofa.

Suraj: so what will you take tea or coffee

Chakor: no thanks nothing…so what you wanted to tell me

Suraj: Chakor I wanted to tell you sorry for whatever papa did…but I really didn’t wanted to help him in any of his works but even I was scared that he would even make me a bandhua(bonded) for not doing what he says…I’m really sorry for that…even my mummy is scared that he would throw her out of haveli

Chakor: Ok I understand about you but why he would throw her out

Suraj: Chakor after you came to Mumbai papa married Ranjana chachi and she too did that just for money and power so my mummy is scared that if he throws us out where will we go

Chakor: so this is why you wanted to tell me sorry

Suraj: Yaa

Chakor: I’m sorry again for behaving that rude without knowing

Suraj: it’s ok if I were on your place I would have behaved the same way so need for sorry

Chakor: by the way nice house… is it yours

Suraj: actually papa bought it last year cause he wanted to start a business here

Chakor: ok so is this the reason why you came here??

Suraj: Yaa…it’s been so long we are talking you sit here I’ll bring coffee

He went to the kitchen and started making coffee. Chakor also went behind him to the kitchen and saw him making coffee.

Chakor: so you know making coffee

Suraj: not just coffee but even cooking

Chakor: what you know cooking…I wasn’t knowing that Suraj Rajvanshi can cook

Suraj: so if you know now you can have your dinner with me today

Chakor thought for a minute and said agreed.
Chakor: ok done but…

Suraj: but what

Chakor: but actually I had to go for shopping

Suraj: if you don’t mind we can go together even I wanna do some shopping and you can help me as you know everything about here

Chakor: so done after this coffee we’ll go shopping

Suraj: (smiling) done

They finished their coffee talking about some or the other. They came out and locked the house to go for shopping.

Chakor: let’s go in my car

Suraj: as your wish

Chakor: you are seriously changed alot

Suraj: no I was always the same just didn’t showed to anyone

Chakor: ok now get into the car we’ll talk on the way

And they sat in the car and went to the shopping mall.

Precap: Shopping mall

So sorry guys if I bored you all with this chapter but Yaa stay tuned as SUKOR SCENES will start from next chapter.

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