Sukor- Honge Juda Na Hum (Chapter 3)

So sorry for this late update but o e of my relatives expired and I had go there.

Rohan: hey bro she came near you but you still didn’t said anything…why

Suraj: she didn’t even look at me yaar…just said thanks and went away…how could I say something

Rohan: I told you na that she will not even look at you…leave it…anyways you are here only…and we’ll meet her somewhere again so tell her at that time

Suraj: hmmmm….ok fine it’s late now so I think we should go home…see you tomorrow

They said bye and left.

At Khanna’s Mansion

Chakor came home and saw that the lights were still on. So she immediately went inside after locking her car to see what’s happening.

She came to the living room and saw Bhagya sitting there. Seeing her still awake she asked her. She didn’t saw that  someone was sitting on the sofa facing his back.
Chakor: mom didn’t you sleep till now

When she was asking a man stood up and turned towards Chakor.

Man: how are you my princess

Chakor: dad you…when you came

Arjun: just now

Chakor: dad you know I missed you so much (hugging him)

Arjun: I missed you too my princess

Chakor: dad fo you remember I sent you a list to buy from Dubai

Bhagya: wait…what list…Chakor don’t tell me that it’s your shopping list which you showed me

Chakor: absolutely mom

Arjun asked four of the servants to bring those bags from his car. Servants brought the bags and Chakor told the servants to keep those bags in her room and she went running to her room giving a hug to Arjun.

Bhagya: Arjun you are totally spoiling this girl…I mean this much shopping…have you even seen her wardrobe…it’s so full…now I don’t know where she’s gonna keep them

Arjun: it’s ok darling…and my princess asks for something and I don’t buy it for her it can never be…now come let’s go to our room I’m really tired

In Chakor’s room

Chakor was talking to Riya on video call and asks her to hang up for a minute as she wanted to change. After changing she came out of the bathroom and went near her phone and saw Riya lost somewhere.

Chakor: Riya where you lost??

Riya: Chakor did you saw that guy In the pub

Chakor: which guy there were so many boys

Riya: Aree the one who was continuously staring you

Chakor: O common Riya there were so many guys staring me and you know that I’m not interested in these boys

Riya: Aree the one who saved you from falling…on looking at him I thought so that he wanted to tell you something

Chakor: I don’t know him and what did he wanna tell me

Riya: don’t know…anyways leave it and tell me are you going to come to college tomorrow

Chakor: Yaa of cource

Riya: so see you tomorrow babes

Chakor: byee

And she off the lights and went to sleep.

On the other side Suraj also came home and was sleeping on his bed thinking about Chakor.

Suraj: hmmm this bandhua billi is really beautiful…aree we also started saying her bandhua living with papa…anyways papa did really wrong with her I know not only with her but she had suffered alot since she was born…and we also helped papa in it but now I really fell sorry about it and I wanna say sorry to you for whatever I did with you when I was small

Then he closed his eyes and went off to sleep.

Next day

Suraj got ready and went out with his friends. While Chakor also went to her college.

In Evening

Chakor was busy trying a the dress that Arjun just bought for her from Dubai. When her phone rings.

Chakor: hello

Riya: hey girl where the hell are you??

Chakor: at home…why?

Riya: don’t you remember we decided to meet at the cafe

Chakor: O God! Riya I had literally forgotten about it…wait I’ll just be there in 20 minutes

And they cut the call.

She was waiting for Chakor when she saw Suraj entering the cafe with his friends. Chakor came and they went inside the cafe.

They took the table just beside Suraj’s. When Rohan saw Chakor and told him her.

Suraj turned to see her but she was looking somewhere else but Riya saw him and gave a smile. Riya got that he wanted to talk with Chakor as the way he was looking her. Chakor saw Riya smiling to Suraj and asked
Chakor: Riya what happened

Riya: Chakor he is the o e whom I was talking about…now also he wanna tell you something…atleast go and talk to him

Chakor agreed just on Riya’s saying and went to talk to Suraj.

Chakor: Hii…I’m Chakor

Suraj: Hii

Chakor: did you wanted to say something to me…I mean just thought looking you so…

Suraj: please sit

She sat on the chair beside him.

Suraj: vo actually I wanted to tell you…you…sorry

Chakor: sorry for…

Suraj: Chakor you still didn’t recognized me

Chakor: I really don’t know you and why you wanted to tell me sorry

Suraj: Chakor it’s me…Suraj…Suraj Rajvanshi

Chakor got shocked listening to the name but still remained normal.
Chakor: Suraj you here and what’s this sorry for…O Yaa so your dad must have sent you here for bringing me back to Aazadgunj right…(she could not keep calm now) what you want just tell me fast and knowing about you….Suraj Rajvanshi would never tell sorry to anyone

Suraj: Chakor you are getting me wrong…I’m sorry for….

Chakor started thinking something and then said
Chakor: Suraj Rajvanshi wanna tell me sorry…but why…oh Yaa I got it…for money right…you would have thought that Chakor has so much money and fame so let’s say sorry and then take all the property right…so just keep your sorry with you I don’t want it

She got up and took her clutch from her table and left from there. Riya looked at Suraj and tears were coming from his eyes. So she went near him and said

Riya: I know everything Suraj and I know that you really mean your sorry…by the way I’m Riya Chakor’s best friend…do a thing you give it to me I’ll give it her and tell her to talk to you once her mood becomes ok

And Suraj gave his number and Riya left from there.

Outside the cafe

Riya: I’m so sorry I went to washroom (seeing Chakor’s angry) come let’s go now and Chakor go to your house and night out there…your mood will also become good

And they went to her house.

Precap: Chakor feeling bad for talking this way to Suraj.


So guys this was a long update and I hope so that I’ve not bored you all. So let me know your opinions through comments.

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  1. Hey ur ffs are fantastic. Keep going. I really felt bad for Surj and Chakr was a bit too rude. Completely d opposite from d serial. I guess Surj is d good one and Chakr is a bit on the offside.

  2. Sorry for your loss.
    Interesting episode, felt bad for Suraj, Chakor didn’t give him a chance to explain himself. It’s good that Riya is there to help him. Arjun is spoiling Chakor a lot. Thanks for the update!

  3. Wow amazing ff chakor was a bit rude to suraj butit is understandable

  4. Sukorlover

    Sorry for your loss
    Interesting update

  5. Sorry for the loss. Amazing episode
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