Sukor- Honge Juda Na Hum (Chapter 2)

Hey everyone so here is Chapter-2 hope you’ll like it and here in my story Suraj and Tejaswini are positive characters.

In college

Chakor and her friend Riya were sitting in the canteen.
Kavya comes there. (Kavya is their friend)

Kavya: Chakor Riya what you both are doing in canteen don’t you have class

Chakor: vo actually we both are here in canteen cause…

Kavya: wait a sec let me guess…you both submitted your assignment late and because of that sir had thrown you both out of the class…am I right

Riya: absolutely…but how you got it

Chakor: aree idiot she us also our friend so she would be like us only na

And they all started laughing.

Kavya: are you both free this evening

Chakor: why did you have any work

Kavya: it’s been so long since we went to any pub so why don’t we go there in evening…what say

Riya and Chakor: done

And they went ti their class.

In evening

Suraj reached Mumbai and completed his work of company and went home which they bought last year in Mumbai.

Suraj took a bath after coming. He was getting ready to go out when he gets a call.

Suraj: ji papa

KN: Suraj have you completed the work

Suraj: ji papa

KN: good so you can come back home

Suraj: papa I wanna live he’re for some more days…vo actually u met some of my friends here and wanna have fun with them

KN: ok as you wish

And they cut the call.

At Khanna’s mansion

Chakor got ready to go to pub. She was wearing a black coloured one piece. Bhagya came to her room.

Bhagya: Chakor are you going somewhere

Chakor: Yaa mom me and my frnds were going to pub

Bhagya: go and enjoy

Chakor: mom look at my new dress how am I looking in it

Bhagya: stunning haan

Bhagya was going to say something thing when Chakor gets a call and she left for the pub.

Suraj was looking in the mirror and talking to himself

Suraj: wah Suraj today you are looking really handsome haan

When he gets a call from his friend.

Suraj: Yaa Rohan say what happened

Rohan: hey bro where are you we are waiting for you at the pub

Suraj: Yaa I’m just coming

At pub

Suraj came.
Suraj and his friends were waiting in the line to go in the pub as it was very expensive one and mostly rich people comes there. Suraj saw some people going in from another door and asked Rohan

Suraj:Rohan some people are going from that door…are they any VIP

Rohan: kind of

Suraj: means

Rohan: only bollywood stars and rich people can get entry from that door

Suraj: so what we are also rich

Rohan: but still bro we don’t have any class to go from that door

They were talking when Suraj saw a Royals Royce came and stopped near the pub. A girl beautiful stepped out of the car. Suraj was mesmerized seeing her.

Suraj: Rohan who is that girl

Rohan: which girl bro here there are many girls

Suraj: aree the girl who just got down from the Royals Royce

Rohan: o that girl…she is the daughter of one of the top businessman of India…Arjun Khanna

Suraj started thinking something listening to the name Arjun Khanna. He got who is she but still asked Rohan.

Suraj: what’s her name

Rohan: Chakor…Chakor Khanna

Suraj again turned to see her. She was going in the pub  from the another door. Then after their checking they also went in.

Suraj and his friends sat near the bar and ordered drinks. Suraj was searching for Chakor and saw her on the dance floor. He was drinking and was just looking her.

Rohan saw him lost in looking at Chakor and said

Rohan: hey bro stop staring her..she’s not going to come in your hand…leave hand she’s not even going to come near you

Suraj told Rohan about him knowing her from childhood and narrated everything about his father and her being enemy and how she went from there.

Rohan: you told me everything about her…but I think you should go and tell her all this…wait…will she recognize you

Suraj: just one time…just one time she come near me then I’ll tell her everything and I’ll also tell her sorry for my father’s deeds and she will come here

Rohan: even if she comes near you she is even not going to see you

They were talking when Chakor and Riya came to bar and ordered drinks. She was just standing beside Suraj and he was continuously staring her.

After ordering her drink she turned to talk to Riya but her leg flipped and she was about to fall when Suraj caught her. Suraj helped her to stand.

Chakor: thanks

And she turned to go when Suraj wanted to tell her who he is but before he could tell she went away from there.

Precap: Sukor meeting again

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